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Sugar Spice and Everything Nice!


Sugar is mainly used for Ginger Ale in order for yeast (Yeast isn't in a lot of soda's like Coca Cola) so that the yeast can be fed and can start creating Co2 so that the soda becomes fizzier!

Ever wanted to know what makes the sugar in soda so important? Well with the experiment that I have done with my group will imform you on why soda needs this sugar in order to keep from going flat and why its important to use actual sugar rather then using artifical or no sugar at all!

In the end our experiment helped prove that it is possible for fake sugar to work on the yeast and this is because although it is fake sugar and it shouldn't have made anything it seems the yeast still ate the sweet n' low sugar still allowing them to produce some Co2. The amount of Co2 created by the sweet n' low sugar wasn't as high as regular sugar did.

The chemicals that we will be focusing on in this project is Co2. We are using this chemical only because we are measuring whether fake sugar can help yeast produce Co2 thus making the fizzy goodness we call soda 

Sugar, one of the our crystal based food is needed in soda and it's used to feed yeast, which in turn makes the yeast produce Co2. Now what if we used something like Sweet N' Low (artifical sugar) and let's see what would happens to the yeast if we add fake sugar.

In our experiment we wanted to measure how much Co2 was in created by using regular sugar and fake sugar. The yeast was the most important ingrediant because if we dont have yeast there is Co2 and without Co2 their is no fiz.

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