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The girl learned that behind every great story is great research. Without proper knowledge of a topic, there can be no paper.


Credible sources from bona-fide authors would make a reliable paper. A wise woman joined the class one day and showed the girl where to find credible sources.


These sources gave the girl accurate facts to use in her papers.


DMACC offers online library services to students. Students can browse book, articles, and databases. These resources are all bona fide sources for research papers.

Academic OneFile is a database offered on DMACC's online library. Students can search for publications using keywords. These publications are scholarly articles and papers.

This is an article found on Academic OneFile. Important publication information is found above the article. Useful tools for citing and reading are found on the right.

Example one shows a direct quote. Quotation marks are used to show which words are the author's and which words are original. After the quote, the author's last name appears in parentheses.

Example two shows research paraphrased and inserted into the paper. To give the author credit, their name and title of their article is given. This is called attribution.

These are examples of research integrated into a paper. In-text citation is used to give credit to the authors whose research was used for the paper.

This is an example of a works cited page. A works cited page lists and cites all sources used in a paper. The author's name, article, publishing information, and date accessed are all given here. This allows readers to easily find where the research for the paper came from.

This is an example of a bona fide source. Academic OneFile is a reputable location for scholarly articles. 

This source is not a bona fide source. Clues are website name (Web4Health) and lack of author/publisher information.