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Choice One Staffing Group, Inc. is a full-service
staffing firm with the ability to assist you in filling
your administrative, light industrial, technical,
medical and hospitality needs, with short term, long
term, temp-hire or direct hire positions.
Combined experience, staff stability and reputation
provide you with expertise and ensure top-notch
employees, quality service and innovative ideas.
Choice One is locally owned and operated with
offices in Zelienople and Delmont. In addition to
our local offices, we also service areas in Ohio,
Illinois, Arizona and Texas. We understand the
needs of our area clients, which enables us to
respond quickly. We are a leader in locating,
assessing and deploying talent.
When you employ Choice One Staffing Group, Inc.
to conduct your candidate search and find qualified
talent for your job openings, you can be confident
you have hired the best firm for your staffing needs.
Our clients have come to expect great service and
that is exactly what we deliver.
506 South Main St. Suite 2203
Zelienople, PA 16063
195 Sheffield Drive
Delmont, PA 15626
Traditional Temporary Help
Choice One Staffing Group, Inc. can provide qualified personnel on
short notice. Let us know how one of our candidates can help.
Long-Term Staffing
Need someone for a project; but not sure how long it may last? Hire
a long-term temporary. These employees will staff your department,
fill-in for a maternity/medical leave or focus on long-term projects
on an indefinite basis. These employees are highly flexible and
available to work as you need them.
Temporary to Direct Hire
Not sure if someone will be a perfect fit? Start by using our
traditional temp-to-hire program. A temporary employee begins
working for you while still on our payroll. You can then evaluate
the employee on the job and they get to know you as well! There is
no risk. You incur no unemployment liability or the costs associated
with placing someone on your payroll. When everything turns out
to be “just right,” your new employee can, after they complete 450
hours of employment on Choice One Staffing Group, Inc.’s payroll,
transfer to your payroll with no additional charges to you.
Choice One Direct
Often it makes more sense to have a new employee on your payroll
and benefits package immediately. However, searching for
qualified candidates can be time consuming and expensive. This is
where Choice One Direct steps in.
Choice One Direct is our in-house candidate sourcing firm that uses
state-of-the-art skill assessment software to ensure that the people
we submit to you meet your company’s individual, cultural and
business needs.
Payroll Service Plus
Our payroll service program
enables you to refer a worker of
your choice to us for employment
at your company through Choice
One Staffing Group, Inc. We
withhold and pay all payroll taxes,
provide workers’ compensation,
liability insurance and payment of
all unemployment and workers’
compensation claims. This allows
our clients to reduce staff and
payroll costs. With payroll
servicing you get the employee you
have selected, pay a reduced rate
and you are exempt from our buy-
out policy.
Staffing Smart Testing
Our Staffing Smart Testing offers
testing for all aspects of your
administrative staffing needs.
Choice One has the ability to test
all prospective candidates in
accounting, call center, customer
service, clerical office skills,
software, typing, data entry skills
and identity assessment. Within
these categories there are several
skill sets available for testing.
If you want to verify the
capabilities of an individual’s skill
sets for promotional reasons,
adding new responsibilities or
hiring an employee, Smart Testing
is the answer.
If you are interested in using our
Staffing Smart Testing capabilities,
call Choice One Staffing for a list
of testing options or for additional
information regarding this service.
Staffing Smart Testing is open to
all companies, whether you
currently use our services or not.
Pre-Employment Screening
To ensure that the selected
employee will be working drug and
alcohol free, we offer several pre-
screening drug testing options. We
have the ability to do in-house
5-panel, 10-panel or 12-panel
screenings as well as outsourcing
the drug screening to a licensed
local testing facility for doctors’
review. Another option is hair
follicle testing. This test is also
done off-site at an authorized
testing facility.
Choice One will also conduct a pre-
employment state criminal history
check on each candidate that
applies with us free of charge to
you. Upon request, Choice One
will conduct a national criminal
history check.