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Chiong ba, Woman!
Killing 3 Bird With 1 Stone? |
Soles Detoxification!!! |
Eyebrow Embroidery
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Baby Belly Binder |
Sesame Seed
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Fantas-licious JellyCake |
Ugly Yet Nutritious
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Mercedes C Class
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Song Ji Hyo |
Zhang Li Ang
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Group Dynamics
Chiong ba, Story
Do you believe in Ghost?
冲吧, 华语!
Chiong ba,
Real Life
Things had never been fair to our mother. Just when she was
another decade towards her retirement, she was diagnosed with
stage 4 cervical cancer 2 years ago. Despite knowing her medical
condition, she wasn't disheartened and ready to fight the battles
together with us.
We love our mother and we were always there for her as an
encouragement and support to fight this disease. She went through
many rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions, loss of
appetite and hair and eventually slim down.
All of us knew that it was not going to be easy and a smooth
journey handling this disease. But she never lose faith, after a year
of sufferings, the tumour was subsided and shrank to the size
where surgery was permitted to remove it. Mother didn't choose to
go for the surgery as doctor did not have the confidence to perform
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Life had never been fair to our
mother but she had never
failed to do her part as
someone's daughter, daughter
in law, sister in law, wife and
our mother. Even though the
life she lived wasn't what she
wanted and no matter how
hard or tough her life was, she
still hold tightly on her
responsibilities and never give
up easily.
Chiong ba,
Real Life
She didn't want to risk her life and felt that she wanted to have
longer time with us and her grandchildren. Moreover, she felt that if
she continued to have good healthy meals and lifestyles, the
disease can be under control. But good things never last long, 4
months later, disease outbreak and spread to other organs.
Chances just didn't came to her, although she fought bravely with
her strong will power together with our never ending support, her
body and organs still failed in rapid speed. She was still fighting to
survive till her every last moment although at times she commented
that she didn't expected it to be so tough. Mother never gave up at
all as she wanted us to stay together, to be with her.
Everyday was a bonus to us when her condition worsened. She
managed to see brother marrying his wife, an additional family
member before she fell into deep sleep and God took her away
from us yet ended her suffering. Mother, We are always very proud
to be your children! Take care of yourself and we will also take care
of ourselves till the day that we meet each other again!
Chiong ba,
Being workaholic is a beauty curse that put every woman
into dilemma. Everyone wants to be pretty at all times but
yet we are always running short of time when come
to accommodate “pretty stuffs” to make us look and feel good.
Have you ever thought of killing 3 birds with 1 stone? We can still
be committed to our job and be pretty without racing against time
when you enter into Princess Nails Salon located at Bukit Timah
Besides nails services, Princess Nails Salon also provides IPL
permanent hair removal, foot reflexology, eyebrow trimming and
waxing (leg, hand, armpit and eyebrow). You can simply just enjoy
your pampering session by enjoying more than 1 service at 1 go by
shortening your time and yet able to beautify yourself and your
day. You will definitely expect good customer service from their
friendly staffs.
At times ‘Later becomes ‘Never’! Do it now!
Visit or Call them to find out more today.
Address: 1 Jalan Anak Bukit #B1-52A Bukit Timah Plaza Singapore 588996
Contact: 6314 3833
Have your “Soles” been neglected? You will only take
note of them when you feel pain or tired? Sole is the
soulmate for your soul and one of the most important parts
of your body too as “it” have been accompanying you to
anywhere you wish to go. Basically without "healthy"
soles, you can't go anywhere comfortably, don't you
Have been finding ways to pamper your "soles"? How
about having a Detoxification Spa for your foot! It is not
just a normal foot spa, but a foot herbal detox spa. what
does it do for your foot? It assists your foot to prevent and
relieve water retention issues; maintain and improve blood
circulation; and also relieve the stress on your foot to uplift
your mood and make you feel lighter while you walk.
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Chiong ba,
In addition, are you experiencing oily or dry skin? You
might want to opt for Ezen Nail Express Spa treatment that
can be customize according to your needs as it comes in
wide series scented spa treatments that include soaks,
exfoliating, regenerating skin cell, massage and hydrating
for your hands and foots. It also come with 6 themes of
fragrance, each with their own benefits. For instance, milk
and honey is rich in content and good for moisturizing.
Enter into or call any Ezen Nail Express outlets to find out
more about customizing your soles' needs.
Blk 678A Woodlands Avenue 6 #01-38
Singapore 731678
Contact No.: 6893 4991
Blk 445 Fajar Road #01-542
Singapore 670445
Contact No.: 6760 3008
Blk 504 Jurong West St 51 #01-217
Singapore 640504
Contact No.: 6561 0085
Chiong ba,
Chiong ba,
Semi-Permanent Eyebrow is also term as Eyebrow Embroidery.
Do you know how long does it take for eyebrow embroidery to look
Nowadays, a lot of ladies have chosen eyebrow embroidery as it can
save a lot of time in make-up. It is normal for the brows to look dark or
unnatural after the initial eyebrow embroidery session. As the hair
follicles would require a period of time for recovery before it would
look natural again. Then the next question you would be curious is, how
long does it takes for it to looks natural again?
Usually eyebrow embroidery requires about 2 4 weeks times for it to
looks natural, but it will be subjective to individual pigmentation too, as
some may take about 1 week. Scab will form after the eyebrow
embroidery and it will takes about 2 weeks for the scab to flaked away
for it to look natural. How to enhance the eyebrow embroidery to be
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Chiong ba,
It is essential to have a touch up done after the scab flaked off, as it is to
enhance the initial eyebrow embroidery session to look more perfect
and natural looking, with the colour match closer to our skin. This
whole procedure will take about 1 to 3 months to allow you to have a
long lasting and natural look.
Usually eyebrow embroidery can last about 1-3 years subjective to
individual as it is not a permanent tattoo. Some may last shorter than
the others as this is related to individual body metabolism and stratum
corneum. So if you want to make it more worth it and last longer, it is
essential to take good care of your skin and your body.
Chiong ba,
Chiong ba,
Baby belly binder has been around for more than 100 years. Yes,
you can’t believe it right. Is has been used in various forms by many
different cultures. Today, most of the binders are used for navel protection,
keep them warm and also to be prevent colic.
Newborn babies usually will have their umbilical cord stump still attached.
The stump will need to take about 7 21 days to drop off, leaving wound
that may take a few days to heal. Beside the basic cleaning and keep it dry.
You can also use baby belly binder, as a shield to protect from constant
contact of diaper and clothing. This is to minimize the likelihood of any
irritation and infection as the area is sensitive.
Colic often shows up when a baby is 2 or 3 weeks old, while the digestive
system is still forming outside of womb and some are due a physical release
for sensitive” babies who can’t handle to sight, sounds, or sensation, so
they become upset and cry. By putting on the baby belly binder can
effective in assisting with colic issues and naturally warm baby tummies,
and keeping them feel secure.
It can also be used on fussy babies as it snug fits calms and comforts the
babies. Baby belly binder design has made simple to cater busy parents. It
is easy to use and comes in various colours and material. Choose one that
fits your baby the most.
1 sharing tip : you can re-use as burp cloth too….
Chiong ba,
Mummies &
Chiong ba,
Mummies &
This tiny little sesame seed is rank as the
world’s healthiest foods because of the high
nutritional value and also huge benefit to health. This
tiny seeds contains full of vitamins (thiamin, vitamin B6,
vitamin E and folate), minerals (magnesium, calcium,
phosphorus, iron, zinc, molybdenum and selenium),
dietary fiber and antioxidants which contain anti-aging &
anti-depressant properties, prevent hair loss, strengthen
bone, assist better digestion, reduce PMS, and many
Black sesame vs White Sesame.
Appearances :
Black sesame is pitch black. It is slightly rounder end as
compared to the white one.
Taste :
White sesame seeds have a mild, sweet nutty flavour,
suitable for sweeter recipes. Whereas black sesame seeds
boast a slightly stronger nutty, bitter taste and feel a bit
Nutritional Value :
Majority studies shows that black sesame has a higher
nutritional value than white sesame. Black sesame seeds
are rich in Vitamin B, Iron, Calcium and Vitamin E.
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Natural Ancient Herbal Remedy for mummies
Sesame oil is the world’s old est refined grain seasoning
and also an ancient herbal medicine commonly used by
Chinese and Indian.
It is believe that fried sesame oil is good for women in
confinement who need nutrient replenishment. It helps
to heal the womb and get rid of “dirty residual blood”. By
taking sesame oil can also relieve lethargy and fatigue,
while promoting strength and enhancing blood
Below is the recipe for the Fried Pork Slices with Giner & Sesame Oil:
Old Ginger use liberal amounts of sliced old
Sesame Oil
Pork Sliced to bite size
- It is important to consume heaty foods
during the confinement period so that the
“wind” or cold” can be expelled from the
body after delivery.
- Both Ginger and sesame oil also aids
intestinal digestion and improves blood
Sesame oil is to rejuvenate energy in the
exhausted postnatal woman.
- Add sesame oil to heated pan
- Add the slices of old ginger when the
oil is heated up and fry the ginger to
fragrant. Put aside.
- Add the sliced pork to the sesame oil
and fry until it is almost cooked.
- Add the ginger back to the pan and
fry all the ingredients together.
- Add soya sauce to taste.
Chiong ba,
Mummies &
Chiong ba,
By Jeannie JellyCake
You can simply just fill your eyes, taste bud and stomach with
Fantastic and Delicious Jeannie JellyCake! Jeannie JellyCake is
having good comments on its taste and flexibility! Jeannie Seow,
the founder of Jeannie JellyCake, shared a few of her focus points
when making the JellyCake. Besides its fantastic looks and taste
delicious, she focuses very much on the nutritional fact and the
freshness of the ingredients so taste right instead of taste sweet so
that all her customers will get the best benefits out of it!
Jeannie had been undergoing courses to make herself equipped
with the best and latest information on the nutrition and skills. She
had gained different customers with her good mind and heart with
her customers’ interest as priority. She ensures that her JellyCake
suit her customer from young to old, from vegetarian to meat lover
and different type of occasions. Many customers and readers that
had tried her JellyCake feedback that her JellyCake definitely
worth the price it is being offer. Try it now and you will agree to it!
Visit her at or add her at
Facebook to see all the
Jellycakes made by her and call her at 9234 7892 for pre-order or
other enquiries.
Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm is founded by Mr Lee and is the
only crocodile farm in Singapore since Year 1964 and managed
by Robin Lee who hold the same passion as Mr Lee. It is located
at 321 Neo Tiew Cres near Kranji Dam, north side of Singapore.
The farm has the size of 12 football fields and over 13,000
saltwater crocodiles. It has a fully integrated facility with its own
breeding pond, hatchery, pens, abattoir, tannery and Research &
Although crocodile had been classified as dangerous reptiles but
Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm had managed the farm safely for
their staffs and themselves. As a return to society, Robin, the
Managing Director allows farm visits (strictly by appointment) to
educate everyone on how crocodile is being breed and raise
before it is ready to be abattoir. To be more precise, he had shared
every stage on how the crocodiles grow and what is the use of
every part of the crocodile.
Here is the recap on the crocodiles’ nutrition and it can be easily
obtained in the supermarket like Sheng Siong and NTUC.
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Chiong ba,
ugly yet
Crocodile meat are chosen because of its medical and
health benefits. In this article, we will be sharing more
on its benefits to our body. The main benefit of crocodile
meats is to cure skin problems such as eczema, itch skin
and other skin disease and skin allergy. Due to its high
protein, people eat crocodile meat to build muscle.
The protein, amino acid and potassium from crocodile
meat can also prevent heart problem. It also protects
organ function such as pancreas that produce insulin.
Insulin acts as an important role in controlling blood
sugar level that can prevent diabetes. Crocodile meat can
also delay the onset of aging and prevent wrinkled skin
because of its protein content. The protein and amino
acid help in repairing the liver cell and increase the
speed of the healing process.
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Chiong ba,
ugly yet
Crocodile meat contain lower amount of cholesterol
comparing to beef and pork so it is a healthier choice of
meat for people who has high level of cholesterol
problem. Crocodile meat also contain lower saturate fat
compared to chicken. The iron found in crocodile meat
help to prevent anaemia and by keeping the red blood
cell formation and its function. Together with protein
and other nutrients like magnesium, help in maintaining
nerve function.
Research shared that the nutrients found in crocodile
meat act in keeping us away from respiratory problem as
it improves lung function in binding oxygen and other.
Asthma is an allergy that occur in respiratory tract.
Crocodile meat is added into the herbal medicine to cure
this allergy. Crocodile meat can give warm effect to our
body, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners
suggest patient to consume it to cure the cold and relieve
ugly yet
Chiong ba,
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Wandervale EC is a 99-years leasehold development located at Choa
Chu Kang Drive in District 23. Expected to TOP in Mid 2019, it
comprises of 9 towers with 534 units and stand 17 storeys tall. Future
residents will be able to access the nearby Lot 1 Shoppers Mall and
Keat Hong Shopping Centre for some family fun and gatherings. A
truly unique lifestyle awaits you.
The development is next to The Rainforest EC which is a hot selling
project few years ago as it is fully sold out within a short period of
time. Because of the location, it is considered one of the best located
EC currently in the market. Continue to next page =>
Chiong ba,
The executive condominium is near to Chua Chu Kang polyclinic. Choa
Chu Kang Community Club are nearby for the residential lifestyle.
Future residents will be able to reach Bukit Panjang MRT station and
upcoming Hillion Mall with the shuttle bus service provided.
Future residents will also be well-served by the area’s seamless
connectivity to other parts of the island via public transportation
nodes including Choa Chu Kang MRT/LRT station and bus interchange,
as well as the Kranji, Bukit Timah and Pan-Island expressways (KJE,
BKE, PIE). It makes commuting to the Central Business District as well
as the Jurong area a breeze.
Chiongster would like to take this opportunity to thanks Andy Ng for
the information. To find out more about this Executive Condominium,
call Andy Ng at 9815 0141 or visit his website at
residences/ or
Chiong ba,
Mercedes C Class
The Mercedes C-Class has always been one of the default choices
when it comes to a premium, medium-sized saloon and this new
model brings a whole new level of luxury, quality and equipment to
the table. Facing some tough competition in the face of the BMW 3
Series, Audi A4 Avant and Jaguar XE, the new C-Class has to be truly
great to remain one of the best premium mid-size saloons.
Inside, it borrows a lot from the flagship S-Class and the overall feel is
that of opulence and luxury. The materials used are of great quality
and everything feels built to last. The new C-Class is bigger on the
inside than the old model and there’s decent legroom, but headroom
is not so impressive.
Being lighter than its predecessor, the new C-Class is more agile and
rides better. The optional air-suspension with selectable driving
modes makes the C-Class almost as relaxing as the luxurious S-Class
which is a lesson in comfort.
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Chiong ba,
The interior takes some styling cues from the larger S-Class
luxury car and the smaller A-Class. It features Mercedes’
signature circular air vents, a floating display screen and
uncluttered dashboard its arguably one of the most
luxurious interiors in class.
Its tactile, well-made and the huge number of optional
electrical gizmos on offer gives you plenty to play with in
traffic. DAB radio and Bluetooth are standard fitment, and
the look changes depends on the trim level you pay for
some of the sportier options really do look great.
To find out more information on Motec, call Pierre Ng at 9274 4999
or find them via Facebook at
Chiong ba,
Song Ji Hyo
Chiong ba,
Name: 송지효 / Song Ji Hyo
Real name: 천성임 / Chun Sung Im (CheonSeongIm)
Profession: MC and actress
Birthdate: 1981-Aug-15 (age 35)
Birthplace: Pohang, South Korea
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg
Star sign: Leo
Blood type: A
Family: Younger brother and younger sister
Talent agency: My Company
TV Shows
Entourage (tvN, 2016) cameo
My Wife's Having an Affair This Week (JTBC, 2016)
Ex-Girlfriend Club (tvN, 2015)
Girl Who Sees Smells (SBS, 2015) cameo
Emergency Couple (tvN, 2014)
Heaven's Will: The Fugitive of Joseon (KBS2, 2013)
GyeBaek (MBC, 2011)
Crime Squad (KBS2, 2011)
Jumong (MBC, 2006)
Princess Hours (MBC, 2006)
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Chiong ba,
Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo born on 15 August 1981 is a South Korean actress and
model. She starts off as a model for Kiki Magazine and got her first
acting job when she appeared in a music video for a Lee Soo Young
song in 2001. Her first film was in 2003 Korean horror film Wishing
Stairs”. She had her first lead role in the 2004 crime thriller “Some”.
These jobs led to more acting work and soon she was showing off her
acting talent as much as possible. In 2006, she starts out her first lead
role in television drama in the MBC romantic comedy drama “Princess
Hours”. The shows success helped to make her more recognizable and
gained her many new fans. Her other best roles include Jumong
(2007), “Emergency Couple” (2014) and “My Wife is Having an Affair
This Week” (2016).
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Song Ji Hyo
In 2010, she further propelled her career by taking a place on the
extremely popular variety shows, Running Man. She becomes a full-
time member of the show after appearing in the 2
episode. She
gained international fame for being the only female member of the
show, which make her popularity rise across Asia. But sad to say,
Running Man Show will be cancelled in February 2017 after airing close
to 7 years.
Song Ji Hyo was rumoured to be dating Baek Chang Joo who is also a
CEO of C-Jes Entertainment in February 2012. In July 2015, she officially
confirmed that she is no longer with her former boyfriend, and decided
to part ways with her management agency, C-Jes Entertainment,
following the expiration of her contract. On December 2016, she signed
with a new management agency, My Company.
Chiong ba,
Chiong ba,
Zhang Li Ang
Name: 張立昂 / Zhang Li Ang
English name: Marcus Chang
Other name: 張文謙 / Chang Wen-Chien
Profession: Actor, singer
Birthdate: 1983-May-28 (age 33)
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Star sign: Gemini
TV Shows
Behind Your Smile (TTV, 2016)
Back to 1989 (SETTV, 2016)
Happy Together (LINE TV, 2015)
To the Dearest Intruder (TTV, 2015)
Café·Waiting·Love (2014)
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Chiong ba,
Zhang Li Ang
Marcus Chang Li Ang born on 28 May 1983 is a Taiwanese
singer, songwriter, actor and music video producer. He is the
eldest son of the family and has one brother. He graduated from
the University of Auckland in New Zealand majoring in performance
arts. In 2007, he participated in the singing talent show the second
“Super Star Avenue” and won while competing against Liang Wenyin.
He starts his debut at one of the advertisement by Asia-Pacific
Interactive Service and follow by many others.
He made his acting debut in the 2014 film “Café. Waiting. Love”. Due to
the good review of this film, he became very well-known and fans start
to referred him as “Xiao Li Zi”(Small chestnut). He also starred in the
popular dramas To the Dearest Intruder”(2015), “Happy
Together”(2015), “Back to 1989”(2016) and “Behind Your Smile”(2016-
He starred as Chen Che in “Back to 1989”(2016) where he was throw
back to 1989 during an accident where he can have a chance to find out
who is his real father and at the same time fall in love with Ye Zhen
Zhen. It was widely spread that the two of them are a real couple now
due to the chemistry in this drama. Continue to next page =>
Chiong ba,
Zhang Li Ang
His latest drama is “Behind Your Smile”(2016-2017) where you can get
to see his good acting and how his fans are jealous of how he and the
female lead chemistry form where his fans remind him of his previous
love of Ye Zhen Zhen.
Story plot of Behind Your Smile
A curse condemns Zhao Yiting to immortality, preventing him from
reincarnating, so he lives a cold and meaningless life among mortals,
toying with their greedy tendencies. One day, when he meets Lei Xinyu,
a young woman whose wealthy family has fallen on hard times,
everything changes, as he's drawn to her in a way he hasn't felt in a
long time. Will Yiting discover a new lease on life through Xin Yu?
Chiong ba,
Group dynamics refers to the attitudinal and behavioural
characteristics of a group. Managing group dynamics
concern how groups form, their structure and process, and
how they function. A positive or negative group dynamics
can determines by the team members. For example, If any of
the team members perform free riding, the group will face
negative group dynamics.
Open communication is central to good team dynamics, so
make sure that everyone is communicating clearly. Include all
of the forms of communication that your group uses
emails, meetings, and shared documents, for example to
avoid any ambiguity. If the status of a project changes, or if
you have an announcement to make, let people know as
soon as possible.
Chiong ba,
The time period where the God will go into human body and allowed
people to come and seek for help, we term it as wen shi (问事).
This story happened in one particular night where there was wen shi. It was
around 8 plus pm and wen shi was held with almost half of the queue gone,
the temple's phone rung. I went over to pick up the phone, on the line was a
Muslim mother with a helpless and desperate tone asking few questions. "Is
this the temple located at XXXXX?", "Do your temple have wen shi tonight?",
"if yes, is it over?", “Can you please wait for me?" i really need help from your
I handled over the phone quickly to an experienced adult and she took over
the phone. I didn't know the content that they were talking about but very
soon after the conservation end, the adult quickly go over to address this
matter and the atmosphere turn to very tense.
In around 30 minutes time, they reached. I was standing outside the corridor
smoking when they walk towards the temple. When they walked pass me my
whole body got goose bumps all over my body and I could also tell that her
son was the one who got himself into troubles as he was being dragged by the
help of 2 friends that came together with them.
I was so shocked when they walk near me, i heard her son using fluent
MANDARIN to tell his mother, "how you dare bring me here, i will let you and
your son die if they failed to capture me!" I was like instantly asking myself
did I heard it wrongly? Fluent Mandarin from a Muslim with very Chinese way
of talking? "Letting both of them die?"
This time round more men were needed when her son reached the door gate
as her son struggled not to go in.
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Do you believe in
By Cindy Chen
Chiong ba,
The whole area was then cleared with only her son, God and a few helpers.
The Muslim mother was also waiting outside, she cried very badly and while
waiting she shared that she had tried all sort of ways and methods to wake
her son up but it just simply didn't work. She don't understand how come her
son know Chinese language and she don't also don't understand Mandarin.
Therefore she went to seek help from her Chinese friends. This approach
angered her son and he started to punch his own mother and this period of
time, her son simply just refused to come out of his room during daytime and
wanted to go out during night time. The best part is 2 days before she
approached us, her son started to bang his head against the wall and wouldn't
stopped until he suddenly blackout with his head bleeding. I had also taken a
good look at the mother and noticed the swell (injury from the punching) on
her face. sad..
Soon after that, a loud scream shout from her son was heard and the mother
became very nervous and immediately after the door was opened and she
quickly rush in. This time round, when her son saw her, he cried very badly and
told his mum he was very scare in Muslim language and he didn't know where
he is and he tried very hard to break through but he can't. he shared that his
friends brought him to the ghost house to explore excitement but in the end
he was possessed by one of them!
Do you believe in
By Cindy Chen
I am being possessed..
Chiongster had created a column where encourage our readers to do story writing and if you are also interested
in getting your story writing to be published in our chiongsters magazine, please contact us at This month, we would like to thanks Cindy Chen in contributing her story writing to
Chiongster’s Magazine and she had gotten herself a “Pokemonhand cream by Tonymoly (Made in Korea)