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      Above is the flag of Chile, which in some ways, is quite similar to the US flag.  

The orange highlighted area on the picture above is Chile, a country with a crazy climate!


The city above is the capital of Chile, called Santiago

The food above is called cazuela, a common food in most of South America, including Chile.

Above is the flag, as I mentioned earlier. As noted, it is pretty similar to the American flag.  But instead of fifty white stars, there is one, and instead of thirteen alternating red-and-white stripes, there is one pair. In the flag, the blue represents the sky, the white is the snow on the Andes Mountains, and there'd is the  bared blood that was found during fights for freedom. 

As of now, Chile has a population of about 18,054,700 people!

Area of Chile: 291,933 mi2

Basic Info

 Government: Chile is a Unitary state, and they have a presidential system. Chile is a Constitutional and Democratic republic. The president is voted for every six years, and there are governmental branches that make laws, quite similar to ours.  

Above is Santiago, Chile, the capital of Chile. It's a rather large city, and the largest area in Chile, with a population of approximately  5,500,000 people!

Absolute location: 36 S, 72 W.

The Andes Mountains are one of the world's longest mountain ranges, running along Chile's western side.  

The Chiloe Archipelagos are a group islands at the coast of Chile, where they speak Chilote Spanish. 


The Atacama Desert, which covers a 1,000-kilometre strip of land and is west of the Andes Mountains.

   The climate of Chile is about 90° F in the Atacama desert, and as low as 28 ° F in Chile's central region. The Atacama desert is hot and dry, hitting up to 90° on average. While the Mediterranean is cold and wet, reaching as low as 28 degrees from May to August. So Chile can have some crazy climates, ranging from 90 - 28 ° F.  


Chiloe, a island in Chile, is home to many unique large wooden churches, made of all-native wood. Some of the churches aren't even made with nails, but wooden pegs instead. 

La Moneda Palace, is a building quite similar to the White House here in the US. Housing three branches/cabinet ministers; Interior, General Secretariat of the Presidency, plus General Secretariat of the Government. 

Features / Sights 

Cerro San Cristobal, is a zoo and park, with a hill that is the second largest peak in the area, after Cerro Renca.

Chile's greatest natural resource is copper, which is good for the economy of Chile. Sale price average: about $2 every 10 ounces.

Total tons as of 2015 found: 5,760 tons.

A second main source of Chile's money is nitrate. Sale price: up to about $10 per pound.

Natural Resources 

 There is timber, which comes from thick forests in the south, and is also an important resource. Remember the wooden churches in Chiloe? Some are made from that timber.

 Wood chips are a part of the forestry industry, and may be used as biomass (a term for getting energy by burning wood) fuel.


(Main industry is forestry industry)

Pulp is another part, needed to make paper. It goes through a pulp mill; a facility that turns wood products into fiberboard; that can go to paper mill. Fun fact: people use more than 67 million tons of paper each year!

Also, there is newsprint; newsprint is cheap, and normally used for newspapers, and other publications. Over 56 million newspapers are sold all over the world daily. 

Garlic is a member of the onion family; and is closely related to onions, shallots, leeks, chives, and Chinese onions. 


Peaches are a part of the rosaceae family, also home to fruits such as plums and cherries.

Grapes are also grown in Chile. Grapes are one of the most popular fruits in the world (including South America), thanks to a grape's texture, flavor, and variety. 

A Novena is held as well as Christmas, a Novena is the nine days before a celebration. A popular Christmas drink is 'Cola de Mono', which translated, means monkey's tail. Cola de Mono is made from coffee, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and alcohol.  

  Cazuela is a common food all over South America, including Chile. It is made from meat, and vegetables, such as squash, potatoes, corn, and carrots. Cazuela  also contains chicken broth, and normally rice. Cazuela means casserole.


Spanish is the language spoken in Chile;  Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.


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