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Impact Report FY 2021/2022

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REPORTFY 2021/2022Creating bright paths for the future, one child at a time.

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Child’s Path, a §501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, annually providesnearly 400 children of Collier County working families withaffordable, high-quality early childhood education/childcarethrough four centers located in Naples, East Naples, GoldenGate, and Immokalee. Parents from all socio-economic levels,who work for hundreds of local employers, entrust their children(birth to age 5) each day to the dedicated teachers and provenearly learning curriculum at Child’s Path. Working in a safe,healthy, and nurturing environment, Child’s Path partners withparents to prepare children for their school years and beyond.MISSION: Child’s Path strengthens and enriches the lives ofworking families and underserved children in Collier Countythrough high-quality early childhood education. HISTORY: Child’s Path began as part of Child Care of SouthwestFlorida, an Early Childhood Education provider serving families inLee, Collier, Hendry, and Glades counties. In 2008, CCSWF’sCollier County operations became a separate nonprofit calledCollier Child Care Resources (CCCR). In July 2020, the board ofdirectors renamed the organization, Child’s Path, to better reflectour focus on providing high-quality early childhood education tothe children of Collier County’s working families.WHAT IS CHILD'S PATH?WATCH THE VIDEO:BOARD OF DIRECTORSMercy Lagmay Abrams, MDRussell Beckner Ann HortonNick KourisBill MahoneyBill RobinsonDarlene TorzoliniSeymour Burchman, Board ChairLEADERSHIPAmanda BeightsAlex Brault Andrea KochSusan MangicaroRosemarie McGirlDennis SlabaughDanielle SmetanaKevin YueBOARD OF ADVISORS Ann Horton, Chair

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many of them in 2022. This is not because there are fewer children to attend these programs. Infact, the county continued to see record-high birthing rates. Perhaps it is due to the nationwideteacher shortage that also significantly impacted Child’s Path, the likes of which I have neverseen in my 20-year career! This shortage contributed to the temporary closing of one of ourcenters, while we sought teaching staff to work in our centers. Attaining these teachers did notcome without challenges. The average early education candidate today does not have years offield experience or even the required state credentialling, which is a tremendous candidate shiftfrom years prior. As a result, we implemented our Bright Paths for Inspiring Teachers program in2021, and in 2022 we put that program to the test as we hired and trained 64 teaching staff. Additionally, starting wages jumped drastically in 2022 regardless of experience orcredentialling. To remain competitive, we increased our teacher salaries $3 across the board inFebruary 2022 and then again in July of 2022. These unbudgeted increases affected our budgetby over $300,000! Today our centers are fully staffed, but not without significant payrollincreases. Additionally, the cost to run our food program that ensures our children receivenutritious meals has increased 30%. Our families count on us to provide high-quality earlyeducation and prepare their children for kindergarten. Our community counts on us to supportworking families that contribute to our local economy. Despite the tremendous challenges, our centers remain fully staffed, and our children aregrowing and thriving—scoring in the 83% percentile for kindergarten readiness again this year! Child’s Path is grateful to be celebrating 15 years ofdedicated service to our youngest children and workingfamilies of Collier County. From day one, and continuingtoday, we maintain an unwavering focus on our mission to ensure all local children have access to high-qualityearly childhood education that can change the trajectory of their lives. But now more than ever, Collier County’schildren need your help. Did you know at least 19 earlylearning programs in southwest Florida havepermanently closed since the start of the pandemic, Milestone Moments,Unwavering Commitment Heather Singleton, Chief Executive OfficerOur success is only made possible by ourgenerous donors and grantors. While we havefaced tremendous adversity in 2022, we remainmore focused than ever on our mission andcommitment to the underserved children andworking families in Collier County.

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I have insurance, paid time off, paid forholidays, and health insurance, which I’dnever had before. Having strong benefits isvery important to me, and I am very grateful.I’m also grateful for the opportunity andresources Child’s Path provides to continuemy education. I am currently part of Child’sPath’s Inspiring Teachers Program and amworking towards earning my ChildDevelopment Associate (CDA) Credential inpartnership with the T.E.A.C.H. program,which is the most widely recognizedcredential in early childhood education. I enjoy this because it allows me to achieve astate certification at no financial cost to me,Teacher Connor SeipSUCCESS STORY while also serving as a refresher of teaching strategies I can use in the classroom. Itfeels good to go to work each day. My co-workers and I have fun every day, asthere is always something to find joy in when teaching the children. I feel blessed tohave the emotional support of the director and the entire Child’s Path team as well. Ilook forward to enjoying many more years working at Child’s Path. ~ Connor Seip I’ve been working in early childhood education for four-and-a-half years, and thispast year at Child’s Path has been gratifying. As a staff member at Child’s Path,

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CHILD'S PATH PREVENTS CHILDREN FROM FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS.Child's Path offers Bright Paths scholarships to children whose families earn just abovethe poverty level—not enough to afford child care but too much to qualify for state help. OUR LOCAL CHILDREN NEED YOU.Nearly 2/3 of Collier County children are economically challenged Less than 25% read at kindergarten levels. Less than 50% are socially and emotionally ready for kindergarten. Bright Paths Inspiring Teachers ProgramBright Paths Scholarship Fund Bright Paths Resiliency ProgramThis initiative funds the curriculum, tools, and teacher training needed to help the children in our centers overcome trauma and recover fromsetbacks so they are able to focus on their growth and development.This initiative supports the education of aspiring teachers and helpsunderserved families overcome the financial burden of starting apromising teaching career in early childhood education at Child's Path.This fund enables Child's Path to provide tuition assistance to at-risk and underserved children in Collier County. These are local children who would otherwise not have access to critical early care and early learning.QUALITY IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION MATTERS.Child's Path is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for EarlyCare and Education Programs for providing high-quality early learningprograms and exemplifying excellence in the care of children. Only 17% ofcenters in our community have earned this national accreditation. CHILD'S PATH FOLLOWS THE REGGIO EMILIA PHILOSOPHY. This unique approach to early education utilizes a nature-inspired environment to encourage children with self-directed learning, and teachersare co-facilitators in the child's growth and development. WHY SUPPORT CHILD'S PATH?OUR INITIATIVESPROVEN RESULTSChild’s Path: 83% of children test “kindergarten-ready” (2022)Collier County: 47% of children test “kindergarten-ready” (2022)State of Florida: 53% of children test “kindergarten-ready” (2022) 94%93%92%89%89%89% SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL MATH PHYSICAL LITERACY LANGUAGE COGNITIVE END OF SCHOOL YEARO U R R E C O R D O F S U C C E S SChild’s Path Students Meet or Exceed Growth Targets START OF SCHOOL YEAR46% 37% 55% 49% 48% 63%

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Child’s Path has been such a wonderfulexperience for our family. My children beganattending Child's Path Santa Barbara in early2021. Mia recently graduated from VPK andhas now moved on to kindergarten. As part ofthe learning experience at Child’s Path, Miahas grown to become a very smart andconfident girl. She did very well in testing atthe beginning of this school year, and she justreceived a Student of the Month certificate. Icontinue to share her achievements withChild's Path, and it is because of the loving andThe Martinez Family It feels great to have Child's Path available for my children because I can go to work inpeace without having to think: Are the kids okay?I truly appreciate how much his teachers care for him. He looks forward toschool every day and enjoys everything he is learning, including fun activitiesand playing outside. My family and I are very grateful for the love and supportwe receive from Child's Path. I completely trust Child's Path with my children.The teachers and staff are like family to me and my children! ~Cinthya M.very dedicated teachers that she has achieved so much so far. My three-year-old Thiago continues to amaze me with all the great things he haslearned. Even with his speech delay, I see the many improvements he’smade just by having that interaction with other children his age. Every day hecomes home with something new to share with us. His face lights up talkingabout his new adventures!SCAN TO WATCH THE VIDEO TESTIMONIAL:MISSION MOMENTS

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MISSION MOMENTSHaving my four-year-old son Diem at Child's Pathhas been a fantastic experience. Diem started atChild’s Path in 2021, right in the middle of thepandemic. He has grown immensely since then.Through every growing pain, the teachers andstaff continually poured into Diem's growth anddevelopment. His connection with his peers andteachers is heartwarming for a parent to see. Ifeel heard by the team and know that my son andall the children's well-being are put first at Child'sPath. Diem always has something new to sharewith me. Whether it be an art project heparticipated in or a lesson from the teachers, he'salways eager to learn at school. I am very gratefulfor Child's Path and its efforts to make the nextgeneration of youth one we can all be proud of. ~ Dominique W.Diem's Story I have worked as a teacher at Child's PathImmokalee since 2019. My son, Damian, startedattending Child's Path when he was an infant in theLadybugs classroom and I taught the one- and two-year-olds in the Caterpillars classroom. WhenDamian graduated to the Caterpillars classroom, itwas hard for him at first. He would cry throughoutthe day. Then, after two months, he finally gainedconfidence and felt secure with his teachers. Heloves to explore and participate in both individualand group activities. He also became comfortableinteracting with his peers. We are very grateful forthe gains that my son, Damian, has made thanks toChild's Path. He truly is a success story! ~Monica A.Damian's Story

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Child's Path has been such a huge sigh of relief formy family. My daughter Mila has been attendingChild's Path since she was six months old. She is nowtwo and a half years old, and the amount of growthwe have seen these past two years are impeccable.Mila started off very attached and it was hard for herto get acclimated considering she was home for sixmonths prior. She has now surpassed many goalsand milestones for her age and easily holds aconversation with any adult. Her vocabulary keepsgrowing and she continues to amaze us every day.Mila can properly use the correct form of grammarMila & Ty The teachers at Child's Path have played a huge part in Mila's growth and they have been one of her biggest supporters... She hasnow surpassed many goals and milestones for her age and easily holds a conversationwith any adult... We are lucky enough to nowhave two children at Child's Path! Our four-month-old Ty is in the infant room and, by all the wonderful picturessent my way, I know he is very well taken care of! I honestly can't say enoughfantastic things about the staff and teachers there. We are so happy we choseChild's Path Golden Gate to take care of our children. ~Veronica a sentence which is so important in her communication. She has enjoyedlearning her colors, numbers, and ABCs along with several songs that she willrandomly burst out everywhere we go! The teachers at Child's Path have played a huge part in Mila's growth and they have been one of her biggest supporters.Mila truly enjoys attending Child's Path and absolutely loves talking about herfriends and teachers! We are lucky enough to now have two children at Child'sPath! MISSION MOMENTS

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MISSION MOMENTSWe absolutely love the progress we have seen in ourone-year-old son Sawyer since he joined Child's PathMoorings earlier this year. We could not be happier! He is nearing his second birthday and we know that he willsucceed in the next class, emotionally and socially. Wehave seen our son learn and grow so much over thepast few months. He is exceeding milestones, thanks tothe wonderful teachers and staff. He has started to usesign language to communicate, and he can identifymost of his colors. He loves attending school. Every Sawyer's StoryOur son Ethan has been attending Child's PathGolden Gate since he was six months old. Wehave all seen the unexpected challenges thatchildren have faced during the pandemic. Wehave seen children struggle to interact witheach other. Since Ethan was able to return tohis class at Child's Path, he has been morecommunicative and expressive. He enjoysbeing in class with his teachers and friends.The staff are all so wonderful and know howto educate the children, while keeping the Ethan's Storymorning and afternoon, when we pick him up, we are greeted by his wonderfulteachers. The updates that I get throughout the day on ProCare make my heartsoar. It isn’t easy having to work all day, but knowing he’s so well cared for really does ease some of the stress. Any questions we have regarding Sawyer are always met promptly and professionally. We feel heard, which we trulyappreciate. We love Child's Path and look forward to them being a part of ourfamily for many years to come! ~ Victoria J. classrooms fun. They always stay in contact with the families, so we are able toknow how our son is doing every day and stay up to date on any upcomingevents. The staff at Child's Path provide a secure, caring, and enrichingenvironment. ~Eva D.

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Early Education Tuition55.2%Philanthropic Support & Grants28.5%Teen Parent Program14.1%State/Federal Subsidies (childcare and food)2.1%Early Childhood Education Programs77%Scholarships for Children9.1%Administration8%Free Meals3.3%$3.55M OPERATING BUDGETANNUAL REVENUEANNUAL EXPENSESF I N A N C I A L SFundraising2.6%395+ Collier County Children Educated Annually (2022)3,600+ Collier County Children Educated (2009-2022)85,000 Nutritious Meals Provided to Students (Annually)CHILD'S PATH MAKES AN IMPACT

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Early Learning Coalition of SWFL Naples Children & Education FoundationTaranto Family Foundation Dr. Howard & Pam Freedman Perna-Rose Foundation for Hope EDUCATION PARTNERS ($150,000+) SUPPORTING PARTNERS ($10,000-$14,999)PATHWAY PROMOTERS ($2,500-$9,999)Trinity By The Cove Episcopal Church State of Florida, Dept of Food and Nutrition Bill and Darlene Torzolini Lisa Hale United Way of Collier County Naples Woman’s Club Kiwanis-on-the-Gulf Naples The Wasie Foundation Robert & Toni Bader Charitable Foundation, Inc. Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation Suncoast Credit Union Foundation The League Club, Inc. The Wellington Group at Morgan Stanley J. McLaughlin Allegra Naples Felix Mehler Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dulcio Danielle Smetana Omar Hussain Top Cut USA Russell Beckner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Moran Mr. & Mrs. Chris McEachern Mr. & Mrs. James Dixon Mr. & Mrs. Willis Singleton The Lisa Libraries Curt Botko Tom Kinnear Mr. & Mrs. Leighton Smith QIT Solutions Jim Phalen Thomas Carmen Mr. & Mrs. Jason Perry Montage International Skrivan & Gibbs, PLLC Zubin Pachori Mr. & Mrs. Doug Ardoin Heidi Margulis Charitable FoundationTarget Circle, The GoodCoin Foundation DONORS & SUPPORTERS(Donations received from July 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022.) Mr. & Mrs. Devon Blazier Dennis McCarthy Mrs. Blair Jones Ms. Robin Clark Ed & Dorothy Ferguson Ms. Rebecca Goff Mr. Joseph Trunfio Sonia Roca Rich Ballo TD Charitable Foundation LAMPLIGHTER PARTNERS ($15,000-$19,999)Seymour Burchman Nordstrom Charitable Giving Rodger & Kate Graef Foundation HEALTHY KIDS PARTNERS ($20,000-$29,999)SAFE KIDS PARTNERS ($30,000-$49,999)EARLY LEARNING PARTNERS ($50,000-$149,999)PNC Foundation/PNC Financial Services Group Carol B. Phelon Foundation Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Florida Blue Foundation The Sample Foundation Community Foundation of Collier County PATHWAY BUILDERS ($1,000-$2,499)John R. Wood PropertiesLaurie Adams CarMax FoundationArthrex Inc. Ken & Linda AschomKenneth & Mercy AbramsDr. Alise & David BartleyShannon MorganPrestige Insurance Consultants Robert Schumann FoundationPro-Literacy WorldwideGulfshore Life MagazineMarvin RouseJohn HuttnerFifth Third BankWilliam RobinsonChris & Janet GilsonAdmiral Jerome JohnsonFlorence Family FoundationCarla BogartFirst Foundation Bank Andrea KochJohn & Rosemarie McGirlCentennial BankDavid & Amy HuntWilliam & Sarah McCurdyDeanna HealyRic & Karen TalfordLipman Family FarmsSunshine Ace Hardware

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15275 Collier Blvd #201-359Naples, FL 34119www.childspath.orginfo@childspath.org239.643.3908