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Picture Books believing in you Along Came A Different Tom McLaughlin 6 paperback Ages 5 to 10 years 6 99 Dare Lorna Guterrez and Polly Noakes Ages 3 to 99 years 6 99 A wonderful picture books to gently explore why different groups don t get along Though the medium of three colours red yellow and blue each of which have different tastes and things they like to to this book explores difference But then along comes a different who likes doing all the things A heartwarming story about the difference one accepting person can make This book makes me smile every time I pick it up It s about being yourself reaching out to others and daring to be you Written as an illustrated poem it will inspire readers of all ages to have the courage to be them Includes diverse characters www readersthatcare co uk Little Cloud Ann Booth and Sara Massinni Ages 4 to 10 years 6 99 What an author and illustrator team About a cloud who is discovering who he is Written in such away that it will appeal to children of all ages Including a introduction to the water cycle This is fast becoming one of my best sellers A heartwarming unique tale and non fiction information making it a real winner

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Picture books Editors pick Super Snail Ely Dolan Ages 3 to 11 years 6 99 I m a big fan of Ely Dolan Meet Kevin a snail who is trying to be super hero and a great collection of supporting characters With comic strip like pictures and plenty of speech bubbles this is sure to hook in even the most reluctant of readers Giant of Jum Elli Woolard and Benji Davies 5 Great rhyming text the children come up with a cunning plan to stop the Giant from eating them www readersthatcare co uk Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam The Missing Masterpiece Age 5 to 10 years 6 99 One of my favourite dog duo s are back This time they are baking in Paris but where ever they turn up there seems to be a crime to solve This time a famous masterpiece goes missing and they must race across Paris to catch the thief What will you dream of tonight Frances Stickley Anuska Allepuz Ages 4 to 9 years 6 99 With eye catching and soft illustrations of many different places e g rooftops camel rides in the desert The rhyming story encourages the reader to imagine and explore new places Great ending I just want you to know you are loved You might also like

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Picture book exploring emotions Also check out these books Thank Goodness for Bob Mathew Morgan and Gabriela Alborozo 6 99 paperback A delightful story about a boy called Max who has lots of worries One day he discovers his dog is a good listener I love how the worries are put into bubbles and which later on Max and his dog pop together A great book to encourage children of all ages to share their worries Fair Shares Pippa Goohart and Anna Doherty 6 Age 2 to 6 years A delightful story with bold eyecatching illustrations that will appeal to the youngest of readers Bear and hare both want a pear but neither can reach them In their attempt to do so they learn that being fair doesn t always mean getting the same www readersthatcare co uk

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Monsters and bedtime stories with twist also great for exploring feelings too Grobblechops Elizabeth Laird and Jenny Lucander Ages 6 to 99 years 10 99 hardback On one level it is a story of a boy called Amir who is scared to go to bed because of the monsters underneath it The boy s dad gently encourages him to make friends with the monster so he won t be scared anymore But there is so a lot more to this story there are other important messages that are being conveyed The Mist Monster Kirsti Beautyman 6 99 paperback Ages 3 to 11 years Penny and her Dad move into a new home without mum She is not at all sure about her new home then she meets a mist monster who befriends her until she makes a new friend www readersthatcare co uk Have you seen my Blankie Lucy Rowland and Paula Metcalf Age 3 to 7 years Princess Alice has lost her Blankie Then she finds the Dragon has it Can she find him something else to cuddle instead Told with warmth and humour

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Stories with Cats Jasmines Sneeze Nadine Kaadan 6 99 Age 4 to 9 years One of my son s favourite stories Set in a more peaceful Damascus Syria A cat learns the importance of the Jasmine plant to his neighbourhood Read my review http readingpebbles co uk jasminesneeze Lulu Geta a Cat Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw Ages 3 to 11 years 5 Part of the fabulous Lulu series about a little black girl doing ordinary things published by Alanna Max books Lulu and her mum go the library and learn all about getting a cat Then when the young cat comes home the reader is introduced to giving it space to settle in Great for anyone thinking of getting a pet and introducing the idea of respecting other humans space Miss Hazeltine s Home for Shy and Fearful Cats Nicola Colton 5 One of my favourite all time picture books Popular with children and cat loving adults About a shy cat who comes to Miss Hazeltine s home for cats One day when she takes a tumble on her way back with the milk Can he have the courage to lead a rescue party www readersthatcare co uk

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Picture books for children aged 0 to 9 years I usually have 20 picture book titles for younger children in stock at any one time Plus a selection of board books for babies and toddlers They include amongst them books from some of my favourite authors and illustrators Steve Lenton Sarah McIntyre Sara Ogilvie Ann Kemp and Lucy Rowland and many more It is not possible to show them all in my catalogue or keep up to date with new additions I also find that people often prefer to choose them in person rather than from a catalogue However is you would like to buy some picture books for this age range please get in touch with information about your child s interest and I would be most happy to make some recommendation www readersthatcare co uk

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Picture book hardbacks exploring feelings Oscar Seeks a Friend Translated from Polish by Anthony Lloyd Jones Ages 4 to 10 years 9 99 hardback A truly wonderful story about the developing friendship between and girl and a skeleton The unique paper collage illustrations bring the story to life Tide Claire Helen Welsh and Ashland Lindsay 9 99 hardback A heart warming picture book that explores dementia in a way that children will understand It gently reassures the reader that although grandad it loosing his memory they can still have good times together www readersthatcare co uk Exclusive for 40 a term members All these books are in my 2 for 10 offer which can be used once per term Shadow Lucy Christopher and Anastasia Suvorova 9 99 hardback I love this book It makes stunning use of black white and red to convey emotions A young girl moves to a new home with her mum This story sensitively portrays her mums depression and how it leads to her not noticing her daughter Then one day the girl gets lost in the woods and then she comes looking for her and the darkness represented by shadow goes away

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Picture books Exploring important issues Tomorrow by Nadine Kadan Ages 6 to 13 years 9 99 hardback A powerful story beautifully illustrated Which takes a unique perspective on War Exploring it from the perspective of a chid who is stuck in a tower block and can not go to the park or see his friends Read my review here http readingpebbles co uk tomorrow The Suitcase Chris Naylor Ballesteros Ages 4 to 11 years 5 99 paperback A wonderful children s picture book that explore kindness welcoming others and refugees Simple text and pictures together convey some great messages Great to explore attitudes to strangers and how to make them feel welcome how to help someone who is new who s had a difficult traumatic experience explore refugees and immigrants experiences of arriving in a new place www readersthatcare co uk The Day the War Came Nicola Davies and Rebecca Cobb 6 99 paperback An eye opening insight into how it feels to escape a conflict zone This much praised book is now available in paperback

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Picture book stories helping others making a difference to our planet The Promise Nicola Davies and Laura Carlin 6 99 Age 5 to 99 years A young thief lives in a bleak city where all the trees and flowers have gone One day when stealing an old ladies bag she makes a promise The bag was full of acorns which the young girl plants and slowly the environment changes Wonderful use of line drawings and colour to convey the message Trapped How the world rescued 33 minters from 2 000 feet below the Chilean Desert Marc Aronson 6 99 paperback Age 9 years In August 2010 a mine collapsed trapping 33 men below ground For 69 days they lived on meagre resources with increasingly poor air quality This book provides the back storey behind the rescue and the amazing technology and team work that made it possible www readersthatcare co uk Peace and Me Ali Winter and Mickael El Fathi Age 9 years 10 99 hardback RRp 12 99 Beautifully illustrated nonfiction book about Novel Peace prize Laureates who used empathy to imagine how live could be different and bring change to their communities

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First chapter book series perfect for cat and dog lovers Jasper and Scruff Nicola Colton 5 Jasper is a cat who lives on the top floor of a grand apartment he wants to get into the sophisticated cats club Then he accidentally meets scruff a puppy whilst out shopping Let s just say things don t quite go to plan but Jasper gets more than he bargained for a true friend A fun imaginative plot and plenty of snooty cats to have a laugh at The pictures capture the character expressions brilliantly and provide plenty of detail to enjoy too This is definitely a first chapter book not to be missed Perfect for reading aloud or reading alone Jasper and Scruff Hunt for a Golden Bone Nicola Colton 5 This wonderful duo return This time they have opened a bookshop together one of the best in town Then they discover a rare book about Black Whiskers and a treasure map and off they trek in search of the golden bone But not all is as it s seem There is something irresistible to young children about the idea of looking for treasure so with loveable characters too this is sure to be a real hit www readersthatcare co uk

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Little Gems Barrington and Stoke Sophie and the Sky Katherine Woodfine Briony May Smith 6 A re imagining of the childhood of Sophie Blanchard on the world s first female hot air balloonists The Birdsnest and the House Next Door Julia Donaldson and Hannah Shaw 6 Elmo and his sister love to play in the Jungle House but then mean old Mr Birdnest moves in and things turn very odd indeed Barrington and Stoke has a great selection of shorter stories for all ages Which are suitable for children with dyslexia What I especially like about the Little Gems books for 5 to 9 year old s is how they can help bridge that gap to chapter books for readers of all abilities The Great Telephone Mix up Sally Nicholls 6 and Sheena Dempsey When a villages telephone wires get crossed after a storm People in the village start getting other people s calls Can the summer fete still get organised and will it turn out a great way for everyone in the village to get to know each other better www readersthatcare co uk

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Unconventional unicorns and bad mermaids Bad Mermaid Sibeal Pounder Grumpycorn Sarah McIntyre Ages 3 to 11 years 5 99 Another of my favourite author illustrators Meet a male unicorn who has a writing shed in the middle of the sea He is having difficulties thinking of ideas for a story and doesn t want his friends help But can he be persuaded to let them help Bright illustrations that jump off the page with plenty of detail to spot www readersthatcare co uk Naughtiest Unicorn Pip Bird and David O cornel 5 I loved book the first book in this great new series Mira is super excited to find out she is going to Unicorn and can t wait to find out who her Unicorn chosen a bit like which House you are in in Harry Potter But Dave turns out to be the opposite to what she imagined and gets her into al sorts of trouble I especially like the bit when her and her friends set out to rescue the others David s illustrations which remind me of Calvin and Hobbs add so much humour And I love how the characters develop through the story and even the bully learns something Mermaids Beattie Mimi and Zelda are enjoying a summer of land with legs when they receive a strange CRABAGRAM They are the only ones that can stop some bad mermaids Sibeal has created a zanny underwater world of the Hidden Lagoon with hilarious details and lot s of great twists to the mystery Other books in series also available Naughties Unicorn and the School Disco 5 99 Naughtiest Unicorn at Sports Day 5 99 Naughtiest Unicorn at Christmas 5 99 More books available in the series

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Seals Otters and Selkies Seal Surfer Michael Foreman 5 99 Age 5 years A boy and his grandfather watch as a seal is born on the rocks near their house The boy is a keen surfer despite a physical disability and the pair watch the seats through the seasons and a touching friendship is formed Seal Island Julia Green 5 Age 6 years Julia is great and bringing the landscape alive in which her stories are set You sense the wind sand and rocks on the beach Grace is staying with her Granny for the holidays She has fun exploring then she find s a stranded seal pup An Otter Called Pebble Helen Peters Age 6 years Peter has heard of the legend of the Selkie seals who turn into humans but can not believe it when he rescues a real live Selkie from a net Can he save them both when danger threatens www readersthatcare co uk Selkie Gillian McClure Age 6 years Peter has heard of the legend of the Selkie seals who turn into humans but can not believe it when he rescues a real live Selkie from a net Can he save them both when danger threatens

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Non Fiction Editors pick Alba the Hundred year old fish Lara Hawthorne 9 99 RRP 11 99 Ages 4 to 10 years Another gem from Lara author illustrator of the Night Flower Follow Alba the Fish over a hundred year period and see the impact of pollution especially plastics on our oceans Narrative non fiction at it s very best with awe inspiring pictures Also by the same author Nicola Davies and Emily Sutton 6 99 Age 4 to 9 years There are Fish Everywhere Britta Teckentrup 12 99 hardback A fish paradise with hundreds of fish and many habitats to explore Provide multiple ways to engage with a text Including the opportunity to look for 5 masters of disguise somewhere in the text Great pages on evolution of fish and the journey of a Salmon www readersthatcare co uk There are living things so tiny millions could fit on a dot They are everywhere and vital for all sorts of things such as giving us a cold making yogurt and wearing down mountains

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Some unusual connections to fish The Fish in Room 11 Heather Dyer p160 5 The connection with Fish is in the tile This is about a boy called Toby who lives at a Seaside hotel One day he makes friend with a stranded mermaid Eliza flot Which gets Toby into trouble and they have to come up with a plan to rescue them both Undead Pets GoldFish from Beyond the Grave p112 5 Age 7 14 years Book 4 in a fabulous series Just when Joe thought things couldn t get any stranger he is visited by Fizz a zombie goldfish Fizz was flushed down the toilet by his owner Danny s little sister who doesn t realise that she s sent the fish to a watery grave www readersthatcare co uk Fish Boy by Chloe Daykins 6 99 Billy has a lot on his mind his mum as MS but he d rather not think about it He loves watching David Attenborough on TV One day whilst swimming he meets a crazy talking mackerel which changes everything With almost lyrical text and a well developed character this is a book you won t want to put down

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Aliens and Space picture books Molly s Moon Mission Duncan Beedle Age 3 to 8 years 6 paperback A story about a courageous and determined Moth that won t give up on her dream to fly to the Moon Lights on Cotton Rock David Litchfield 8 99 hardback Age 5 to 99 years A another stunning book from this award winning author illustrator A young girl waits most of her life time to meet an Alien and go to space then she discovers that Available in my 2 for 10 exclusive special offer for 40 a term members www readersthatcare co uk Twitter and Instagram melisscareate15

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Space aliens robots and drones Cakes in Space Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre Age 5 to 11 years 5 99 Astra and her family travel to the planet of Nova Mundi It is so far away it will take ninety nine years to get there But don t worry special sleeping pods will put everyone to sleep so they don t age Whilst everyone is sleeping Astra wakes up to find that the spaceship is under attack from weird and inventive aliens e g killer cakes and a spoon loving monster But there s a mystery to unravel and a ship to be saved Illustrator Sarah McIntyre has captures the Aliens and mayhem brilliantly My Babysitter is a Robot Dave Cousins Catalina Echeverri 5 Age 6 to 9 years The twins grandma is an inventor and she makes a robot to babysit them The twins think he is a total embarrassment and they realise they are going to have to work together to try and get rid of it A quirky inventive story with some really humorous scenes www readersthatcare co uk Spylark Danny Rurlander Age 9 to 14 years 6 99 One of my favourite reads of 2010 Arthur Ransome fans will love this Set on Lake Windermere in the Lake District It features a boy who is struggling to come to terms with injuries he sustained in an accident Whilst flying his drone from his garden shed he discovers some unusual activity and starts to uncover a terrorist plot Can he convince others about what he s seen before it s too late Fast paced action packed and brilliant descriptive detail

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Space robots and aliens Harriet versus the Galaxy 9 99 Hardback RRp 12 99 Age 7 years A funny and heart warming debut From comedian and hearing aid wearer Samantha Baines Harriet discovers that her hearing aid can do more than she every bargained it allows her to understand the Aliens As they start to invade she is the first line of defence for the secret intergalactic agency www readersthatcare co uk Twitter melisscareate15 Orion Lost Alistair Chisholm 6 99 Age 9 years The first middle grade book in a long while that I have seen set in the future far out in space when India is calling the shots When one of their space jumps goes wrong the kids are left in charge With a fabulous main character Beth and a diverse set of characters from the computer geek who s a girl which some kids on the autistic spectrum will recognise to the efficient but not very good with people son of the Indian captain There are a few concepts to get you head around so Cakes in Space would make an excellent pre read This gripping read will open the door to more sci fi adventures The Jamie Drake Equation Christopher Edge 6 Age 9 years Jamie s dad is an astronaut on the Intentional Space Station but he misses him terribly When his dad goes missing it s up to Jamie and a bunch of Aliens to rescue him Dealing with current space events and and with an eye opening insights into what is must feel like for the family that and astronaut leaves behind

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Stories involving hot air balloons For more information about these books please ask www readersthatcare co uk

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Stories with an unexpected Library twist Little Red Reading Hood Lucy Rowland and Ben Mantle 6 99 Lovely rhyming text in this fairy tale with a twist Little Red Reading Hood meets a wolf on the way to the library and he persuades her to stop and read for a while The Missing Bookshop Katy Clapham and Kirsti Beautyman 6 99 hardback This is about a girl called Milly who loves going to her local bookshop for story time But one day she find the bookshop is closed and Miss Minty the bookseller is no where to be seen Milly takes action to save the bookshop and makes a new friend in the process www readersthatcare co uk The Dragon in the Library Louie Stowell 5 99 A fast paced plot with adventure about the importance of books and libraries which includes dragons and magic which doesn t always go to plan Observing my nearly 9 year old son read this was a delight and he shared some of the exciting bits with me I can see this is one of those stories that will appeal to readers of all abilities

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Magical Tales not to be missed Nothing to See Here Hotel Bk 1 Steven Butler and Steve Lenton Age 7 to 12 years 5 I read this to my 7 and nearly 10 year old whilst on holiday We all loved it Steve Butler has created a wonderful set of mythical characters which are really brought to life by Steve Lenton s illustrations A great balance is struck between good and bad characters where you can t help feeling sorry for the spoilt Goblin prince at the end It also strikes the balance between the ordinary such as a wonderful illustrated plan of the rooms in the hotel and the embarrassment of Frankie at times with his parents behaviour With a whole cast and a bunch of inventive characters and plenty of mishaps this is a story the whole family can enjoy www readersthatcare co uk Grace Ella Spells for Beginners 5 Age 6 to 12 years It all began when the black cat strolled into Number 32 Sharon creates such wonderful characters in Grace Ella and Mr Whiskins the cat and the over the top mum is spot on Grace Ella discovers she is witch can she learn the spells The part with the school bully does not shy away from the issues find out if she finds a way to deal with the bully that doesn t break the witches code Grace Ella witch camp 5 99 Loved the first book Liked this even more Great characters once again and and exciting midnight venture in a heartwarming story where the girls learn that teamwork and supporting each other might be more important than prizes Perfect to read aloud

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Exciting Adventures with diverse characters Magical Kingdom of Birds Bk 1 Ann Booth and Rosie Butcher Age 7 to 12 years 5 When Maya receives a colouring books she is transported into a magical realm filled with amazing birds and faeries Can she save the hummingbirds With a wonderful brave and resourceful character some fabulous team work with the birds and some dastardly villains this is a great read for boys and girls Maya has a disability which makes it difficult to walk but this is not the focus of the story More books available in the series for 5 99 each Clifftoppers The Arrowhead Moor Adventure Fleur Hitchcock 5 Age 6 to 10 years For 4 counting holidays at their grandma s cottage means lots of freedom and adventure Whilst having a picnic in a stately home they find themselves in the middle of a Jewel thief heist and they find themselves in a race against time to catch the thief Already a fan of Fleur s fast paced middle grade adventures I was excited to see this for newly confident readers Plenty of action and just enough intrigue and peril to keep children wanting more Cliff toppers The First Bay Adventure 5 99 www readersthatcare co uk

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Dancing with a Twist Dogs don t do Ballet Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie 6 99 A delightful story where a dog follows a young girl to her ballet class Great for gently challenging stereotypes Sara Ogilvie illustrates the dogs expressions brilliantly Boys in Tights Spies in Disguise Kate Scott 5 p192 First book in this great series Joe comes home from school one day to find out his parents are spies They have to immediately leave their house and disguise themselves to avoid discovery which is find until Joe discovers he has to pretend to me a girl More great books in the series www readersthatcare co uk The Secret of the Tattered Shoes 10 99 hardback Jackie Morris and Ehsan Abdollabi A stunningly illustrated re telling of the story of twelve princesses The illustrations will transport you to a different culture and time The prince must find out why every morning the princesses shoes are so tattered

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Everyday experiences reflecting realities Lulu s First Day Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw Age 2 to 6 years 8 99 RRP 11 99 hardback The newest edition to a delightful series of books featuring a girls called Lulu and all her first experiences Lulu is very excited to be starting pre school This story takes her through her first day A reassuring reads for little ones and plenty to chat about We are Family Patricia Hegarty and Ryan Wheatcroft Age 4 years Take twelve different families and follow them through their daily routines Includes mix race single parents and a family with two dads All the Lulu and Zeki books published by Alanna Max also available to order https alannabooks weebly com www readersthatcare co uk There s Only One You Kathryn Heling Deborah Hembrook Illustrated by Rosie Butcher 9 99 RRP 12 99 hardback A Story which on first impressions is about difference But is actually a celebration of being a child with many different children experiencing things in all sorts of ways As someone who wears glasses loves it includes kids wearing glasses

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Celebrations and clothes from around the world Celebrations Around the World Katy Halford 9 99 An eye catching non fiction book with vibrant and colourful illustrations Love how it combines religious festivals with other celebrations It shows how people celebrate the same event in different ways A different celebration is shown each double page spread The Wonderful World of Clothes Emma Damon Ages 4 to 9 years 11 12 99 hardback One of the things I love about this book is the unique way it organises the information Each double page spread introduces you to a new angle on clothes which include What do we where when it s hot special jobs special occasions button s belts and wraps And it even introduces where different fabrics come from and the life cycle of of a pair of jeans www readersthatcare co uk

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Big Cats and India Available Feb 2020 For more information of these titles please ask www readersthatcare co uk Twitter and Instagram melissacreate15

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Clocks and making things from wood Golden Horsemen of Baghdad 5 p160 The clockwork crow Catherine Fisher 5 99 p224 For more information about these books please ask www readersthatcare co uk

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Caring for our Planet The Story of the Blue Planet Winner of 2014 UKLA book award 8 99 paperback Age 9 to 99 years An eco fable with heart and humour Which will help children and adults to think about what is really important in our relationship with others near and far and the environment It encourages readers to think about actions and consequences and what might happen next Earth Heroes Lilly Dyu Age 8 to 12 years 9 99 hardback Twenty inspiring stories of people who have made a big difference to our environment proving change is possible Includes Great Thunberg and David Attenborough And less well know figures such as Cessey Marina Silva a Brazilian activist and Mongolian farmer Yin Yuzhen www readersthatcare co uk Planet SOS 22 Modern Monster threatening our planet and what you can do to defeat them Marie G Rohde 14 99 Hardback pub April 2020 Pre order by10th March for 10 99 Age 9 years Our planet is sending out an SOS from global warming to plastic pollution real life environmental monsters are threatening life on earth This intriguing book pairs a monster for each threat to the planet together with the mythical beast it is based on It s sure to provide plenty to talk about Includes a set of Monster Cards 40 a term members buy all 3 and get the 3 environmental novels on the next page for just 10

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Middle grade stories with an environmental connection Fire Girl Forest Boy Chloe Daykin Age 10 11 years 6 99 One of my favourite reads of 2019 Told as a dual narrative from the perspective of two young people Raul and Maya set in the Peruvian rainforest When the two accidentally meet in the rainforest sparks fly and they find themselves in race against time to save the things they love Chloe won a research grant to go to Peru to write the book and it shows you feel like you are really there Well developed characters you immediately warm to and an eye opening insight into some of the powers threatening the forest Scavengers Darren Simpson Age 10 years 6 99 Landfill is happy with his home running wild with wolves and living in a junkyard abandoned coal plant But then something happens to question the rules of his world and masker him think what lies beyond All inspired by seeing someone eat a ham sandwich and an unforgettable trip to the rubbish tips of Indonesia The world building in this dystopian novel is superb as is the attention to detail A slow burning start leading to an action packed end www readersthatcare co uk Where the World Turns Wild Nicole Penfold Age 9 years 6 99 A great eco thriller from debut author Juniper and her brother bear escape the walled city where nature has been banished which they live within They are one of the few people resistant to the disease affecting the other humans On their journey they discover I can t wait to read it available Feb 2020

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New book highlights monsters and spooky lakes The Monster in the Lake Louie Stowell 6 99 Jan 2020 Sequel to the Dragon in the Library by a talented new author Kit is a a young wizards who s magic keeps going wrong in a hilarious fashion Kit her two friend and their local librarian set off to have an adventure Crater Lake Jennifer Killick 6 99 March 2020 Jennifer Killick has already shown she can create great characters you believe in and merge genres So can t wait to see what she does with her first venture into a spine chilling thriller Who is the mysterious bloodstained man who stops their coach Why is no one around when Lance and the rest of Year Six arrive at the brand new Crater Lake activity centre But this is just the beginning of the school trip from hell a fight for survival that sees five pupils band together to save their classmates they must Never Ever Fall asleep www readersthatcare co uk The Bigwoof conspiracy Sticky Pines Louie Stowell 6 99 Feb 2020 When 12 year old UFO obsessed Lucy Sladen sneaks out in the middle of the night to investigate the unexplained disappearances in Sticky Pines she gets more than she bargained for She meets a huge hairy creature and 13 year old called Milo With secrets mystery and some weird and wonderful residents there is plenty to enjoy

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Editors Pick non fiction for KS2 that encourages you to think and investigate Real Life Mysteries Susan Martineau and Vicky Barker 5 99 One of my daughters favourite books when she was in year 4 and 5 Read the evidence from mysteries like the Loch Ness Monster and Shakeleton s ghostly companion and make up you own mind whether you think they were are real or not Amazing Natural Phenomena Earl Nash and Sarah Dennis 5 99 Be inspired by the science behind 7 natural phenomena includes rainbows volcanoes and bioluminescent waves Read step by step explanations then explore them through the exotic mazes www readersthatcare co uk

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Exploring human rights and poverty A girl called Genius Khan Michelle Lord and Shelzil Malik 9 99 RRP 12 99 The story of Maria Toorpakai Wazir a Pakistaini who braved threats from the Taliban to play the sport she loved Despite being banned from playing squash because she was a girl she kept practicing in her bedroom every day for 3 years A story of resilience and bravery and overcoming obstacles to pursue your dreams Harriet Tubman A Journey to Freedom 5 99 p176 Part of a fabulous trail blazers series Autobiographies of key people in history in a handy chapter book format In 1849 Harriet escaped from Slavery in the South of America She helped many more people make the same journey on the Underground Railway and was a key figure in the abolition of slavery www readersthatcare co uk It s a No Money Day Katy Milner Ages 4 to 11 years 5 99 paperback A gentle and powerful exploration of food banks and life below the poverty line

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Historical Fiction Engaging Shorter Reads Would go well with this Golden Horsemen of Baghdad Saviour Priotta 8 years p160 5 RRP 5 99 Tells the story of a boy called Jabhir who struggles to support his family after his farther dies He sets off to Baghdad which in 798CE was the centre of the ancient Islamic world He is given a lucky break to work on a project for Baghdads ruler But the stakes are high and his enemies many Can he win through to help himself and his family Golden Horsemen of Baghdad Saviour Priotta 8 years p160 5 RRP 5 99 Tells the story of a boy called Jabhir who struggles to support his family after his farther dies He sets off to Baghdad which in 798CE was the centre of the ancient Islamic world He is given a lucky break to work on a project for Baghdads ruler But the stakes are high and his enemies many Can he win through to help himself and his family www readersthatcare co uk

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World War Two Historical Fiction Catching Falling Stars Karen McCombie Age 9 14 years 6 RRP 6 99 Flight Vanessa Harbour Age 9 10 years 6 RRP 6 99 An eye opening story which introduces the reader to the experiences of evacuees in WW2 The evacuee experience bombing in London and then life in a unfamiliar village away from home is especially well done The Sibling relationship between Glory and her younger brother Richard is heartwarming It will appeal to both boys and girls boys that are curious about life for children in WW2 It is 1945 after loosing his family Jakob shelters in a stables which house the Lipizanne horses Hitler wants to steel Can he and his guardian get the horses to safety before it is too late A heart stopping and captivating story with plenty of nail biting moments a great debut Read my review http readingpebbles co uk flight www readersthatcare co uk Also check this out on the previous page

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Fantasy Perfect for Tweens The Wordsmith Book 1 Patricia Forde 6 99 each Age 10 to 99 years An exciting adventure full of nail biting tension A beautifully written dystopian story which asks us to ask questions about climate change and how words make us who we are Mother Tongue Book2 Patricia Forde Wow what a story Imagine a world where the next generation of children are only taught 500 words and very soon they may not be taught any One girl is brave enough to teach them more in secret with word cards she has made herself Some of which are used as the title for each chapter and ingenious idea that really hooks you in Leaving you with lots of thoughtful questions about the role and power of language I jumped straight in with book as I was given a free copy by the publisher It does make sense as a standalone but I want to go back and find out the back story now Check out the sample chapter on Little Book Islands website http littleisland ie books mother tongue patriciaforde free sample chapter The Wild Magic Trilogy Begone the Raggedy Witches Celine Kiernan 6 Age 10 to 14 years If you haven t discovered some of the very best Irish fantasy middle authors yet then you really have been missing something The Wild Trilogy is perfect for those that like exploring magical worlds and who aren t afraid by dark magic Who also love the most wonderful descriptive and atmospheric language That will have you twitching for what might be lurking beneath next time you pass a dark woodland Also available book 2 The Little Grey Girl 6 www readersthatcare co uk