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Snowmen Take

Over Christmas


By:Joel Puthankalam


and Hadi El-Taki     

 On the day of Christmas Eve, the jolly children played in the snow. With smiles on their faces and laughs at their lips, the children build some snowmen. Little boy Billy wondered about how magical it would be for the snowmen to take over Christmas. 

The snowmen heard little Billy talking about his wish, and they decided to make a plan. ZZZ,ZZZ,the little boy 

starts sleeping and soon his dream will come true.


Woooossshhhh, a shooting star streaked across the sky


recognizing his wishes.




When the clock struck twelve,the magical


snowmen rush to Santa’s palace in the North Pole


to be Santas for this year. 

They meet the man in red, and


there he sits famished and tired.


With the choice to do less work


the lazy man, at the drop of a hat,


lets them take his career.


The snowmen hop into Santa’s special


sleigh. They were excited,happy,joyful,and


energized for the magical ride.


“Alright,don’t forget to add sparkles to the


engine to keep it going.” exclaims Santa.


Santa feeds the reinders while the


snowmen get ready to fly off into the world


and bring smiles to the children. 


A magical trail of sparkles


formed behind the sleigh, and


the engine screamed really


 loud.The snowmen head to


their first location, a chance


in a million!  


The snowman’s first location is North America!


The Statue of Liberty ever so green


with a torch in one hand and her tablet in the other,


she watches the snowmen, in total eighteen.


The second location is South America.


The long, famous Amazon River,


Long and twisted like a snake


Still the snowmen deliver

The third location is Antarctica.


The scenic view of The Lemaire Channel,


The only downside is,


There is no electricity and just a solar panel.


The fourth location is Australia.


The reindeer dash over Uluru


A famous rock that is as strong as a bull


Those children get their presents too.

The fifth location is Africa


The triangular, ancient pyramid


is a house, filled with many rooms


They still give, even with their sources limited

The sixth location that the snowmen head to is Asia.


The Taj Mahal, so beautiful in it’s structure


The  Burj Khalifa, standing ever so high


The Great Wall of China, that stretches forever


Last but not least,the excited Snowmen head to Europe.


They encounter the romantic Eiffel Tower overlooking Paris,


They hover over Acropolis, which stands tall on the top of Greece,


Lastly, they reach Rosa Bonheur,which is a beautiful terrace!!!


When every child has 


gotten a present,the snowmen


happily make their way back to


Santa’s place to go back home.


They slowly approach


the palace and they are


guided by Elves to go to


Santa’s magical room, and


on the door they knock on.

The snowmen enter the room,only to be hit by a wonderful


aroma of peppermint and hot chocolate.  Santa’s room also


has  candy canes on the tree, a guard over the presents. The


snowmen approach Santa to ask for transportation back


home to little Billy’s house.With a smile,the plump red coated


man laughed with joy and let out a great, “HO HO HO!


Merry Christmas!!!” and he waved a magical candy cane


toward the snowmen.POOFFF! And just like that,they were




Did you find all 15 partridges in this book?