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What’s purpose of this? 

Purpose of this is to make sure that every children and young people are being protected or secure by this act. To avoid having child abuse, sexually abuse, or any more that can possibly affect their lives. It helps promotes to prevent them from having trauma and emotional problem in the future. It shows awareness of harm for young people and who might be involve. 

Family Related


There will be chance that the child’s parents may be ill or incapable for a short period of time, although, they would still allow the children to go back home, only, if the parent’s situation improves. However, for the mean time, while they are away from their parents, their temporary foster parent would be looking after them in school or children’s residential care home. It will be depends on the situation at home when will be the children going home, whether if the affairs at home were safe or will the children be at risk. There will be many problems that can possibly happen, it may be because of abuse, mental problem, parental illness, environment, and family bereavement. They may have become aggressive to child, or high risk of violence. This can be a high possibility to take away the child from the home, or from their family for good. It will be better for the child to move so that they will be away from any high risk of harm. Child will be more safe if they are in the children's residential home as they are away from danger and they can be looked after. They will only have a problem if the situations are getting worst or the child is in danger. 


Step father who’s trying to abuse their partners children, or some of the parents that are normally just abusing their children with just a nonsense reason.  This can be a huge problem, and their child can be take away from them permanently.

Children Related

Children may need to leave home because of their own health related reason such as Health problems, learning difficulties, behavioural problem, disabilities and mental health problems. 


Health problems

The children might have illness that may affect their family’s financial support, or they cannot able to take care of the child properly. There is only possible way to help the children, but it is the child benefits which means it is only available outside of the family home. 

Learning difficulties

A lot of families in UK have children that have children that have learning difficulties. Families can’t able to to cope easily and does not know to take care of their child as they think that it will be difficult for them to take care of a child with learning difficulties, so it looks like they are rejecting their child. So that's why most of the children with learning difficulties are better to be looked after outside their home as it is much more safer and a good idea for them.

Child Act 1989/2004 


Section 20

The section 20 accommodate children, It is all about when no one can able to take care of the child when they needs someone, such as when there's no person that can able to take care of the children. the authorities can able to take the child if they have been lost, if they parents died or if they have been abandoned. Also, they can have the child if their parents give a consent to let their child to be looked after by the children's residential home. 

Child Act 1989/2004 


Section 31

Local authority can apply to the court as they can able to take over the responsibility of the parents. The authority believes that they don't have any responsibility for the child as they believes that the child welfare is at risk. The court can only make a decision if the child has been suffering or being harm.