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My soft skills

I think that soft skills are needed and that they should be used more than they are. Soft skills like keeping emotions in check when there are bad situations. It can be hard doing it but, it's a really good skill to have. I've been through bad places in my life and trying to keep my emotions in check when I'm angry or sad is very, very hard to do but, I try to do it more often. When I'm older I would want to go into the Army out on the front lines. I think emotional management would be idle for the job since you'd be in difficult situations all the time. Listening and following the rules would be needed also. Patience, that's also a big one. Patience would be hard to do but, crucial. 

Scan skills 

I am good at the basic skills, that include reading, writing, math, listening and speaking. I feel that I am really good at thinking skills because I use them every day. I feel that I am responsible when I really want to be. I am always honest. My self-management can be worked on a little bit. My self-esteem can be low at times but, usually high. My dad has taught me almost everything I need to know about money and time management. He always tells me to budget your money. Because when you're older you won't be able to keep a job or pay your bills if you don't manage your life, time, and money. I really look up to him when he tells me that. He is also one of the most responsible people I know. He always pays his bills on time, therefore, his credit score is very  high. 

He is not the nicest person around but, he is my dad...and I kinda have to listen. He is very honest. I don't know what I would do without him. I can be a team member sometimes. I believe that I'm good at interpersonal skills. I work well with people of different races. I am very organized and very good at managing information. I'm not very good at working systems but, I can get better. I'm good with technology but, it depends on what it is.  I can be a team member sometimes. 

I love football, my favorite team is the Packers. The reason why I'm stating this is because football requires good basic skills that you'd learn in high school. Math skills (because, you have to do measurements,yards, and percentages), writing (because you have to write the plays), listening (because you have to listen to the coach and other players), and speaking (because you have to listen to the coach and other players). Thinking skills, football requires thinking skills to be able to make plays and put together different plays and that ties into math. Personal qualities, you' have to be physically strong and mentally strong. 

Resources, you'd have to have time for playing and practicing football. Interpersonal skills is a huge one you'd definitely have to be a team player. managing information would be good to have also. Working systems, you;d have to understand the system of football. You have to be good at working with technology.