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Story of my life

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Story of me life


By: Matthew





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Table of Contents

Pgs. 4-8.)  Chapter 1. Family and friends 













Pgs. 9-14.) Chapter 2. School life throughout the years











Pgs. 15-20.) Chapter 3. My plans for the futurama

My family is a weird family. It is made up of 3 boys, our mom and dad, and our cat Precious. I am the middle son of the three. All three of us are different. I am the calm, super weird, and bad puns kid. My older brother, Stephen, is the sarcastic, strong and loveable kind. Stephen is tall, has contacts and glasses, and he has a girlfriend. He is known for doing some stupid stuff, like when he forgot what a cow was and he tried to figure out which animal said moo. His favorite games are Clash Royale, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Clash of Clans, Agario, and also Minecraft. He is 16 years old and is getting ready to take the driving test to get a driving license so that way he can drive us to school. He normally gets yelled at to get off his phone during dinner, or when it is time to get dinner and it takes five minutes to call him because he has his headphones on and is listening to music at full volume. He plays guitar and he sometimes sings but it’s not the best, so he is a backup singer in the band his friends and him made. Overall he is a nice guy, but sometimes he gets on my nerve.  Okay, maybe he is always on my nerve. He likes to annoy me and Chris a lot.



         Chapter 1                              Family and Friends

Christopher is my younger brother. He is only nine years old, but he is in advanced Math.  He hurts himself a lot. I say this is because he accidentally cut himself on a single blade of grass, trips over air, and walks into walls without noticing them. It happens so much that now whenever I accidently hit myself I say, “Whoop’s I just pulled a Christopher.” He hates when I say that, but he laughs at it, too. He likes to golf, play basketball, and play video games with me and Stephen. He has brown curly hair like my dad, and he is about as tall as me. He likes to beat me up and play pranks on me and Stephen. He is mad at me most of all for ruining a FNAF song from the Living Tombstone. Living Tombstone is a YouTuber group that makes songs based off of games. He has lots of friends like me, and he loves playing games with them. He mostly plays Terraria with them, which is a Two D game that the goal is to beat the pumpkin and frost moon, while getting from the angler the golden fishing rod. He is a fun kid to play with, but sometimes he can be super annoying just like Stephen.








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My dad is a whole lot like me. Well he is my dad, after call. I am basically a mini-him as my mom likes to say. He is not tall, but he is not short either. He likes to solve puzzles and he also likes to play cards. He loves getting puzzle and mystery games on his phone. One of both of our favorite game on the phone or tablet is Marvel Puzzle Quest. In the game you have to beat storylines, opponents, or get taco tokens by using characters from the Marvel universe, which you get throughout the game. There are characters from one star to five star characters and ones are the worst but fives are the best. Me and my dad both like to imagine, and we both have done every stupid thing together. We like making stuff up that will always make us laugh, like whenever the “You Died” shows up on Dark Souls when either of us is playing, the one not playing says you died in a weird-funny voice. We love messing around, but mom always tells us too stop, and then she says to us to let her in the fun, and we all start a massive tickle fight, until Christopher comes downstairs and joins in and he somehow gets hurt.

My mom is your typical, average mom. She likes to get work done, plays a lot with her kids, and stays up till seven playing a video game about being a world leader and taking over the world. Okay, so my mom isn’t your average mom but she does do some stuff like one. My mom is extremely funny and loves to start wars with pillows and tickling. She is a writer and she is our school drama director. She lets us kids in drama tell her how the play should be which is awesome, nobody wants her to ever leave. She has brown hair, brown eyes and she has a few white streaks in her brown hair. She is the parent that drives us places we want to go most of the time while dad prepares dinners, but she also cooks and sometimes I even help. We love playing Minecraft together; our latest creation was an Illuminati which you could live in. We love working together and we love each other, me and my mom. My mom is the greatest on Earth, but sometimes it is not good when she has kidney stone pains. 














My friend Connor is 11 years old. He lives right across from my house. Christopher and I can literally walk over to his house to play with him. He has an older brother who is in college and he has no sisters. He loves to play Legos and board games with us. We hold a game night on Tuesdays where we go to one of our houses and play board games and video games. Connor introduced Christopher and me to the video game Undertale when he played the one boss’ fights song while we were playing Legos. We love him, and he is basically another brother. His school is Canon-Mac and he has a few friends there that sometimes come over to play with him, but normally I and Christopher join in and we play outside. We play roleplaying games and most of the time I make the ending. When we go inside, we play Minecraft and we either continue a world or make a new one. We are great friends and we will probably always be friends.







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I have been at Saint Patrick School for 11 years. I have been here all the years you can be at if you don’t get held back. At school we have had 2 principals, Mr. Mozina and Dr. Merante. Dr. Merante is the current principal, Mr. Mozina died. Mr. Mozina’s wife Mrs. Mozina died before him, and she was mine and Stephen’s third grade teacher. We have a picture of her near the office on the bottom floor of the building. Everyone who knew her still missises her. We have one big field trip per year and we have a few party nights and a few special school days like our field day. In preschool, all you did was learn the alphabet and play with the toys. I still wish there was a teen version of that.



Chapter 2  School Life

In second grade my teacher was Mrs. Dellovade. She always gave us free pencils and she is now retired. She was one of the teachers at Mr. Mozina’s funeral. She retired two years before Mr. Mozina’s death. That was the same year Mr. Mozina left and Dr. Merante came. My third grade teacher, as already mentioned, was Mrs. Mozina, Mr. Mozina’s wife. She died when I was in sixth grade, when Stephen was in eighth and Christopher was in second. That last half of that year was when Ms. Polanski came and the next was Dr. Merante. We have had a lot of principals, but they have all been really good and it’s a good school.  I like it a lot but there are a few problems in the school. Like bullying, but the school has helped try to finish it off even if it didn’t exactly work out. There are a few annoying people, but they are the kids that are normally in the office. One actually got suspended in school for a while.


In fourth grade, we had a lot of fun. We played a lot, and Dom and I were like the rulers of the math class. We were the smartest, and right now Dom, my Homie, is in Algebra II. My new friend is Jimmy who came this year. We love joking around and being the school pirates. We are like Batman and Robin, or Thor and Odin. I am Batman and he is Robin, and I’m Odin and he is Thor. Jimmy has tried to solve a Rubix Cube for a while and he finally got it down and is teaching us how to do it. Fifth grade was the easiest year because we basically learned nothing except a little bit of Geography. In fifth grade the school started a thing known as the ugly chair. The story was Mrs. O tried getting rid of an old chair that had holes and it would somehow always reappear in the same spot, so the school had to decide who would get the ugly chair. It eventually would change classrooms every month.









In sixth grade, we learned what we should have learned in fifth grade. However we did have to go the extra mile and also learn sixth grade stuff. It was my least favorite year. That was only because of how much teaching there was, though. Reading was our hardest subject but it had great rewards. At the end of the year was the first English/Reading Festival for Saint Patrick School. In Seventh grade we were the first Seventh graders to actually have a full Library class and the Eighth was the first to have a full Library class as well. We had a lot of fun that year with the Eighth Graders. We went to D.C. together, and we saw a performance in Ford’s theater where Lincoln was shot. Then we went to the house where Lincoln died and saw a Lincoln museum. From there we went to the Mall with all the Monuments and we walked to find our next stop, a train that we didn’t even go on because of the long wait. However, we did go to Fuddruckers and there we ate really good food while I got everyone prizes from the claw machine.


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This year it’s Eighth grader time. I have had a lot of good memories this year, but there were a few bad ones. The good ones were like last year going to D.C., but this year we did all sorts of different stuff like we did a walking tour of the Mall and Memorials. We ate lunch on the Lincoln monument and found an error in one of his speeches written on the wall. We did Fuddruckers at the end of the day and I still was really good at the crane/claw game. Right now my bed is covered with stuffed animals.  The bad experiences involved three people, Londyn, Alex, and Evan. Londyn annoys me at recess by targeting me and making fun of everything I like. Alex annoys me by constantly opening my lockers whenever I am around. Evan annoys me because I wore a Halloween costume and he does the same thing as Alex but not when I am around. They are the bullies of the school so if you go there watch out for them, Londyn and Alex are in Seventh and Evan is in fifth.




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                                       Chapter 3                                                          

  Future Plans

My future plans are big. By big, I mean I have a whole list of them. Jobs, plans to travel, where I want to live, if I want to marry and have kids, I have a long list on what I want to do. Want I want to do for a job is to be a movie director, a chef, a musician, an actor, and a video game designer all at once. I want to be a chef because I like cooking and I love making food and discovering new ones by just trying to make a certain dish. I want to be a movie director because I have all these stories in my head that I want to share with the rest of the world. I want to be a musician because I am talented in singing and piano and I want to be the next Elton John. I want to be an actor because I love doing performances and then I can actually be in my movies like I have always dreamed of. The final one is a video game designer, because I want to turn my thoughts not into just movies, but games as well like Ratchet and Clank.








There are a few places that I want to travel to. They are France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and China. I want to go to France because I have heard so many good things about it and it has a few iconic places I want to see. I want to go to Germany to see what it is like there and I want to explore all the places there from World War II. I want to visit Ireland to see all the places, try tons of new foods, and learn about how it became Ireland and who the founder was. I want to go to Italy to try all their cheeses and explore and find new stuff like new goods and new food. I want to go to China to see all the different places there, to have a lot of Chinese food like Sushi and also I want to see their different culture firsthand, not just reading about it in a book. Their culture is very distinct than ours and I want to just explore the world and see how life differs in other places than America.




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I want to meet all of my favorite youtubers. A few of them are Ssundee, Crainer, Pink Sheep, DanTDM, and Bajan Canadian. I want to meet Ssundee because I watched all of his videos and I want to do YouTube like him. I want to meet Crainer because then maybe I could join in on his Minecraft series and meet the Bosbos. I want to meet Pink Sheep because of all of the Youtubers, he is my favorite (hashtag pink sheep for president.) I want to meet DanTDM because out of all the Youtubers, he is the only one that I watch that plays other games than Minecraft, and he also has live events. I want to meet BaJan Canadian because I want to join in his pack of PVPers and meet “the fluffy.” These are the best Youtubers I’ve ever seen because I like that Ssundee and Crainer have someone who makes maps for them that are fun to watch, and I like how Pink Sheep and BaJan Canadian always do hardcore PVP and parkour. I also like how Dan TDM never suspects anything when he plays a game, and he lets anyone sees his reactions as he gets scared.


I want to live my future life by working really hard, having a lot of new friends, trying new things, and seeing my dreams turn into reality in games and movies. I want to make friends who are as interested in movies and video games as I am. Maybe they can even be in my movies and video games. I want to have a house that is big enough to have all my friends over. I want to have a big kitchen because chefs need a lot of room to cook, and I love cooking for people. I want to have a big basement that doesn’t look like it’s finished so I can film scary scenes in it. I think it would be fun to try new stuff like parachuting from a plane, exploring the Andes, and traveling around the world like they do on the Amazing Race. I also want to be on the Amazing Race because I would get to travel, make friends, be on TV, and try new things all at the same time.


I want to really, really, badly want to be a YouTuber. That means I am on YouTube making videos. I want to basically be the combination of Ssundee, Crainer, DanTDM, Pink Sheep and Bajan Canadian. I want to be the next star of YouTube. I want to make new meme’s and be able to live knowing people love watching me play Video Games. It would be the Ultimate dream come true. I would feel special and then Christopher and I can do what we have always said we would do. We could grow to be famous and only because we wanted to make videos on Video Games. Maybe just maybe that is why they have called Video Games, Video Games. If that wasn’t part of the reason, then why didn’t they call them electronic games? YouTubing is one of our biggest dreams Chris and I have always dreamt we could be the YouTubers of the century.