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Why do we train?

In a word... FREEDOM!!! 

FREEDOM from fear. FREEDOM from limitations. FREEDOM from living less than our true potential.

The Dragon Institute is not just another martial arts school. And this is not just any type of martial art. This is about FREEDOM.

How much is this kind of life worth to you? 

Would it be worth feeling like an idiot in the short term? Would it be worth coming to class even when you don't feel like it? Would it be worth practicing at home when you don't feel like it? Would it be worth doing forms, drills and following a curriculum that's difficult, sometimes frustrating and even may feel pointless at time?

Is this you? And if you know it is. Stop questioning if this is right for you. Make the decision to invest in yourself. That's how FREEDOM is built. 

Stop making excuses and commit yourself to what you already know you want. You can make time or you can make excuses. But you can't make both. 

Why The Dragon Institute?

When you become a student of The Dragon Institute, you align yourself with the very best in the world. From our instructors, to our schools, to the other students, every part of what we do is very different from what you would experience at simply a martial arts school. 

We know what it feels to have no fear of someone attacking us. Believe it or not, most blackbelts don't know what that feels like. 

We also know that this is way more than martial arts. We know that this transcends into everything we do in life. 

Everyone of us believes to no end in what we are doing. We know it isn't about talent. Its about hard work. Its about commitment and its about not making excuses. We know that we refuse to live a life of self-imposed limitations. We do not fear commitment. 

Can you imagine how being around people like us frees you from your limitations? Can you see why there can be no other choice for you than The Dragon Institute?

Contact us at or call (949) 542-8470.

Wing Chun… No matter what you’ve heard about it, or what you have seen… you will not know what it truly is until you experience Dragon Family Wing Chun. When I found the Dragon 5-1/2 years ago, I felt that I had an “extensive self-defense background”, having trained in Boxing, Aikido, Krav Maga, and Tae Kwon Do. After taking one single introductory class, I felt as though someone had pulled a blindfold off of me. I went home and my daughter asked, “How was the class?” I just smiled and replied, “I’m going to do this for the rest of my life!” Sifu Adam Williss’ incredible patience and profound understanding of the art, allows him to reveal a level of Wing Chun few people ever experience. As a “self-defense” system, Dragon Family Wing Chun is extremely effective!! As a “life guidance” system, it has an undeniable and positive effect on all that you do. As a man, I am kinder,. gentler, and wiser… I am more focused and effective in all that I do (work, sports, etc). And while I do not “seek out fights”, I am fully confident in my ability to very effectively defend myself, and others in my company, against any attacker(s), regardless of size or number. Sifu Adam Williss and Dragon Family Wing Chun have changed my life! Your family deserves the safety that only the very best self-defense instruction can provide… I highly recommend that you come and see for yourself why you’ll find it here… at The Dragon Institute.

Ruben Cruz, Emergency Medical Technician


I have multiple black belts, and have trained with some of the biggest names in martial arts. I had some misconceptions about Wing Chun, because I trained daily one-on-one with a very well known Sifu in the past. I was blown away by the training at The Dragon Institute, this Kung Fu is on a whole different level… as in Hall Of Fame level! It is the most devastating that I’ve ever experienced, bar none. You owe it to yourself, no matter what your martial arts background, to come here and check it out!”

Mark Allen, Entreprenuer

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