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chattooga county 4-H shotgun team
Join Hero Factory in a
powerful sponsorship alliance
to empower
the Chattooga County Shotgun Team
to grow and foster national level
Your contribution. Your community. Your target market.
contact to contribute:
meet your county 4-H shotgun team
meet your county 4-H shotgun team
top shot award
7th place jr. team
district qualification
Despite their limitations and against all
odds this team has produced
fierce competitors.
Imagine what they can do…
with the tools they need!
the alliance:
what your business gets
We will put the full power of the Hero Factory marketing engine behind
any company that chooses to join us in supporting this team at a
$300 commitment or better.
digital media
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extra perks and savings
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5*+% *,% 2/3*% 40)-*359(%
Write it off -
Remember this is a
tax deductible
If your company owes taxes
each year give to the team
instead of uncle sam!
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contact: 678.446.2046
Raised Remaining Requirement
Equipment: The team currently has antiquated
clay throwers that are maintained as best as
possible, but frequently do not operate properly.
One element of 4H competition is shooting
“doubles”. The Chattooga team does not have
equipment capable throwing doubles putting
them at a significant disadvantage. Practice
ammunition is a significant expense that most
other teams subsidize, lightening the financial
burden on the family unit. Up to present the
families have been solely responsible for providing
ammunition to Chattooga County team members.
(This runs each family a minimum of $80 per
month if no additional independent practice
The two identified areas of support required to empower the team to be competitive for the
2017 competition are equipment and competition jerseys.
Competition Jerseys: The Chattooga Shotgun
team is not common knowledge around the
county. The lack of prominence and sizable
expense produces lower numbers of participants
than other counties, further hindering their
success. The team participants engage in other
sports, lifestyle events, and fundraisers around the
county. A team jersey will not only showcase
sponsor’s a few days per year in competition but
also on a regular basis within our community. The
overall awareness and presence of the 4-H
Shotgun team will increase with substantial
chattooga county 4-H shotgun team