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Ode to a Water Bear


How is it that you look soft yet I cannot feel you

How is it that you are everywhere and nowhere

How is it that you live in in hot humid hell and feel nothing

How is it that you crawl upon the particles of ice and swim in the ocean's depths

How is it that you remind me of a hazmat suit

How is it that you have eight legs and four claws to a foot

How is it that there are over 100 species of your kind

How is it that you surpass creatures like dinosaurs and humans.

They do not know how much strength is packed into your microscopic body

They do not know how you can wait years and years for water and just lay there patiently

They do not know that you are over 500 million years old

They do not know that you swap DNA with others of your kind

They do not know that you are the only animal to survive in space.

You are so small and yet so strong

You are mothers nature worst enemy; able to withstand anything

You are pink, gray, blue, dark yellow, dark red, brown, and more

You are incredible

You are forgettable

You are imperceptible  

You are overlooked.





Or Fly Agaric, Destroying Angel, The Omnipresent Laccari,

Aspen Bolete, Birch Bolete, Oyster Mushroom, Artist’s Conk,

False Tinder Conk, True Tinder Conk, Birch Polypore,

Multicolor Gill Polypore, Sponge Mushroom, Honey Mushroom,

Giant Puffball, Bear’s Head Tooth, Scaly Pholiota, Milk-White Toothed Polypore,

Violet Polypore, Smoky Polypore, Common Split Gill, Hen of the Woods,

Maze Bracket, Annual Shelf Fungus, Hoof Conk, Diamond Polypore


Blemishes on trees

Trampled in the grass

Propaganda pieces for the stoner kids


A suicide note written in spots of color


Reputation rewritten red.



Stare at the world from a distance

Hear the grey: (Don’t touch, stay back)

Stretch out your hands and tickle her hair.


Have it slapped away with slabs of concrete

Look at your hands, see the lines of leniency,


Walk towards the spectacle.

Admire the view and look away

Wind like tentacles pull you back

Shrug her grip and continue to look ahead.


The spectacle sits and waits for you

Ignore the voices of the skyscrapers

Let her envelop you in a tapestry of ecstasy

Like an unexpected breeze

Sending a quiet shiver down your back.



You, the giant of the your own imagination,

stomp and trample

with a smile like a titan.


Reach down with your tight manicured hands

to squeeze and squash

in a canvas of red.


You roar with malice making mammals

veil themselves in ecosystems

moist and lush.


Your tears mean nothing

they dribble down you form,

melting your flesh like butter.


Sink to the ground

your eyes distend in disbelief.


You have lost.


And the animals

will eat your flesh.



Swimming in Sea Levels


Feel the ashen waters grow still around you

gaze down unable to see form.


Your skin feels long and soft

it slips away revealing your red form.


Cry out in anguish as the water turns crimson

floating on back your tears make the water rise.


They overflow and swallow

the world like sap.


Venture out to find relatives

swim until land is mere memory.


Stretch out your hands to inch further.

spinning in circles, breath in panic.


Your body is tired and your breath labored,

Mother is tired too, she gave up a long time ago.


Feel the water shudder and wail

scream with her as you both are pulled down.




Banquet Hall

Chew the bone and marrow as you suck every last drop dry.

Cherry tomatoes squirt like blood from your lips

as you reach your greedy hands for more.


Rip the bread like flesh and lick the butter dish clean.

suckle your water, and drain the pitcher like oceans

clear as your ignorant conscious.


Your eyes trace the lines of the table following the path of plates,

when your eyes come full circle, you realize it’s empty.

Green lush lettuce and plump purple grapes have been devoured.


Panic and call your servants whose name you have forgotten,

your voice echoes down the empty halls,

and chants back at you like a Native song.


You open the doors to see a world of black and white,

colorless and dead.

No one hears your screams and your skin becomes ashen,

and you drift into twilight.