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Jasmine Constant

Characteristics Of Life Project 

Gizmo is the fictional organism that I have picked. Gizmo seven characteristics of life is: DNA, Organized, Grow & Develop, Reproduce, Adapt & respond to movement, Cells and Energy.


The Gizmo is passed on by sprankling water on it then it pops. Also when it eats grass overnight the women lay down eggs. That is how the dna is passed down.

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is the instructions that control the construction and maintance of an organism. It Contains the gentic information for inherited Traits. 

DNA Image

 Contains DNA

Ex: Gizmo Is an animal/human. There's a copy of the organism's genetic material. This DNA carries a complete blueprint of Gizmo. That is what transfer characteristics from one generation to another. Therefore Gizmo children will have some of his features.

  1. Temperature
  2. blood ph
  3. water balance

gizmo is organized from atoms to organism. He is multicellular. All his cells functons diffrently. He have a tissue,organ and organ system.


Living Things must be highly organized and efficent in order to survive " Homeostasis". 

Growth & Develop

Increase in size or mass. Development is a series of events causing changes in shape in form.

Gizmo starts off as a small version of the animal.when sunlight touch gizmo he increases in size.

The ability to produce copies of oneself. 

  • asexual: one paret " genetic same"
  • Sexual: genetic variety "two parent" 


Gizmo's have he choice to produce sexually or Asexually because the women can prodce  eggs without an male only if she easts grass or another animal. Can also produce when water is sprankle on it


Ex: when it rain the womn pops out 6 gizmos


A cell is the smallest part of an organsim that can be considered. Unicellular or Multicellular 

  • Metabolism
  • Heterophs 

In order for gizmon to b alive he have to be made up with cells. He have an animal cell which contains a nucleus and many other cells. 


Gizmon gets energy from things he eats such as: animals, plants, candy, pizza  and mushrooms. It uses energy by running, playing, and hunting prey.

Made of Cells 

Obtain & use energy

Gizmo moves on his feet.when rainy days come he moves on his feet and arms. His fur fade away so that he can hydrate his skin. 


 when winter comes his fu get thicken so that it will keep him warm. During summers his fur goes back to its normal coat to maintain his body temp.


 When it unexpectly snow he digs a hole undrground.

Adapt & Movement 

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