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Tree Huggers



A Sloth's story in poems

By Alicia Chang

Tree Huggers


A Sloth's Story in Poems 

This Book is dedicated to Ms. Jones, my writing teacher, who persistantly encouraged Scott to get us our two page spread.


This Book is also dedicated to Ms. Mancuso, AMS' librarian, for helping me make this book

Sloths have the reputation of being slow and lazy, and even the word sloth is one of the seven deadly sins of the christian bible. What you might not know is how amazing these animals are and how their incredible adaptations allowed them to survive as a species.


Sloths have extraordinary abilities and features, such have a grip so tight that even after death they can still be grasping on to their branch. Also, do you know how long a sloth’s tongue is? Similar to a giraffe, sloth use their 8-12 inch tongues to eat their meals. Sloths are really strange but remarkable animals. Read more to find out about these unusual creatures.



I’m super small,

I hold on tight,

I’m grasping on with all my might.

If I fall, I won’t die,

but my predators have very sharp eyes.

My Little Sloth

My little sloth lies on my stomach,

I’m upside down, like a hammock.

I help him when he eats and sleeps,

protecting him while predators creep.


My Humid Home

Very humid every day and rainy all the time,

this leafy green habitat is a home of mine.

There’s exotic plants and animals from orchids to anteaters,

and some of them out lurking are my predators.


Growing Up

Seven months with my mother,

I’ve never even met my father.

Finally I’m on my own,



all alone.



I’m not a morning person, I sleep 16 hours a day.

The last few hours I’m eating leaves then I’m back

 snoozing away.



I’m slow to save my energy,

while my stomach is digesting.

It takes three weeks to get leaves down with my slow intestines.


My Lengthy Tongue

My tongue can reach 11 inches to let me eat green leaves.

Like a Giraffe out goes my tongue,

picking up leaves with ease.


Swimmin' Sloths

I’m hanging down from a tree.

wait is that a lake I see?

Soon I’m dropping off my tree,

I am a sloth and yes I swim.


Camouflage Me, Algae

I can turn my head 270 degrees,

Yes, I see my fur is green.

This mop of hair is algae filled,

camouflage me or I’ll get killed.


To The Bathroom!

I only “go” once a week,

I climb down to take a leak.

This is always a dangerous task,

my only defence is to bite and slash.



 My hair grows down to up ‘cause I’m always upside down.

The rain will splatter on my fur that’s



and brown.

Drops of water flow right down to the forest floor,

this adaptation helps me lots when it starts to pour.


Strange Mammal

I’m an interesting mammal,

With a very low temperature.

I get warmth from my habitat,

It’s very irregular.

In the cold weather (which never will come),

I wouldn’t survive, I’d be freezing and numb.


Crawl vs. Climb

My land crawl is clumsy,

I drag all my weight,

 while I am moping you hear my claws scrape.

Though I’m a poor walker moving six feet a minute,

my tree-climbing speed is 10 feet per minute.


Fingers and Toes

I’m called “two toed” but I really have three.

I have 2 fingers, can’t you see?

My claws are sharp, sharp as a dagger,

You wouldn’t want me to be your attacker.



I’m not that lazy,

I’m just not CrAzY. The other animals are swift quick and hasty.

Here I am, high in a tree,

I am the master of invisibility.


Where Are you, Dear?

I’m ready to mate when I’m 5,

I listen for her call.

She will emit a screeching sound and that direction is where I’ll crawl.

A baby sloth will soon be born within seven months,

this mating process is done many more times than once.


Who Am I?     

I’m King of the raptors with my feathery crown,

sloths in my territory better watch out.

My 7 foot wingspan helps me glide in the breeze,

I peer in the forest to spot prey with ease.




I Am The Mighty Harpy Eagle

Who Am I?

My sharp eyes are used to spot prey,

I’m sleek and  sneaky I roam night and day.

I climb trees, searching for dinner,

and surprisingly I’m an agile swimmer.




I am a Jaguar

1. Land Snail: 1.3 centimeters/ second


2.Seahorse:  2.5 centimeters/ second


3. Sloth: 33 centimeters/ second


4. Starfish: 47 centimeters/ second


5.Slow Loris: 55 centimeters/ second


6.Manatee: 120 centimeters/ second


7 .Koalas: 440 centimeters/second


 8.Slugs: 500 centimeters/ second


9.Giant Tortoise: 500 centimeters/ second


10.Gila Monster: 667 centimeters/ second

Top Ten Slowest animals

long, lankey arms help the sloth climb through the trees and tread water

All sloths have a 8-10 inch tongue to assist the sloth in eating leaves

Algae grows on a sloth's fur over time, helping it with camouflage

Sloth Anatomy

Claws help the sloth hang on. These claws cling so tightly that sloths can continue holding on after death

 Sloth fur grows downward to allow rain to flow down.