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Changing Matter
Lesson Objective
Students will investigate the concept of the changing states of water.
Background Information for Teacher
Student Prior Knowledge
white art paper
ice cube trays
food coloring
Step-by-Step Guided Lesson
Step 1: Start Video
(Tips: Interact with the video by pausing, to ask questions or discuss information viewed with student.)
Step 2: Teach Lesson
After watching the video, ask the student what do they think happens when water gets really cold?
Let’s find out what happens when water freezes then melts.
In a glass pitcher, mix water and one color of food coloring. Discuss the properties of liquids. Is the water a liquid, solid, or gas?
Pour liquid into ice cube trays. Place trays in the freezer. Repeat steps 1-4 with a different color of food coloring.
Once the liquid has frozen, remove trays from freezer. Have the student place one ice cube of each color on white art paper.
Place paper and cubes in a sunny location or use a blow dryer. Wait for liquid to evaporate and dry.
Observe and discuss the pattern that remains on the paper.
Step 3: Complete the worksheet attached below.
Worksheet for extra practice
Step 4: Review. Start the next lesson with the game or activity attached below for review so the student can demonstrate
understanding of this lesson before moving forward.
The Dissolve Test (offline)