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Mission:1                                                                                                          Target:001





The beauty of the nature is seen each day .

When the sun rises the day starts

It seems a happy day

It rains where I find happiness and joyfulness


The dew drops in the leaf; Flowers blooming

Gives us a beautiful sigh  

The shining colors of red, orange, yellow  



Making a beautiful sight .

Brings joy for the beggers on the road side

Under the laburnam tree with a pretty sigh.

Of the golden leaves


Which I see and forget all my work

Then I and shane go to school

My pappa and my mum goes to work

After I come from school



I see many dew drops in my garden

Many roses, dalia , jasmine

Which makes me happy all the day!

                                                  - Gitlin Olivia



The Midnight's Meadow


The meadow is bright ,

 Under the starry light .


The wind in such a bustle ,

It makes the leaves all rustle .


The warmth in the ground ,

Spreads through me as I bound .


The flowers’ fragrance in the air ,

Gently settles upon my hair .


The sense of peace ,

Makes my heart pleased .

                                                      - Nandikka


 Recipe of Success


Can you keep your confidence

and still play with pride

throughout your hardships &

dark days of countless trials.


Will you have a surge of hope,

faith and trust amidst

the black fog of jealousy,

hatred & revenge swirling around.


Would you believe  your instincts

rather than guessed words of strange voices

and  prioritize positive thoughts

above every other negatives


Do you believe in yourself

and take the risk of writing a page

of your unwritten story which can never be reversed

And atlast taste the wonderful recipe of success





 Music is everything


Crammed in front of an empty board,

We scribble our wishes freely (oh no),

Even though the last bell

                           is echoing down

                                             till the sun sets,


I can’t stop making music,


                 Let the music inside me

                                      sing louder and louder (ooooo),


With my hopes in my heart,

When my music sets free,

                  A piece of my heart,

                                     Becomes a star,


I don’t need sorrowful memories,

Cuz I’m strongly, deeply in love with the present (aaa),

Being flooded with sorrowful memories is a bitter,

                     Adult-like luxury,

                     And yet, I’ve gotta refrain,

                                        from it a while longer…...


                                                                                   - Sahana






There will come a time in our India;

Where water will be demanded,

Where love and care will be denied,


Where dark nights will be prolonged forever until                                     someone opens their mouth,

Where females will be ashamed and                                                               afraid of their own gender,

Where there will be many human sacrifices,

Where these mountains and                                                                                hills will be  owned by different people,


Where our India will be rusted                                                                          not because of rain but with tears,

Where it will be hard to find a laughter,

Where we will be crossing our self respect,

Where our hearts will only pump,


Where India will be divided into many places,                                          where only specific caste will live,

Where knife won’t hurt,

Where even our mothers can’t conceal us,

Where everybody will close                                                                            their noses and live uncomfortably,


Where it is hard to find a fresh breeze,

Where we’ll have to teach our children what is love,

Where there will be a dustbin                                                                      in which we will throw our girl buds,

Where blood has no colour,


Where murder will seem to be kind and often,

Where everybody will fade,

Where we can’t believe anyone,

Where everybody will be money-dogs                                                         who begs for money,


Where it is hard to open the curtains to feel the bright,

Where everybody blames on another ,

Where everybody curses on god,

And this will be our India later,

                           If we don’t care




know the power of love and education..


                                                                               - Sayana