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TCD Change & Joy Certification Program

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2 weekly 2-hour Live Sessions90-page Change Professional's Guide22-piece Change Professional's ToolkitA private online platform to access instructionalvideos, share insights and get answersDESCRIPTIONParticipants experience navigating a real changesituation using the tools and techniques of a ChangeProfessional. The course covers foundations andadvanced Change Management topics to deliver whatleaders and organizations expect today. SCHEDULEChange & JoyCertificationProgramChange Management Training and Certificationfor Change Professionals - a full program and fulltoolset based on joy research. 1Week 1: Jump StartSizing up the change problem, solving communicationchallenges unique to change and building stakeholderparticipation that's right for the change situation.2Week 2: Evaluate & BuildIdentifying change barriers and leverage points, creatingeffective strategies to make change easier and steppinginto the coaching role to guide others to lead change.3Week 3: Grow ConfidenceAnticipating and managing reactions, establishing apractical measurement approach to gain insights andbecoming a trusted advisor.4Week 4: Monitor & AdaptEvaluating feedback and change metrics, recognizingprogress and risks and making adaptive moves to reachthe change goal.5Week 5: Navigate Finally, navigating "what-if" scenarios: What if theproject already started and I just got here? What if akey leader doesn't want to get involved or is too busy?What if people don't think the change work I'm doing isnecessary for the initiative to succeed?

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Roxanne Brown is a well-knownchange expert with more than 20years of experience in technology,policy and culture change, andrelated disciplines. She’s also theformer Board President of theAssociation of Change ManagementProfessionals (ACMP). Roxanne'sthinking has inspired companies tolook at business change as a leverfor strengthening culture.Ed Cook is an experienced leader ofteams, large organizations and bigcomplex programs. He’s a formerNavy pilot and a Professor at theUniversity of Richmond, teachinggraduate and undergraduate levelAnalytics in the Robins School ofBusiness.+1804-506-0403joy@thechangedecision.com2920 West Broad St, Suite 107Richmond, VA 23230Your InstructorsQUESTIONSHow much time do I need to dedicate?This course requires about 5 hours per week to participate in Live Sessions and engage in therecorded content. There's also open Q&A time available for you get the most out of it!What happens if I miss a Live Session?Each Live Session is recorded and posted on the learning platform so you can catch up on what'scovered. Your instructors are also available to meet with you to answer questions.Does this training qualify me to achieve a Certified Change Management Professional designation?Yes! This course is vetted by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) and isapproved training required for your CCMP designation.An excellent program -- I've learnedso much! It filled in a lot of gaps forme and it's great to now have atoolset and process that's ready togo.- Kristen, Program Lead, Fortune500 bank firmI'm already using the concepts withmy clients and it's making a hugedifference in the questions they'reasking me. I can see this approach isgoing to get concrete results I canpoint them to.- Meghan, Senior Consultant,financial management consultingfirmThis course actually helped me landmy current role. I will always begrateful for that. Thank you!!- Rebecca, CommunicationsDirector, aerospace

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