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Chance Changing Lives Annual Review 2020/ 2021

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ANNUAL REVIEW 2020 21 Supporting the homeless and vulnerable in Crewe and Nantwich Registered Charity 1177984

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WELCOME MEET THE TRUSTEES Chance Trustees are a group of forward thinking people working towards shared goals We have a real passion to promote food and financial equality and drive down poverty in our community 2020 21 has been the most challenging year for Chance We adjusted to Covid 19 regulations to keep our service users and volunteers safe and re imagined services to meet changing needs and increased demand The Board moved to an emergency footing meeting frequently redesigning services and writing Covid 19 secure policies Our Community Pantry closed its doors briefly and we delivered 8 580 bags of shopping to our members enabling them to isolate in the early months of the pandemic Our Saturday Night Kitchen reopened as a takeaway service after a short break allowing us to make it a Covid 19 secure environment Our kitchen continues to share over 50 two course hot meals each week with guests who are homeless or vulnerable Fundraising became a lifeline Our funders stepped up to give local people in poverty a fighting chance Thanks to our responsive donors our income rose enabling us to sustain and grow our services Chance s agility became our strength as we modified our services increasing membership at the Community Pantry with 109 households joining We were sad to say goodbye to two of our founding Trustees Jacqui and Geoff Barker in January 2021 We are grateful for their selfless dedication compassion and exceptional hard work Trustees roles and responsibilities were re configured and additional Trustees appointed to share essential responsibilities Moving forward we have more skills on the Board in IT and data management premises risk management local connections and policy building Our amazing volunteers continue to be the mainstay of our charity We are indebted to them for their dedication and perseverance in the worst of times We look forward to opening our services as before but taking forward the lessons learned in this turbulent year making us more responsive to the needs of our Chance Community L e f t t o R i g h t M i c k R o b e r t s L o u Va s e y J a c q u i B a r k e r S a n d r a L i n k J u l i e K a y G e o f f B a r k e r Mich le Parks CHAIR WE SURVEYED OUR MEMBERS AFTER THE FIRST LOCKDOWN AND AS A RESULT IMPLEMENTED A COUNSELLING SERVICE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES BEING THEIR GREATEST NEED OUR SERVICE OVERALL RATED 4 9 OUT OF 5 WITH OUR SERVICE USERS C h a n c e Tr u s t e e s a r e p r o u d t o b e a c t i v e i n t h e w o r k o f t h e c h a r i t y

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CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES THREE CORE STRANDS To provide practical support to the homeless community in Crewe and Nantwich This includes the provision of hot food clean clothing toiletries tents podiatry haircuts and sleeping bags Additionally emergency food parcels to be provided to vulnerable families in need To relieve poverty through our social supermarket which provides sustainable and affordable sources of food and household essentials to members of the local community who are struggling to make ends meet through debt low income or illness The model is different to a food bank as members pay a small sum per week currently 3 and choose items to the value of approximately 15 To provide advocacy and representation to vulnerable members of the community in helping them to access settled accommodation and VISION MISSION AND VALUES Our Vision is that everyone has a safe place to call home with food to eat and an opportunity for their voice to be heard Our Mission is to reduce homelessness social exclusion promote dignity and enable people to grow and realise their potential Our Values are We value and treat everyone with respect and dignity We appreciate and listen to our service users volunteers and trustees We have integrity and act in an ethical fair and open manner in all that we do We aim to stand alongside our service users volunteers and local community We aim to empower our service users or other public services which will improve their health social education and financial position Saturday Kitchen guest

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STRATEGIC GOALS 2021 2024 OBJECTIVES From our goals a clear set of objectives have been set for each successive To enable people to access health life skills education and housing To work collaboratively with local organisations to meet shared goals To ensure that volunteers and trustees are trained ethical and accountable To minimise our environmental impact by reducing reusing and keeping waste to a minimum To ensure our finances are managed efficiently accountably and with transparency To raise funds to develop our work and provide future stability To obtain suitable premises to expand provision to meet greater and varied needs WE REALLY APPRECIATE ALL THE HELP CHANCE GIVES US WITHOUT YOU WE WOULD BE REALLY STUCK AND STILL STRUGGLING year Table 1 shows achievements towards the objectives in 2019 2020 and 2020 2021which represents years one and two of the plan The strategic goals agreed for 2021 22 demonstrate our desire to increase Chance s impact on local poverty whilst maintaining a pragmatic approach 2019 2020 2020 2021 Increase the number of volunteers and trustees and implement a training programme Increased to 30 volunteers and up to 7 Trustees Allocate specific role responsibilities to trustees and co opt a volunteer onto the board Reviewed organisational structure of charity Assess operational accommodation needs and negotiate change Created operational accommodation contingency plan Introduce regular service user satisfaction surveys to shape activities Implemented the findings from service user survey results Raise funds to cover expenditure Raised funds to cover expenditure and implement prudent reserves policy Increase membership of social supermarket Considered the flexibility of additional opening hours Reach out to organisations to learn and collaborate ensuring service user needs met Cemented professional relationships and facilitated greater use of connections Develop a policy outlining best practice in reducing waste Developed a policy outlining best practice in reducing carbon footprint Bid successfully for biodegradable materials and improved energy efficiency measures Increase food supply to better meet demand Reviewed food supply to ensure demand could be met Chance Community Pantry member 2020 survey St Martha Restaurant Nantwich donate Ta b l e 1 2 0 2 0 2 1 S t r a t e g i c O b j e c t i v e s a n d P e r f o r m a n c e

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181 BAGS OF TOILETRIES 55 BUNDLES OF CLOTHING 21 TENTS AND SLEEPING BAGS 79 COVID 19 VACCINES OPERATIONAL ACTIVITIES SATURDAY KITCHEN Chance continues to provide practical support to the homeless and vulnerable community in Cheshire East at our Saturday Kitchen where a nutritious two course meal is shared a takeaway bag of food for Sunday is given as there is no food provision alongside other valuable activities and services This was our third year of operation and our second in the spacious venue rented from The Wishingwell Project it proved the most challenging yet After a brief break when our Covid 19 protocols were initialised we returned to a takeaway service We were concerned that our guests would miss the opportunity to sit inside with their friends in a safe and warm environment However by the end of the year our numbers were up to expected levels and the takeaway programme enabled families to attend without feeling out of place Due to reduced volunteer numbers working in fixed bubbles with shorter opening hours we had to curtail our pickup of food from Greggs Bakery and sought home bakers who provided luscious puddings each week We received generous donations from The Williams Family Foundation Soroptomist International Nantwich District Cheshire East Council the Robert Clutterbuck Charitable Trust Crewe Town Council The Guinness Partnership and Neighbourly enabling us to buy fresh produce and to share a traditional Christmas meal and gifts on Boxing Day The Co op have continued to stand alongside our guests by sharing food donations and support for our kitchen programme Covid 19 curtailed face to face services like haircuts and podiatry but we brought in new services of sexual health advice from Body Positive food parcel deliveries to our regular diners and closer links with local refugee services We gave sleeping bags bivvy bags emergency foil blankets tents warm clothes period products warm socks and toiletries Importantly our volunteers were willing to mask up step outside listen to troubles and offer support HOW YOU JUST SPOKE TO HER THEN LIKE SHE WAS A FRIEND THAT S DEAD NICE THAT IS New guest at the Saturday Kitchen 2021

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ONE OF THE THINGS I HAVE BEEN IMPRESSED BY IS THE WAY CHANCE CHANGING LIVES TREAT THE PEOPLE WHO ATTEND WITH ABSOLUTE DIGNITY CARE AND RESPECT REGARDLESS OF A PERSON S SITUATION OUR GUESTS D r D a v i d R o b e r t s G P H u n g e r f o r d M e d i c a l C e n t r e The Saturday Kitchen serves a range of guests with complex needs There John a gentleman in his early 50s came for a meal every week and has people attending each Saturday Our guests were struggling with homelessness and depression Over the last year he began to mention weight loss and tiredness remained a core membership of regulars and new transient guests with up to 50 subsequently joined our Community Pantry He struggled with poverty addiction sofa surfing insecure tenancies mental health issues and addiction Our guests In lockdown we delivered food for him and his best pal his Staffie Over the are lonely struggle with day to day living and are often victims of trauma and abuse Chance s kitchen provides a warm welcome support and hope In March 2020 due to Covid 19 we paused the Saturday Kitchen for the safety of our volunteers and guests This temporary closure explains the drop in attendance figures in comparison to previous years We reopened in October 2020 There was a welcome reduction in demand for tents due to the everyone in accommodation initiative which was positive as people sleeping on the streets were mostly sheltered However we were aware that many of those not officially counted as rough sleepers were living in derelict garages and sheds keeping their sleeping bags relatively dry sofa surfing and experiencing unacceptable hardships Additionally some of our guests were unable to cope with living indoors and were soon back on the streets We were able to give hot food sleeping bags foil blankets and bivvy bags winter John struggled to afford his electricity and gas bills often being left in the freezing cold suffering COPD and finally being diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancers We visited weekly and were often the only people he saw in a week he wanted time to talk about his worries and plans Chance paid John s fuel bills we gave him smaller clothing as his weight declined and as his illness took hold We called him in hospital and dropped food and clothes When we last spoke he was pleased to be going into a nursing home but he didn t make it He sadly passed away We were privileged to attend his funeral and to have known him He will be greatly missed Andy and Naomi got engaged at our kitchen and were regular guests They were on the edge of eviction due to money worries drug and alcohol use and gambling We addressed behavioural issues in the kitchen and advised Chance encouraged We have chosen to share a couple of stories which show the diverse needs and life experience of those we welcome to our Saturday Kitchen We encourage progression from our kitchen group to our Community Pantry for people we support to make the move to more stable lives them to join the Community Pantry to stabilise their finances With our support they undertook a residential parenting course and have now secured a family home for themselves and their children It s not going to be easy but they are now both in work and providing a loving home for their children We are proud of what they have achieved as a family JANUARY 2021 WAS THE COLDEST IN 10 YEARS CHANCE S WORK UNDOUBTEDLY SAVED LIVES NHS volunteers give Covid 19 vaccines at Chance Saturday Kitchen 2021

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I WAS TREATED WITH NOTHING BUT RESPECT Mary is in her 60 s has depression anxiety and complex health needs Mary received our counselling in addition to weekly food shopping and debt advice support She has since been referred by Chance to the Green Doctor and received fuel vouchers energy saving advice and feels she may now be able to afford to get her boiler serviced at last Mary wrote to us to say I m overwhelmed by your kindness and in floods of tears You have brought some light into a time that is very dark for me I don t like Christmas as it brings the anniversary of my husband s death and the New Year the anniversary of losing my son I can t thank you enough for the help and support you give to me Dec 20 hamper delivery Mary s life has not been easy she told us I tried to take my own life The DWP sent me to Chance Changing Lives but I said I would manage Luckily they made the appointment for me I wondered why I had waited so long ever since you have been a constant support I am now very isolated coming to your Community Pantry is often my only contact with people all week Your counselling service is a lifeline for me as I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into the black hole of depression and your counsellor has kept me from falling too far The Jones Both parents are employed dad is a part time NHS nurse who due to mental health issues has been forced to reduce his hours and mum is a part timer cleaner This is a hard working family both parents are in jobs and are struggling financially The family live in a rented home and struggle to pay bills including fuel and food As a result of a grant from Cheshire Community Foundation Chance has been able to support with nutritious food providing at least 10 meals per week Mum shops wisely at our Community Pantry and chooses items that she can turn into meals full of fresh vegetables She takes away our free items like bread which she freezes for her partner for sandwiches at work We successfully referred them to the Green Doctor for fuel vouchers and to Cheshire East Council for COVID 19 relief monies Chance helped mum to buy a bike to get to work safely in lockdown When their daughter went to college this year we shared stationery materials and folders so she could start a full time course of study We found good second hand suitable clothing for a teenager We offered counselling services to dad delivered by Motherwell and funded by The Steve Morgan Foundation THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TODAY S DELIVERY AND FOR WORKING ON THE BANK HOLIDAY WHAT A BIG HELP IT IS AND THE KIDS LOVE THEIR EASTER EGGS Community Pantry Member and mum of 3 COMMUNITY PANTRY CHANCE opened our Community Pantry at 11 13 Coronation Crescent Crewe in October 2018 2020 21 is our second full year of operation Families and individuals can self refer or are referred by agencies including Citizens Advice Cheshire East Family Centres Health Visitors foodbanks GPs schools and probation services Membership is for people struggling to balance finances finding it difficult to pay their bills in debt and deep poverty In addition to choosing tasty food and essential household items members receive debt and benefit advice health checks holistic support and referrals to our counselling service provided by Motherwell and funded by the Steve Morgan Foundation During school holidays we share additional food winter fuel vouchers were obtained and Christmas hampers toys and vouchers provided MEMBERSHIP Members register initially for 13 weeks to repay some of their debts by choosing fresh food at vastly reduced costs Chance enables members to shop with dignity whilst accessing services to assist their financial recovery If members engage with our service and still require help a further 13 week programme is agreed followed by another reassessment If members no longer need our service or have decided not to attend membership ends enabling new members to join There are currently 140 households registered with our Community Pantry Of these 140 households 29 are headed by a single mum Those 29 households have 51 children in total Our families shop once each week Some families have been with Chance for over 2 years but we are keen to promote independence and work hard to increase the coping capacity of the whole family A family can be referred to us in several ways but they will have one thing in common and that is that there are struggling financially Debts to be associated with complex needs related to long term illness long term unemployment mental health issues emotional struggles and the motivation to continue with life without falling into despair

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SUPPORT AND FUNDING VOLUNTEERS The success of Chance is inextricably linked to our recruitment of talented loyal and committed volunteers Their enthusiasm determination and diverse skills are critical to the ongoing success and growth of our charity We continue to value our volunteers and wherever possible will invest time effort and resources in their development to enable them to feel confident in their roles and to continue to contribute to the success of the charity This year we were able to give Covid 19 safety training NCASS and Safeguarding training online and in person All our volunteers are DBS checked We could never afford to pay them what they are worth and our thanks goes out to them for the gift of their time INCOME HIGHLIGHTS The support of our funders and donors was essential to the continuation of our service provision throughout Covid 19 We shifted away from events apart from the Weaver Wander when outdoor restrictions briefly eased and focussed further on Charitable Trusts and Foundations to support our work With our robust accounts we were able to apply for funding to cover the loss of income from events and the temporary cessation of the 3 weekly fee for members when delivering food in the first lockdown Our heartfelt thanks to the following Charitable Trusts who gave us financial security and funded our expanding service in a year of turbulent change ADDITIONAL FUNDING PRACTICAL SUPPORT Essential funding and practical support was generously provided by local businesses churches schools and trade union branches Our thanks to all those who saw the plight of local people and responded with urgency Thanks to those listed below for their continued support Amcol Minerals Pebble Brook Primary School Belton Farm British Cheesemakers Rapid Relief Team UK RRT Bakkavor Crewe Bentley Motors Body Positive Cheshire and North Wales CVSCE Centurion Packaging Co op staff Crewe and Nantwich Osteopaths Davies Osteopaths Period Power Reaseheath College Student Association Rotary Club of Crewe Rotary Club of Crewe and Nantwich Weaver Ruskin High School Sandbach Striders Soroptomists International Crewe and Nantwich District Elworth Methodist Church St Martha Restaurant Flowers on the Cobbles The Church of Jesus Christ the Latter Fayrefield Foods Friends of Wrenbury School SYNETIQ Day Saints GoodGym Crewe The Nantwich Clinic Healthshield Friendly Society Ltd Vegetarian Society Guinness Partnership Jason Bulley DOP Leighton Academy Mablins Lane Primary School Monks Coppenhall Academy Morning Foods Motherwell CIC Paul Larcombe The Pantree Wishingwell Project This is the Cat Radio Unite the Union Bentley Motors NW 02669 Unite the Union Crewe 2 Branch NW 0270 Westside Taxis Ltd Whitby Morrison Alpkit Foundation Legal General Cheshire Community Foundation Cheshire East Council Robert Clutterbuck Trust Co op Community Fund Crewe Town Council Greggs Foundation Guinness Partnership The George Heath Foundation Martin Lewis Foundation Neighbourly Police and Crime Commissioner SYNETIQ loaned us a van whilst we raised funds for a van of our own

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SUPPORT AND FUNDING EVENTS APPEALS Chance has also undertaken fundraising events which have included a garden afternoon tea where lockdown allowed and a presence at the Weaver Wander vintage car rally We are indebted to our volunteers and businesses and individuals who bought tickets donated prizes gave their time and attended our events CHANCE CHANGING LIVES BALANCE SHEET AS AT 31 MARCH 2020 2020 Notes 2019 We used a number of donation portals continued to use Eventbrite for ticketed events DONR enabled us to collect donations via text and Facebook GoFundMe and PayPal giving enabled online donations Facebook fundraisers were launched Our professional photographs were donated by Jason Bulley DOP Our presence on Facebook grew our maximum reach was 15 545 We look forward to broadening our digital fundraising base in the coming year and consolidating our community fundraising to support our projects Fixed assets Tangible assets Current assets Debtors Cash at bank and in hand Our Community Fundraisers delivered in 2020 1 24h bike ride Nicholas Cotton triathlon in the garden Cheryl Hutchins 46 mile walk Darcey Walklate Will Smith of Haslington continued to raise remarkable funds and collected food Net current assets 39 611 22 269 Total assets less current liabilities 47 042 26 556 FOOD DONATIONS Income funds Restricted funds Unrestricted funds designated Unrestricted funds general 1 560 30 000 15 482 26 556 47 042 26 556 The stock for our Community Pantry was donated from a wide range of sources including supermarkets churches schools other charities and from individual donations Shops and local businesses have collection points in their premises for Chance including Co ops Flowers on the Cobbles Sandbach Morrisons One Stop Haslington and The Pantree We remain grateful to our regular donors of too good to waste food including Marks Spencer in Crewe and Nantwich and Co op stores in Sandbach and Elworth This regular supply of food enabled us to provide fresh bread frozen food fresh fruit and vegetables to all our members and prevented 3000 sacks of good food rotting in landfill Creditors amounts falling due within one year 12 7 431 13 14 1 560 40 211 170 22 968 41 771 23 138 2 160 15 The financial statements were approved by the Trustees on 29 July 2020 Mrs J Barker Trustee INDIVIDUALS DONATING We have an active following of individual donors who donate generously via PayPal Facebook or directly into our bank account We remain incredibly grateful for all of their support A sincere thank you to everyone it is your support that enables our work to continue All contributions go directly to fund our work at the time of writing we have no paid staff and we all volunteer our time freely Thank you from all of our members and guests volunteers and trustees C h e r y l H u t c h i n s Tr i a t h l e t e f o r C h a n c e 2 0 2 0 Image Jason Bulley 12 4 287 869

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