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Symone Chambers

Miss Armstrong


English II, 3rd Period


Travelling to Kenya can be an exciting experience to learn one of the major  languages spoken there, which is Swahili. People  who live outside of the urban areas in Kenya do not speak much English so if anyone plans on living or working in those areas, it will be essential to know some Swahili. Swahili is commonly recognized as the most popular language spoken not only in Kenya but in other areas including Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda and Zaire. Knowing Swahili will help anyone who travels to these countries in Africa,especially if they plan on conducting business there. Another language spoken in Kenya is Kikuyu. it is mostly used in business settings since most business people communicate in this manner.The Sheng language is a slang that most people in Nairobi speak. Most of the teenagers use.this as a way of life.The Sheng slang came from a  mixture of Swahili and English and also other indigenous languages. Dholuo is the language of the Lou people who are the third most populous ethnic group in Kenya. 


There are many traditions in Kenya.Both men and women worked but men were paid more than women did. Sometimes the men leave the homes to find jobs in other areas, and this leaves the women with more responsibilities at home. Women are treated as second-class citizens in Kenya. Despite the unequal amount of work that women do, men usually control the money and property in a family.When a man chooses the woman he intends on marry, he negotiates a bride price of money or cattle with the woman's father. The price is generally higher for a first wife than for other wives afterwards. The wedding ceremony and feast are celebrated in the husband's home. In the traditional living arrangement, a man builds a separate hut for each of his wives, where she will live with her children, and a hut for himself. In a family with one wife, the parents often live together with girls and younger boys, while the older boys have smaller houses close by . According to the tradition, inheritance passes from father to son. This is still the case today, and there are legal as well as cultural obstacles to women inheriting property. These large family groups often live together in small settlements.

Kenya is a place you won’t forget they food are great .There are now thousands of large farms, ranches, and plantations. majority of the farms are smaller than five acres .Tea and fresh flowers are the key foreign-exchange earners Kenya supplies the majority of the world market demand for the flowers smell great. Fluctuates depending upon the level of interest in the United States. Fish and marine products represent a small but growing portion of Kenya’s economy and are locally important,The tea there has a fast growing population that constantly demands more fuel and settlement areas As fuel, wood is used primarily for domestic the importance of agriculture to the economic well-being of the country,there is lack of water. In my country of Kenya you won’t forget they food is very out standing.There are now thousands of large feeding zones,ranches, and more plantations.


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