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 Cerium Hero's Journey

Cerium lived in a small village, he was the only one of his kind. He felt lonely because he had no friends. One day the king called Cerium, he had a mission for Cerium. Cerium accepted the mission. The king explained the task to Cerium.  The mission was to take a package to the neighboring village.


He packed his stuff, and went to his only friend, Lanthanum, and asked him if he would like to join him on the mission. Lanthanum decided to go with him. The both friends started heading to the village.


When both of them were on their way, they encountered bandits. The bandits had surrounded both of them. It was very difficult for them to escape. Lanthanum was scared and did not know what to do. In the other hand, Cerium kept calm and thought of ideas to overcome the problem. Cerium thought of distracting the bandits, and let his friend take the package to the village.


Cerium told Lanthanum his plan. When both the friends agreed on it, Cerium ran with a decoy package to distract the enemies. When the bandits saw Cerium, they started chasing after him.


After they went chasing for Cerium, Lanthanum ran as fast as he could to the village to deliver the package. But another problem arose. There was an area that was covered in toxic gases and very dangerous bridge.


Lanthanum did not know what to do. He waited for Cerium.

When he arrived, Cerium he told Lanthanum that he would go through there obstacle, because of his special suit, it made him immune.



The friend went back to his village because he thought he would be a burden. Cerium went to deliver the package. He carefully walked through the bridge. Right when Cerium was about to finish crossing the bridge, he slipped. Cerium thought fast and grabbed the edge of the bridge and held on. Then the package started slipping from his arms. Before he could react, the package was falling down.

Cerium decided to go grab the package back. It was going to be a very dangerous path. Finally he reached the bottom of the valley and saw a small camp. It was the bandit’s camp. He saw the package in the camp. Cerium tried to get it without confronting them. He saw a rock and threw it at the opposite side where the camp was at, to distract the bandits. The bandits went to where they heard the sound, they thought it was intruder. When Cerium saw the opportunity, he grabbed the package and ran. Then he went back to the road and head to the village.


After a long walk Cerium had finally arrived. He went to the king and delivered the package. As a reward the king gave him an invisible suit. Cerium thanked him and left.


When he was walking out of village he saw the bandits again. They were still looking for Cerium. Then he thought of the new suit he had received. Cerium swapped suits. Know he would not be noticed by bandits if he got near them. He started cautiously walking towards the road, and hopping that the bandits would not hear his footsteps. He had safely walked on the road, and was on his way back to his village.


When he got there everyone was waiting for him. The king had told the villagers how difficult Cerium’s journey was. And the villagers appreciated the good deed that Cerium had done. Everyone went up to him and congratulated him. Know he did not feel lonely.