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It's about cells

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Cecil the Explorer 

By: Gaven

Cecil was working on an expirament when all of a sudden he was shrunk into a macroscopic size. 

Cecil decides to investigate a real cell. First he must travel through the cell membrane.

The Cell Membrane

The membrane is the outermost layer of the cell. It protects the cell from bad outside stuff. The cell membrane is made mostly up of proteins and phospholipids. 

The Membrane


Once Cecil got past the cell membrane he ran into the mitochondria.

Cecil saw that the mitochondria worked as the powerhouse for the cell. Producing ATP which is a form of energy for the cell.  

Cecil then walked into the nucleus.

He saw that the nucleus was the brains of the cell. It holds DNA, it manages all the energy in the cell, and is responsible for making more cells. The nuclues contains chromosomes. He saw the center of the nucleus the nucleolus.

After leaving the nucleus Cecil sees the lysome at work.

The lysosome digests worn out organellles, food particles, or bad bacteria in the cell.

Cecil notices lots of ribosomes floating around.

Ribosomes are used to create proteins and amino acids essential to cell productivity.

Cecil arrives at the Golgi apparatus.

The Golgi apparatus takes macromolecules such as protein or lipids and packs them into a vesticle.

As Cecil continues in his journey he sees the endoplasmic reticulum.

The endoplasmic reticulum is a interconnected system of flattened sacs that are connected to the nucleus. There are two types of ERs rough and smooth. The rough ER has ribosomes attached to it the smooth does not.

Finally Cecil saw the vacuole.


Vacuoles are basically storage areas for the cell, holding food and other things.

Cecil decides to leave the cell find his invention and change back to normal. What an adventure.