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RM 13            2016-2017


An Interesting Spider


By Sylvie Pearce


On a very nice and sunny spring day I [Sylvie Pearce] decided to explore Weaselhead. “Wow!” I thought as I walked, ‘crunch, crunch.’ And I kept on walking not knowing what I would find… This kind of spider that I will tell you about is a very peculiar kind spider, one that doesn’t live in a web?! Read on to find out more about this cool spider


I was walking around a shallow bank in Weaselhead and just about to sit down when a very stripy-legged grey-ish spider about 5 cm big emerged from behind a rock and scuttled over to the water. “A male Fisher Spider!” I  excitedly whispered to myself.

As I moved closer to the interesting creature I could catch a small glimpse of what he was doing. The amazing  Fisher Spider was tapping the water with one hairy leg suddenly a very small fish leaped out of the water! The Fisher Spider quickly bit into the small thrashing fish. The tiny fish  gave one more whip of it’s tail and then became lifeless as a rock. The spider sucked some of the blood out of the dead fish. Suddenly, a hawk came into view and dove down toward the male Fischer Spider! The startled spider quickly dove into the water! The hawk circled around the lake bank and then eventually glided away.


Another Fisher Spider appeared from behind a big rock covered in a web with tiny eggs inside of it. It was a female! As she came out a Garter snake lurched forward and nearly caught her! Both of the spiders leaped into the water and came out in about 45 min.’s! The female Fisher Spider was brown and also had very hairy legs. She went back behind the egg-covered rock with a quick shuffle of feet, ‘shuffle, shuffle.’ then, the male Fisher Spider followed her.


It seemed that the interesting performance was over so I got up and walked away down the brown,, muddy path, ‘crunch, crunch.’ “I can’t wait to tell my family about what I saw!” I thought as I trudged back down the path that led home.

The Red Sided Garter Snake Named Joey


Ahhh what a really nice morning for hunting whispered joey as he was slithering through the tall spiky grass he didn't want scare any of his prey because he was hunting for some insects to eat and maybe some delicious plants  because I'm a second order consumer .

When I was slithering through the tall lanky grass I heard something  it sounded like sizzling so I went to go check it out and then kaboom! Dirt flew everywhere and I was so confused and I saw a human standing there and then he looked at me and said hey there's one of the snakes! I'll get him snapped the other one  I slithered home as fast as I could .

I live in a marsh den with my friends so when I got there   I started yelling at my friends there was an explosion near where I was slithering what the heck was it ?There blowing our dens up and picking us off one by one . I think they are trying to clear for the homes. Fine but I don't want to leave my home it's to beautiful to leave.

Quick I have to look at all my survival guide so I know how to survive I love to eat frogs leeches insects and worms my natural enemies are snapping turtles larger versions of me bullfrogs and birds and I hide when i'm scared and now I have to find a new home for me.

Life of a Red-Winged Blackbird


SPLISH!SPLASH! In the water filled kingdom a Red-winged Blackbird is born,as the sun cools off its Mother gracefully flew  down bringing a snail. A few weeks later the feathers grew,as more feathers grew larger,and he got his red patch,he practiced how to fly.As time went he learned how to catch food and escape enemies like the peregrine falcon ,who was fast enough to catch his meal.


One morning he decided  to take a flight and explore the rest of his world.When he started to explore he decided to get a snack he spotted a spider fastly walking with its eight  hairy tiny legs he swiftly flew to the spider “WOOSH” he caught his snack.After he ate his snack he decided to rest he perched on the fluffy cattail that was about to blow up,minutes later a falcon spotted him. The falcons razor sharp beak twitched. As the falcon was about to dive he folded his wings and tackled the Red-winged Blackbird. As soon as the Red-winged Blackbird  heard her screech  he flew to action faster and faster the falcon went and more the red-winged Blackbird had to lose.When suddenly he spotted some tall,bushy cattails and hid there.


Scaredly he hid,the shocked falcon to see her meal was gone she searched the whole  Marsh when she decided to give up,she went to get a easier meal. As the red-winged Blackbird shook in fear he peeked out of the cattails he saw the menacing Falcon fiercely flying away and holding a gigantic meal as she went back to her nest .the red-winged blackbird saw the falcon fly away he came out and spotted a snail that slowly moved on the shining green  weeds leaving a slippery,gooey trail WOOSH!SNAP! Crunched the Red-winged Blackbird and ate his yummy slimy meal.



SWOOSH, BAM! The tides roughly striked the graceful wetland leaving almost nothing in it’s path. But deeper in the wetland there is so much movement and chaos it could give you goosebumps. Somewhere  in the wetland some sandpipers eggs have hatched! One of the small, tiny sandpipers was pretty confused but finally gained the courage to go teach himself how to get food. He looked around noticing all of the  waters striders, side swimmers, small fish and other insects that he could eat! After a few ( MANY ) attempts he had eaten around 20 yummy bugs! He wanted to get another but it was getting very late, he felt like he weighed a million pounds     ( even though he only weighs two AA batteries when he grows up ), he was super tired. He got tucked into his nest with all his brothers and sisters and dreamt that he was ready for tomorrow, and he was.

 After about seventeen to twenty one days the small sandpiper was ready to leave, he is all grown up he has his little brown spots all over him, and so people don’t get confused between spotted sandpipers and a normal sandpipers he and his family has a white line right over their eyes. Even though he is just a few days old he is ready to leave, he practiced every single day.

After a big bug meal he was ready for blast off! He tucked his wings back, took one step, two step, jumped……FLEW!!

 As he was flying he watched every water source carefully to see if it is a good place or not, CLASP! Something grabbed the small sandpipers neck, hard, “OW” the small sandpiper  screeched, you cannot even imagine the pain he is going through, You could see him gasping for air  he knew he would not be alive for much longer.

 After a few minutes the small sandpiper was slowly dying luckily the unknown hawk finally found a yummier meal and took off dropping the poor Sandpiper. SPLOOSH! The small sandpiper harshly landed in some water, he carefully swam up still carrying the shock he had with him, he also noticed the grand amount of bugs swimming away.

Once he got up he quickly made this place his home having big bug meals most of the time.

 About one year later...

SWOOSH, BAM! The tides roughly striked the graceful wetland leaving almost nothing in it’s path. The sun was shining so hard it felt like it was stinging your eyes. Let’s just say it was not the best day ever. Anyways…. The small sandpipers eggs have hatched! Sadly, the mother was not there because she went off somewhere far away to lay more eggs! ( which means more small sandpipers ) Which means the small sandpipers cycle starts all over again.




  Minks are being hunted to near extinction in an Alberta marsh

Humans have been hunting minks for their fur SO much that they're almost extinct!  Minks were first hunted for their fur when the first Europeans came. This is very bad because minks, like all animals are a very important part of the food chain and ecosystem.


Mink fur is very expensive, elegant, warm and soft. That is why it is hunted so much. Without minks, fish and rodents will be more abundant and overpopulated.  


There were three species of mink. Two of them are extinct .Minks are related to weasels and ferrets. Minks are held in captivity as either pets or to farm their fur. Mink fur is very warm and soft. Minks have litters of 1 to 8 cubs! Their life goes cub>adult.


Minks don’t have webbed feet. But they still swim well.

Minks are found all over North America.

They also have a high pitched scream as a call. , kind of like R2-D2.

Minks are small mammals that are great swimmers. Highly aggressive and smart they eat frogs, fish, small rodents and basically anything that can fit in their mouth.   

People could prevent this by setting up reserves, picking up trash and not hunting them.

Garter Snake Named Jaw

                                                                           By Carter

BANG a tree fell down a human cut the tree down. Jaw, the garter snake, was looking for a home than he heard HOOT HOOT. He was in a very mushy slimy marsh he was on the edge of the water.



Jaw came to help, so he tried to pull out the owl, but his wing was stuck under the tree. Jaw found a moose. The moose was lurking on the edge of the marsh the mushy, slimy marsh. The moose the moose new Jaw they did not like each other so the moose ran at Jaw and split the leafless tree in half CRASH. The owl escaped” thank you”!!!! “Your welcome “said Jaw. The owl said “no not you the moose he saved me” “your welcome” said the moose. Jaw was mad at the owl and the moose so he was so mad he forgot to hunt. So the moose was sorry for Jaw so he brought a food basket with 7 birds, 40 bugs and 5 mice.


Jaw was hunting for the winter season, he had 2 mice, 1 bird, and 30 bugs, but that will last him a week or two. He saw a wolf and the wolf saw him, so he went in his hollow log. The wolf knocked it over luckily Jaw got away .All the food was eaten, all of it! Oh no Jaw had no food, Jaw was sad! “Oh no now it’s a week till winter” .A swarm of mice was circled by Jaw, about 30 mice. That’s a month of food. He needs to catch 2 more months’ worth of food. Than Jaw caught 21, birds put them birds another month he in his den and jaw made it through the winter season.


He felt happy that he will make it thru winter. He pulled a rock to cover a hole in the tree and he fell asleep. He made it thru winter.

The Story of a Leech Named Joe


Come on frank we need to catch a fish for the market said finn. Ok said frank. I got a fish yelled finn. Let me help you mumbled frank aaah a rock bam.  one beautiful, nice, beautiful, morning sun is out and gleaming on pigeon lake. When a leech was just about to become a mommy and then the mom lade the egg. Two weeks later. I’m finally free from that egg said the leech. what is wrong with the egg said mom. It smelled like dog farts said the leech. I will name you Joe said mom. Ok said Joe. what do I call you said Joe. how about mom said mom. You know what spock mom. What wondered Joe. I  think you should go and explore pigeon lake said mom.


Dododododo ooo a sunken canoe and there is a really big fish. Aaaaaaaahhhh fish's eat me somebody help me. Joe swam as fast as he could. Tears raced out of Joe’s eyes. O I know said Joe. a fish hook. Over here said Joe. chop aaahh you trekt meeeee. Well he might have a good day.


Mom mom I had the scary is’t esperons ever. I was chased by a fish screamed Joe. and they lived happily ever after and they suckt some blood from a frog.


A Day in the Wetland


One glorious and bright morning behind the long tall rushes slithered a black and yellow thick bodied,short snouted amphibian.It Crawled underneath the stump to check on her eggs.It would take about 3 weeks for them to hatch but the eggs had already been laid 2 weeks earlier. She crawled back outside,the sun was setting and it was time to go scavenging for dinner.She slithered towards the pond to get some water.On the way she saw a group of spiders crawling towards the reeds she slowly crawls behind the beetle and “slurp”.


All of a sudden a raccoon came along the tiger salamander quickly slithered behind a tall reed but it was too late the raccoon had spotted the tiger salamander.the raccoon was quickly approaching the tiger salamander. It tried to slither away but it knew the raccoon would catch up in no time.Suddenly the tiger salamander thought of an idea.The raccoon was now right in front of the tiger salamander it stuck out it’s toxic tail and stung the raccoon. The scared raccoon ran away.

The tiger salamander crawled back under the stump and went to check on her eggs they all had a small and thin cracks in the middle of the egg.The eggs are about to hatch.5 days later,the tiger salamander is keeping an eye on the eggs until they hatch.Suddenly the egg cracks and a baby tiger salamanders emerge from the egg.The tiger salamander hoped that next time it wouldn't run into a raccoon and when the babies grow up they’ll use their mom’s secret trick when they face a raccoon.

Red Winged Blackbird

The red winged blackbird swooped low over the ground as bugs cowered in terror and then SWOOSH! One by one they disappeared.


I fed them to my children in my nest in the tree. Once I flew out of my nest I heard a high pitched screeching sound by my nest. It was a mink so I flew as fast as I could. I was just in time as I drove off the minks. I went off to feed my young again so I went looking for insects.


I heard a whoosh as a large dark shape zipped by me. I plummeted down to the ground right when I almost hit the ground and died I managed to correct my balance and gracefully swooped up and  skillfully dodged the falcon again. After that I got caught by an eagle and died.


Jerry’s Story


Hi I am Jerry and I am a red sided garter snake. I slither through the tall spiky grass. As I slither through the grass, the grass started moving. Must be the wind I thought. As I get closer to home the wind stops but the grass continued to move.


“BOO!” something or someone yelled. I slither as fast as I could to my home. BAM! The door closed behind me, I come in panting. “What happened?” asked mom. “A bird tried to eat me.”I replied to mom. I get in bed as soon as I get in bed I hear screaming, I hear the door slam, I hear squawking yes you guessed it a bird is in my house. Let me tell you now that birds, minks, turtles, and bigger garter snakes are our predators. Mom screamed Dad told her to run. My unblinking eyes just stared down the stairs.


The bird had caught dad and was going after mom. “Hey you ugly chunk of meat” I yelled at the top of my lungs. “No,” Dad said “not Jerry”. “Come get me” I yelled. The bird turned toward me, dropped dad and went after me. I ran to the door and the bird caught me in its talons. I bit him as hard as I could and he let go of me. After that mom and dad never let me out of my den and they could tell it was me from my yellow stripes down my sides and black down my back.

The Canadian Toad


By Daniel


Zip a sticky red tongue zoomed through the air as a Canadian toad ate an insect for breakfast. When he was done the Canadian toad hopped from his wetland home in the river valley to the sunny spot on the other side of the river to warm up in the sunshine, because he is cold-blooded.


“Oh-no”, a golden eagle, and it looks hungry. Quickly, Canadian toad hops across the river and runs until he gets tired. “Oh-no”, suddenly, Canadian toad hopped into the trees were he blends into his surroundings. The bird circles the area and gives up the chase. Phew, that was close.


In a Month Canadian toad will breed his mate will lay 4000-7000 eggs which will hatch into a tadpole with a tail than a tadpole with two legs, Next  froglet with four legs and a tail than toad with four legs and no tail, The life cycle will take 7 weeks until the tadpoles are toads.

The Yellow Perch Fish

By Hunter

The yellow perch fish was hunting and all the sudden Bam, his enemy the eagle busted through the water with his big sharp talons.The eagle missed the yellow perch fish as he swooped back around.With speed the eagle went back  again not knowing where the yellow perch fish was but why? Well the yellow perch fish was hiding in the marshy mud ,and with his colourful skin he blended in.Now the yellow perch fish cowardly hides in the shadows of the marsh afraid to come out of his hiding spot,and new if he went out something bad would happen.

 The scaly sharp finned fish known  as the  yellow perch fish is a fast strong fish whose main  enemy is other fish and birds.Also the yellow perch fish can see in the dark and can sense movements in the water,coming  closer but other fish and birds aren't always the problem to the   yellow perch fish because sometimes the perch fish babies are eaten by their parents.

The yellow perch fish fins are so sharp it can cut through human flesh.The yellow perch fish can live for an estimated 5-6 years old,and with the marsh and the yellow perch fish colorful skin he can camouflage himself and make himself not visible to the naked eye.The yellow perch fish is a strong hard fast swimmer.   

Trumpeter Swans


As a trumpeter swan woke up a beam of light shone on his pink-gray legs. He stood up and told the mom she could go to bed. He went to sit on the nest made out of twigs, leaves and mud with 5 eggs in it. The family loved the marsh because they have lots of food, water and a nice house.


As one of the eggs started to crack the dad started to flap his wings frantically. Little pieces of the egg started to fall. Crack, crack, crack. The dad raced to wake up the mom. The dad went to get some plants to eat but the baby wouldn't eat.

Then the dad went to get seeds. The dad brought the seeds back to the baby but the little one kicked it away. The dad went to sit by the pond to think what to bring back. Then a fish jumped up and the dad caught it and brought it back. The baby gobbled it up. The dad felt happy because the baby would eat and the dad wouldn’t have to get more food. Now he doesn't feel mad. His wish came true that the baby ate.



A beautiful morning awoke a very curious kit she poked her small white  head out of a small hole in a tree.she squeezed her slim body through the hole in the tree,and  she fell straight on her feet. she looks around to see if any of her predators are looking for a morning snack.she ran to the water and took  some sips of water and looked around for her morning snack .


she spots something. she hides and circles her prey then she strikes the mole,” kakaka” the weasel grabs its prey and hides it in the tall grass. she looks in the air to see what made that noise. Two hawks swoop by and one grabs the poor little kit and flies in the air the other hawk bumps into the other hawk the weasel slips out of the hawks mouth and falls onto her back she looks around for a hiding spot she sees a hole under a rock she runs as fast as she could which was 25kph she jumped into the hole and stayed very quiet.


The marsh became very quiet the weasel scurried to her hole in the tree. she hurried up the tree and caught her breath and went back outside finished her  snack and got a drink and went to sleep when the kit  grows up she will have a kit herself and maybe just maybe her kit will have an adventure just like her.



   The Great Blue heron  dabbled gently through the cool, waterlogged marsh searching for it’s prey. Extending his long skinny legs it slowly strutted around. It had worrying thoughts about it’s hungry nestling chicks. She has been pacing around the water continuously for a couple of hours to find something to eat.The Great BLue Heron breathed with exhaustion, it peeked behind the rustling bushes to see if her chicks were unharmed.


A few moments later, a loud noise was heard from a distance and across the flashing light of the sun a Red tailed hawk appeared! The Great Blue Heron quickly made it’s way to it’s nest, and hid behind the tall covering grass. The Red tailed hawk soared in circles around the perimeter. The Red Tailed Hawk spotted a place to land next to their nest. It threatened the chicks with it’s vicious narrow eyes and harsh cackling noises. Suddenly, a group of Herons charged to the dangered nest, and frightened the hawk by starting to stab him with their pointy long beaks. The Hawk felt fear inside, and scowled it’s eyes then flapped away from the colonie of The Great Blue Herons.  


The majestic blue and grey bird carried on searching for food ,more specifically, FISH. The clear water ground was soft and full of dirt but it had no food. It searched in the sparkling water, while remembering to check behind the hidden bushes for its craving chicks.


Later, something secretly swam by its side, it was LUNCH! It got in position to strike… SWOOSH! SPLASH! The fish laid inside the large, long bill of the Mama Heron. She marched back to it’s nest, and  then waded in the shallow waters, quiet and satisfied. It had just successfully captured it’s lunch, and is just dozing around in the water enjoying his delicious wet fish, with it’s now full chicks.


The Hawk gave good and bad thoughts to the Mama Heron like to always keep on the watch, and she was glad there were others there to help. The nest now lays near the colonies of Herons just in case something might happen like that again.  

The Minnow’s Escape


The clear wind swished as it blew the lakes to speed up the water for the scaly fishes. In the lakes of Minnesota there also lived a stubby, bright, grey, fathead minnow. One great thing about this minnow is that he never gave up on any challenge that was in his way.  He was always brave, no matter what. This minnow lived in the blue, shiny lakes flowing slowly through Minnesota. There were birds chirping, frogs leaping, and it was sunny every day.  The sun was bright, like lava. It shined on the lakes as when it rose in the morning. Days have passed and the minnow was swimming slowly in a calm way, until a strange mysterious unknown shadow came. It caught sight of the Fathead Minnow and he knew what was going to happen.  The minnow recognized that shadow, he had flashbacks of what happened to his other minnow friends when the shadow took out a huge, humongous, hook. It was a long fishing rod that was longer than a bamboo stick.


It was a fisherman who had a simple goal, to find and fish all minnows in Minnesota! The minnow swam swiftly as hard as he could to get away from the fisherman.  The fisherman kept throwing hooks every time it got further. He would swim to a new position, the minnow’s gills were pumping with so much oxygen, its pimephales were filled with air and his eyes widened.  Shockingly his fins dried slowly from heat. But as the minnow thought he was safe, the hook caught its tail!  When he noticed this, the minnow used its muscles to push forward straight ahead while using its flat fins to keep perfect balance.  His fins were starting to be cut swiftly because the fisherman was railing it when the minnow pushed really hard like a rhino he escaped free when he noticed the ground.


There was coral sand he had only a certain amount of time to think of an idea before it was too late.  When he looked at his colours on his scales, he saw that his body parts were yellow, black and white. This gave him an idea when he saw coral and sand that matched his body, so he thought it would be a good idea to swim to the ground to hide from the fisher.  When the fisherman lost sight of the minnow he stomped with rage.  The minnow managed to escape but he had to decide what to do.  He could go to a new lake or build a safer shelter where he could not be found. So he only did one thing go to another lake.  He was shocked and tired from that insane event he was mostly frightened that he was not going to be caught. He wished that the lake he is going to would be so quiet and lonely so he hoped that the fisherman saw his track when he swam and arrived what he hoped and wished didn’t come true, which was good the minnow was safe while the fisherman just forgotten about the minnow and started searching a different country so the minnow was ok and never got hurt.

My Adventure       

 By Margo

“ Swish’’I  was at Weaselhead,and in the tall green grass,eating my lunch. All of a sudden a small  Garter snake came out from behind the bushes! At first I was startled,but then I realised what the park ranger had told me;Garter snakes are almost harmless to humans.

Then the Garter snake slithered in the cool blue water looking for a small fish.He came out of the water 2 minutes later,a black crow circled around the pound, the Garter snake was very scared trembling.He nearly escaped.All of a sudden he quickly went in a rocky cave.I was sad that he left,but I ran back home anyway.

Later I told my family about what I saw, “ Garter snakes are endangered!” said my brother. Maybe I could help save a Garter snake, But a wetland can’t be perfect.


Where Are The Zooplankton?     

By Paul


Zooplankton have disappeared do to the drastic decrease in water quality. Recently tests were conducted to determine the quality of the water in a nearby wetland. It was found that the PH in the water was far too low and the temperature far too warm. Zooplanktonare extremely important to the wetland ecosystem. Making this an extremely serious problem.


It is said that a small leak of sewer water over a long period of time has altered the wetlands PH levels. Not only zooplankton are being affected by this horrendous event. Many fish and the animals that eat them are slowly dying off or dead. Without these tiny creatures the wetlands wildlife will almost completely disappear.

There are countless species of zooplankton. Many are free swimming or move using small hairlike structures on there body. Their size can be anywhere from 0.05 mm to 0.5 mm in length. They have clear flat bodies to stay near the surface and deter predators. Their life cycle is diverse over many of the species. Some may lay eggs some may not, yet once they hatch they will grow through the several stages of their life cycle.


By: Rumaysa

POP! The baby muskrat came out of its mother.It had medium to dark brown fur and he had grayish-brown colour on the belly. His home was in a marsh and he thought it was the best place in the whole entire world.


It was summer .The sun shined beautifully and the baby muskrat loved to play in the water it was the best thing to do in a summer afternoon while his mother was gathering food.He had a bestfriend  named Bob and his name was Johnny.Every day he invites his best friend Bob for lunch and dinner but he helps his mother gather food for breakfast.He eats water lilies,cattails,sedges,wild rice,  clovers, arrowheads, grass, frogs, fish, crayfish, snails and samaras.


Shhhhhhhhh the rain poured down onto the ground and Johnny and his mom went inside the den.A few minutes later the rain stopped and Bob came over and played with Johnny in the water.Then they saw Joe the hawk flying through the light blue sky and swoop down ,looking towards them. The baby muskrats went inside the den Joe started to break the den he tried his hardest to get his lunch but the den was to hard so Joe went away.When their moms returned they saw Bob and Johnny playing in the water safely.

Day in the Life of a Swallow

Swish sway swoosh i softly herd. As i looked out my tree window. I looked into the distance nothing i thought to myself. Only the silent marsh with the exploited cattails.And its silent standing water. And its sweet smelling flowers. And the fresh heavy wind. A chill ran through my brown feathers. A shake controlled my dark brown black wings. As the chill ran down my twig like legs and into my black little grippy feet. Swish sway swoosh i heard it again. I poked my head out the tree window. Still nothing if there is nothing that i see out there then. I guess it won't hurt if i look for a little snack.


I flew out my little nest and into the marsh seen. I was on guard incase something was out there. I flew low on ground trying to blend in with the seen. I found a bundle of flies swarming around a bunch of dead plants. At that moment when i had my pray right where i wanted it i was where my predator wanted me to be.


I slowly turned my head i quickly realized that i was face to face with my number one enemy and predator the hawk. My heart racing in stress.My wings shaking with depression. My feet wobbling. my eyes red with my pupil expanding every millisecond.


“ hel hello mis mistre hawk what a pleasure to see you” “what a pleasure to see you too little birdie” “just go back to your food and i will watch you eat” “o ok mr hawk” A few minutes after I Ate 2 or 3 flys.


The hawk clawed the little swallow and he soared away into the distance. “No mr hawk please don't eat me i'm too young to die” “don't worry little bird i'll eat you quickly so you won't feel the pane” The swollow pecked the hawk feet and flew of back to his home. “Few that was a close call maybe i will sleep”



It was a very sunny day in the low water and logged land marsh. fish where franticly jumping in the lake. Birds where joyfully sinning in the sky. But a marsh hawk was siting high in a tree watching a duck floating around in the cold tiny lake.


The marsh hawk swoops down and hovers over the lake. The duck dove down into the water the marsh hawk puts it feet in the freezing cold water when the tiny duck was coming up for air. The marsh hawk grabs the duck and he brings the duck back to the nest high up in the very old tree for the mother and the baby’s to gobble down.


 On his way back to get more food he saw humans hunting in an open area with lots of trees him hoped they would not see him .But they saw him and started shooting the mash hawk raced over the hunters head’s they tried shooting him but they couldn’t because the marsh hawk was too fast. After he past the humans he didn’t see any type of food the humans were still shooting so the marsh hawk turned back.


The marsh hawk stood in his tree in a sigh of relief he was in disbelief he had no idea humans were going to shoot him. He knew if he went back there if all those humans where still there he would just turn back and go to the very old tree.   

Johnny The North American Beaver

By Wynter

Splash! A small, soaking shockwave spread as Johnny playfully and happily dove from his wood and mud beaver lodge into his pond and swam to nibble on a piece of birch tree bark. When he was nibbling on his tree bark he heard a frightening sound. Screech! Johnny looked up and saw nothing.Soon he went back to nibbling his tree bark.


Suddenly a hawk fearlessly soared through the sky and swooped down to eat Johnny! He quickly panicked and swiftly dove into his pond. He could feel his heart pump dramatically as he cautiously swam into his little wood and mud lodge. Outside the lodge the hawk kept swooping down to pierce the lodge with it’s beak. His feelings went from a scared face to an upset and droopy face when he felt something fall off his lodge.


Johnny thought it would be smart to stay at the surface rarely. After that thought the hawk gave up trying to break Johnny’s wood and mud lodge.

The Curious Beaver

“Tweet tweet chirp chirp” chirped the birds behind the magical mysterious grass of the wonder filled wetland where there wakes a reddish brown beaver kit.The baby beaver stretches its fluffy, fuzzy back The baby kit scrambles around in its lodge and gathers with its 3 other siblings to drink it's nutritious milk for breakfast. It’s short, flat tail when full grown will be about 30 CM long and 2.5 CM thick!

 After all baby beavers don't start to nibble on leaves and sticks until they are about 2 to 3 weeks old. After breakfast the kit  gets ready to take its first swim.The beaver is only 5 days old and all set to swim.The baby kit first dips its tiny little paw into the water splish and then dives in after its mom and siblings SPLASH.To help the kit swim the kits webbed shaped feet act as a paddle and it's flat tail helps it steer.

 All of a sudden baby kit got so carried away by a beautiful monarch  butterfly that just happened to fly by and did not see its mom and siblings leave to help build the dam.The frightened scared beaver did not know what to do  all the baby kit could do is get out of the water with its wet soggy little feet and search for its mom.Just when things couldn't get worse a big hungry vicious 21 kg coyote came out of the dry bushy grass and shot the baby beaver a aggressive look and charged at the beaver. the baby beaver ran as fast as it could its feet dragged on the ground and the beaver kit panted he knew that he wouldn't make it out alive just when he almost lost hope it's mom came prancing out of the water picked up her baby and banged her tail against the dry bushy grass scaring the coyote away and warning the others about the coyote.

Afterwards it was safe she dived back into the security of the wetland SPLOOSH! The horrifying thought was still in the beaver little head of being chased down and hopefully next time the beaver won't get carried away by another butterfly.                  




It was raining in the great marsh in spring .Weasel came out of her home to get food. She came down of caution and fear. Weasel ran across the slime and  muck on the ground. Weasel spotted a nice juicy rat in the horizon a head . Cautiously and carefully she raced to the rat .



When she got to the rat .She said to the rat I was going to eat you .But when I got here I realized that we can be friends so … What do you say . Okey unless if you don't eat me . Deal so they went .


Weasel said to rat do you want to eat at my place .Sure said rat .First let's get some fish and berries okey. Meanwhile … When rat was getting the berries weasel was getting the fish a snake swam right up to her and bit her.   


Weasel scream with all her power and might to get help. Rat herd weasels cry for help. Rat raced to Weasel as fast as he can to Weasel. At sight up above rat first glance was an eagle smacking his lips ready to devour rat . With in seconds eagle dived down as fast as he could to eat rat . Rat was terfide . he ran without stopping .To save  his friend weasel . Rat came and bit snake and eagle . They ran away by still knowing if they come back Rat will bite them again .