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These are specific pages that ahve been changed or updated for 2017

The Child Care Resource Center is a
CACFP Sponsor in Northern Ohio. Our
food program is known for serving
“whole provider needs”. We are able to
wrap needed support services, training
and program supports into our already
robust CACFP Program.
Child Care Providers can join the
CCRC’s CACFP Program by
completing an interest form on our
website ( or by
calling 440-960-7187 TODAY!
CACFP Family
Child Care
Handbook -
August 2017
Child Care Resource Center
5350 Oberlin Ave., Lorain Ohio 44053
440-960-7187 800-526-5268
Table of Contents
Section Title Page Number
Table of Contents 1
Call-Off Notification Information 2
Non Discrimination Statement 3
Mission Statement 4
Child Care In Ohio Resource Guide 6
Basic Definitions and Abbreviations 8
CACFP Important Dates 9
What is the Child and Adult Care Food Program? 10
What Are My Duties on the Food Program?/Permanent Agreement 12
How Do I Get Reimbursed on the Food Program? 16
NEW meal pattern 17
Submitting a Claim/Monthly Claim Paperwork 19
What is Tiering? 20
How Many Children Can I Care For? 21
Will I Have Any Help? 22
Home Visits 23
How to Have a Successful Home Visit 25
Newsletters and Other Communications 26
Call Off Policy 27
Changes in Your Child Care Program 28
Holidays and Weekends (New Weekend Form) 29
Child Care Staff Member/Substitute 31
Trainings 32
Partial Claiming/Hold Policy 33
Water Availability & Child Nutrition Labels 34
Fluid Milk and Milk Substitutes 35
Infant Feeding 36
Family Style Meal Service 37
CACFP Cycle Meals 38
What is a Corrective Action Plan? 39
CACFP Corrective Action Plan Sample Form 43
Civil Rights and Your CACFP 46
Building for the Future 48
Justice for All 49
Submitting a Claim?
The Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) uses KidKare by Minute Menu for your Food
Program claims and attendance. Monthly claim records are due to the CCRC by the 5
of the
following month, unless the 5
is a weekend or holiday, then they are due by the next business
Any month that you have changes to a child/parent contact info (ie: address or
phone), Providers will make those changes in KidKare. Look for the green ‘edit’
button in KidKare by clicking on the child’s name and go to Contact.
If a child’s daily schedule changes, the CCRC must make those on our
administrative side. Providers will need to print that child(ren) Enrollment Form
from KidKare, make the needed changes (preferably in blue or red ink) on the
printed copy, have the parent/guardian sign/date and finally the Provider will sign
this form. These may be sent to the CCRC via email (preferred) or US Mail.
Providers record all their daily meal records and children’s daily in/out attendance
in KidKare.
Monthly Claim Paperwork
ALL claim submissions and any claim paperwork are due to the CCRC BY
the 5
of each month, unless that day falls on a weekend or a holiday, then
they are due the following business day. Failure to submit to your claim to
the CCRC by the 5
may result in a delay in your reimbursement and could
lead to a Corrective Action.
One month per year ODE closes early for their fiscal audit and the CCRC will
be required to process your claims earlier than the 5
. You will be notified
when this happens.
Required Monthly Paperwork: New Child Enrollment Forms (as
applicable); Updated Child Enrollment Form *only if there are changes to an enrolled
child’s information or schedule, Weekend Form (if you serve on weekends), daily
attendance sheets (unless logged into Minute Menu/KidKare) and any forms for
newly enrolled children (if you had any during the month) are.
o All Claim forms (except Income Eligibility Application IEA’s.
ODE requires an original) may be scanned and emailed to
Monthly required claim forms may be emailed to , dropped off
at the CCRC’s Main Office or mailed to:
Attention: Terri Sluss-Cole
5350 Oberlin Ave
Lorain, OH 44053
Office hours 8:00am 5:00pm, Monday Friday
After 5:00pm or on weekends and holidays, you may place your forms in our mail
slot on the CCRC employee entrance door.
Meal Records Include:
Daily Meal Counts (food served and meal attendance) entered into
KidKare. When you have computer issues, you MUST have a written back-
up record and you need to notify the CCRC about your computer problems.
These meal records must be recorded on the ‘Web Daily Record’ form.
Daily Attendance/Sign-in sheets will be reviewed. It is mandatory that ALL
providers keep attendance for EVERY child in their care, whether they are
private pay, publicly funded (subsidy), or no-pay children. In/Out times of all
children being claimed must be entered into KidKare before submitting your
claim. The monitor may review your written hard copy.
Weekend Form: If you claim meals on weekends, you must have parents
sign their children in and out on the weekend form. These should be
completed on the date of service and by the parent. Providers must not
complete the form. This is an ODE requirement.
If an approved CCSM/Substitute is in the home providing care at the time of the
visit, she/he must know where the provider’s records are kept and be able to
show them to the Home Visitor. See CCSM/Substitute (page 31) for more
Additional Records (to be posted):
ODJFS License
Weekly dated and posted menus for non-infants
Weekly dated and posted menus for Infants (if applicable)
Meal pattern by age group
“Building for the Future” poster
“Justice For All” poster
The Home Visitor will look at your daily attendance and will randomly review your
CACFP records from the three years prior to the current year.
The Home Visitor is there to review and validate the meal being served and the
children present for that meal. Children arriving AFTER the home visit cannot be
claimed for that meal. You cannot change or update your Menu/Attendance
records after the Home Visitor leaves your home. If Menu/Attendance Forms
submitted to the office do not match what the CCRC Monitor observed on the
home visit, meals will be disallowed.
At the end of the visit, if the Home Visitor has completed technical assistance (TA)
with you in any areas those items will be noted on the Home Visit Detail Report via
CCRC CACFP Staff are also available by phone to answer questions during
normal office hours (8:00am 5:00pm) (440) 960-7187 or (800) 526-5268.
Weekend Claiming
When claiming weekends, the parent must fill out the CACFP Weekend/Holiday
Attendance Verification Form. This is an ODE requirement. Find this form on
CCRC’s website:
These forms should be completed on the day of service.
“Hash Marks” cannot be used on Weekend Form, per guidance from the Ohio
Department of Education (ODE)
Parents MUST include in/out times and sign
You must notify the CCRC in advance by phone or email of the dates you will
be open for weekend
care. If you notify us
by phone call (440)
960-7187 ext 224 or
(800) 526-5268 ext
224. Do not leave
messages about
weekend care on
any other staff
member’s voicemail
or on the general
delivery voicemail.
The children’s
enrollment records
need to include
Saturday and/or
These forms are due
with your claim, but
the 5
of each
month. You may
email them to,
drop off to the CCRC
Main office or send
by US Mail.
The CCRC CACFP Home Visitor may come to your home during the weekend.
Water Availability
The NEW USDA Meal Pattern requires potable drinking water to be offered to
children throughout the day and available to children upon their request throughout
the day. This will particularly accommodate younger children who may not be able
to or know how to request it.
Water does not have to be available for children to self-serve. Water served at
mealtime is not creditable, does not replace milk or approved milk substitutes, and
will not be reimbursed. Suggestions for making water available:
Cups at hand next to the kitchen sink faucet
Pitchers of water and cups set out
Bottled water set out
Provide water upon the child’s request
Water at snack is recommended if no other beverage is served.
Water for Infants (children aged birth one year old):
If you care for infants, any water served to infants or used to prepare Iron Fortified
Infant Formula (IFIF) must be either:
Tap water which must be boiled for 12 minutes and cooled before serving.
If the home's water is not publicly supplied, the provider shall contact the
Ohio environmental protection agency (EPA) to determine if it qualifies as a
public water system. (a) If the water supply qualifies as a public water
system. Please refer to ODJFS 5101:2-13-13.
Bottled water labeled as “Nursery Water”. Do not serve distilled water.
Child Nutrition Labels (CN labels)
Child Nutrition Labels will need to be kept on file for the combination
foods/processed protein food items served to children in the provider’s care.
Examples but not limited to: hot dogs, frozen pizzas, breaded or battered fish
sticks, chicken nuggets, bean burritos. Please refer to the following resources
from the USDA’s “Crediting Handbook for the Child and Adult Care Food Program’
to identify which foods require a CN label.
The Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs is also from USDA and has all
of the current information at one location to help buy the right amount of food and
the appropriate type of food for your program and determine the specific
contribution each food makes toward the meal pattern requirements
The CN Label will serve to document the serving size needed for the processed
protein food/combination food items to be in compliance with CACFP. These labels
can be cut off the box or photocopies and placed in a file 34
The CACFP monitor will review the CN label file during the monitoring visit to verify
that the correct portions of combination foods/processed protein food items are
served to the children.