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Unique items designed around the equines at Charming Creek Farm

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CCF Pen-Pal Ponies (or PPP)
is a one-of-a-kind personalized
letter-writing experience for
Having a relationship with a horse or pony
can be a magical experience for a child
our goal with the PPP program is to amplify
that experience while promoting the
development of the child’s reading/writing
skills as well as their imagination.
The ponies of Charming Creek Farm are excited to share
their stories in the very first three books of the ongoing
Charming Creek Farm Pony Tales.
Punkin's Big Adventure - Learn what happens when free-
spirited Punkin decides to go adventuring on her own.
Cloudy's Dream - Follow Cloudy as she longs to fulfill her
dream of being a talented driving pony.
Harry's Hee-Haw - See how Harry (a miniature donkey)
learns to accept his unique qualities that
make him special.
These miniature equines are all real-life residents who live on
Charming Creek Farm’s 87 acres.
They really do have dreams, adventures and stories to tell.
Tees for the
miniature horse/pony lover
and CDE drivers.
Original designs from Charming
Creek Farm. 100% cotton
Custom Cross Stitch Pattern
from your image!
Ordering your custom cross stitch
pattern is as easy as sending us
a picture!
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