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This book is brought to you by the children and families of Queen of the Universe N.S

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This book is brought to you by the children and families of Our Lady Queen of the Universe N.S - June 2016 as part of the Skydive Fundraiser.

Inspired by Adults, trusted by Kids!

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A Collection of Recipes by

Our Lady Queen of the Universe N.S.

Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow

   In Good Taste

Thank you to all the school families, staff members, parishioners, parents committee & friends for their generosity in donating these wonderful recipes. We appreciate all the help and support we received for not only this book, but indeed the entire fundraising year. Thank you to all who purchased this book in support of our children. We hope you will enjoy the many outstanding recipes within this cookbook. They may not have been laboratory tested, but their merit has been established by the most critical group of all....OUR families. We tried to use all the recipes we received and regret if there appears to be any error or omissions. We hope you and your families will take as much enjoyment using the recipes as we have including them in the book.


Thank you,

The Cookbook & Parents Committee

Acknowledgement &

Expression of Appreciation

An opportunity for Cathal to say something?

From the Desk of

     Mr. Cathal Cole

4 cup of Love                       5 spoons of Hope

2 cups of Loyalty                  2 spoons of Tenderness

3 cups of Forgiveness          4 cups of Faith

1 cup of Friendship              1 barrel of Laughter


Take Love & Loyalty, mix it thoroughly with Faith. Blend it with Tenderness, Kindness and Understanding.  Add Friendship & Hope, sprinkle abundantly with Laughter. Bake it with sun-shine. Serve daily with generous helpings!! Enjoy!!!


Catriona Ozun

Recipe for

A Happy home