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Healthy life Let your body be your sacred temple 2 0 2 1 C A T A L O G U E

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Vegan Nutrition SL offers you a group of passionate professionals who enjoy their work and who have a great deal of experience at national and international level We offer you the best selection of brands in the vegan food sector that fit your needs Our brands comply with the highest level of quality service Our main value and objective is the way to do things right with respect for the environment honesty and transparency Vegan Nutrition le ofrece un grupo de profesionales apasionados que disfrutan de su trabajo y que tienen una gran experiencia a nivel nacional e internacional Le ofrecemos la mejor selecci n de marcas del sector alimentario de comida vegana que se ajustan a sus necesidades Nuestras marcas cumplen con el mayor nivel servicio de calidad Nuestro principal valor y objetivo es la forma de hacer las cosas bien respetando al medio ambiente con honestidad y transparencia VEGANUTRITION S L C SEVERO OCHOA 7 NAVE 4 RIVAS VACIAMADRID 28521 MADRID SPAIN TEL 34 91666 60 69 VICTOR 34 625 330 038 RAVI 34 627523975 PAVAN 34 622 478 075 EMAIL INFO VEGANUTRITION ES EMAIL PEDIDOS VEGANUTRITION ES FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM VEGANUTRITIONWORLD 2

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Frozen products brands Marcas productos congelados Vegan Nutrition La Cuchara Verde Linda McCartney Fry s Family Moving Mountains Meatless Farm Co Miami Burger Beyond Meat Oumph Heura Quorn Jack Berry Luca Vegafit Goodlife Vepura Gardein Novish Divina Teresa Happy Planet Heck O do Cocina Awsome Foods Pink Albatross Motiko Booja Booja Runakay Refrigerated products brands Marcas de productos refrigerados 05 07 08 10 11 14 16 20 21 23 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 34 36 37 39 40 41 42 43 45 46 47 48 49 50 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 58 60 61 62 63 64 65 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 Tofurky Follow Your Heart Sheese Yes But Daiya Sayve 76 78 79 81 83 86 87 88 90 95 97 99 Room temperature products brands Marcas de productos temperatura ambiente Nature s Charm Callowfit Gaia Sanygran Deliciously Ella Candy Kittens Mallows Love Raw Mrs Tilly Veggie Maai Nomma List of allergens Listado de al rgenos 101 102 103 105 106 107 108 110 111 113 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 3

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One should not kill a living being nor cause it to be killed nor should one incite another to kill Do not injure any being either strong or weak in the world Buddha 4

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Vegan Nutrition is a family owned vegan and ecological products distribution business We have been in business for over twenty years and we have become a leading company in the Spanish industry Our brands comply with the highest level of quality service and our main value and objective is the way to do things right with respect for the environment honesty and transparency We provide personal attention to all our clients and we closely collaborate with our brands from our Madrid office We are proud of the supportive family that we have built with or clients and suppliers and we cannot wait to keep growing with them Vegan Nutrition es una empresa familiar de distribuci n de productos veganos y ecol gicos con m s de veinte a os a sus espaldas Nuestras marcas cumplen con el mayor nivel servicio de calidad y nuestro principal valor y objetivo es hacer las cosas bien respetando al medio ambiente con honestidad y transparencia En este tiempo hemos crecido hasta convertirnos en los l deres del sector en Espa a desde nuestra sede en Madrid gracias a nuestra atenci n personalizada a nuestros clientes y nuestra estrecha colaboraci n con las marcas Al final con nuestros clientes y proveedores hemos formado una gran familia que se apoya para seguir creciendo 5

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VNAJ01 Vegan Slices Fish Style Rodajas Veganas estilo Pescado 300 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNCW09 Vegan Calamari Calamares Veganos 250 gr VNKC29 Vegan Delight Shrimps Delicias Veganas Estilo Gambas 300 gr VNCW03 Vegan Slices Ham Style Lonchas Veganas Estilo Jam n 250 gr VNCW09L Vegan Calamari HORECA Calamares Veganos HORECA 3000 gr VNKC29L VNCW08 Vegan Slices Bacon Style Lonchas Veganas Estilo Bacon 250 gr VNHY04 Vegan Delight Prawn Style Delicias Veganas estilo Langostinos 300 gr Vegan Delight Shrimp Style HORECA 3kg Delicias Veganas Estilo Gambas HORECA 3kg 3000 gr VNKC23 Vegan Pieces Chicken Style Trocitos Veganos estilo Pollo 300 gr VNCW08L Vegan Slices Bacon Style HORECA 1kg Lonchas Veganas Estilo Bacon HORECA 1kg 1000 gr VNK025 Vegan Delight Tuna Style Delicias Veganas Estilo At n 300 gr VNKC23L Vegan Pieces Chicken Style HORECA 2 5kg Trocitos Veganos estilo Pollo HORECA 2 5Kg 2500 gr 6

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VNSS06 Vegan Pieces Lamb Style Trocitos Vegano Estilo Cordero 300 gr VNTC04 Vegan Chicken Style Drum Sticks Muslitos Veganos Estilo Pollo 250 gr VNTC06 Vegan Slices Salmon Style Rodajas Veganas estilo Salm n 250 gr VNTC26 Vegan Delight Octopus Style Delicias Veganas estilo Pulpo 250 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNYH08 Vegan Sticks Crab Style Palitos veganos estilo Cangrejo 250 gr VNFF01 VNYH10 Vegan Delight Battered Lemon Shrimp Style Delicias Veganas estilo Gambas rebozadas al Lim n 250 gr Original Style Delight Delicias Sabor Original 200 gr VNFF02 BBQ Delight Delicias Sabor BBQ 200 gr VNYH13 Vegan Fish Style Pieces Lemon Flavoured Rodajas Veganas estilo Pescado al Lim n 300 gr VNFF03 Bacon Style Delight Delicias Estilo Bacon 200 gr VNEN01 Vegan Spanish Omelette with Onion Tortilla de Patata Vegana con Cebolla 300 gr VNFF04 Sharwama Delight Delicias Sabor Sharwama 200 gr 7

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Our Spanish traditional dishes in their vegan version Made with love in M laga Fabada empanadas and cachopos in their plant based version Good for the planet good for the animals Try their chacinas we swear by them Todo el sabor de los platos tradicionales en versi n vegana con creatividad y cari o desde M laga Fabada empanadas o cachopos en versi n 100 vegetal que cuida a los animales y ayuda al planeta Adem s unas chacinas que nos tienen conquistados 8

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VNLCV01 Green Cachopo kraft 300 gr VNLCV05 Vegan Biolomo 200 gr VNLCV02 Green Cachopo HORECA 4800 gr VNLCV06 Vegan Chorizo 270 gr VNLCV03 Green Cachopo DELUXE XMAS 500 gr VNLCV07 Vegan Burgos 270 gr VNLCV04 Round Roast with Gravy XMAS Redondo Asado con salsa Gravy NAVIDAD 1000 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNLCV08 Veggie Vacon 270 9

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VNLCV09 Vegan Steak 2uds VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNLCV10 Vegan Steak 340gr VNLCV13 Escalopines Happiness 360 gr VNLCV17 Canalones de Foie 400gr VNLCV11 Parmiggiana 340gr VNLCV14 Fabes con Shiitake 400gr VNYH18 Vegan Fajitas tiras especiadas 200 gr VNLCV12 Tempeh al chilindr n 400gr VNLCV15 VNLCV16 Fabada Vegana 400gr VNLCV19 Empanadas de Magro con Shitake 500 gr Callos con garbanzos 400gr VNLCV20 Tiras Chimichurri 200 gr VNLCV21 Escalopes con salsa queso azul 350 gr 10

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Who doesn t know this pioneer British brand Loyal to their founder s philosophy enjoy the pleasures of eating well without causing any harm to other living beings Your clients will fall in love with their products made with texturized vegetable proteins Qui n no conoce esta marca brit nica pionera Fiel a la filosof a de su fundadora disfrutar del placer de comer bien sin causar da o a otros seres vivos Sus productos hechos con prote na vegetal texturizada enamorar n a tus clientes 11

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VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNLMC03 Vegetarian Sausage Rolls Rollitos de Salchicha 342 gr VNLMC02 Vegetarian Red Onion Rosemary Sausages Salchichas de Romero y Cebolla Roja 300 gr VNLMC05 Vegetarian Country Pies Empanadillas Country Veganas 380 gr VNLMC06 Vegetarian Sausages Salchichas Veganas Clasicas 300 gr VNLMC07 Vegetarian 1 4 LB Burgers Hamburguesa Cuarto de Libra Original 227 gr VNLMC08 Vegemince Carne Picada Vegana 1Kg VNLMC09 Vegetarian Burgers Hamburguesas Veganas 200 gr 12

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VNLMC10 Vegetarian Pulled Chicken Tiras de Pollo Desmenuzado 300 gr VNLMC13 Vegetarian Scampi Bites Bocados Estilo Gambas 250 gr VNLMC20 VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS Vegetarian Pulled Pork Tiras Estilo Cerdo Desmenuzado 300 gr VNLMC11 Vegetarian Chorizo Red Pepper Sausages Salchichas estilo Chorizo y Piment n 300 gr VNLMC15 Vegetarian Shreded Hoisin Duck Tiras de Pato Vegano Desmenuzado 300 gr VNLMC12 Vegetarian Pulled Pork 1 4 Burgers Hamburguesa Cuarto de VNLMC16 Vegetarian Beef Roast with Red Wine and Shallot Glaze Asado de Ternera Tradicional Glaseado con Vino 500 gr VNLMC21 Vegetarian Fish Goujons Filetes Empanadas de Pescado Vegano 252 gr 13

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VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNLMC22 Linconshire Sausages Salchichas Linconshire 300 gr VNLMC26 Vegetarian Tomato Basil Meatballs Alb ndingas de Tomate y Albahaca 292 gr VNLMC23 Vegetarian Southern Style Chicken Fillet Burgers Hamburguesas de Pollo Southern Style 270 gr VNLMC27 Vegetarian 1 4 LB Burgers HORECA Hamburguesa Vegetariana 1 4 de Libra HORECA 2170 gr VNLMC24 Vegetarian Southern Style Chicken Tenders de Pollo estilo Southern Style 243 gr VNLMC28 Linda McC Vegemince Linda McC Carne Picada Vegana Vegeminc 500 gr VNLMC25 Vegetarian Fish Cakes Pasteles de Pescado 212 gr VNLMC29 Jumbo Sausage 70g HORECA 28uds Linda McC Jumbo Sausage 70g HORECA 28uds 1960 gr 14

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Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet Albert Einstein 15

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Bringing us 40 varieties of vegan meat alternatives from South Africa It is easier said than done 40 They all have a high content of protein and no MSG Endorsed by the Vegan Society and the Vegetarian Society and with Kosher Halal and Shuddha certifications Desde Sud frica nos trae 40 variedades de alternativas veganas a la carne Se dice pronto 40 y todas con alto contenido de prote nas y fibra y sin glutamato monos dico Avalada por la Vegan Society y la Vegetarian Society y con certificaci n Kosher Halal y Shuddha 16

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VNFRY01 Meat Free Asian Spiced Burgers Hamburguesa Especiada Asiatica 320 gr VNFRY04 Traditional Sausages Salchichas Tradicionales 380 gr VNFRY07 Vegan Polony Sausage Mortadela Vegana 500 gr VNFRY02 Traditional Burgers Hamburguesa Tradicional 320 gr VNFRY05 Braai Style Sausages Salchichas Barbacoa Braai 380 gr VNFRY08 Thick Cut Chunky Strips Tiras de Carnita Vegetal 380 gr VNFRY03 Original Hot Dogs Salchichas Hot Dog 380 gr VNFRY06 Chicken Style Burgers Hamburguesas Estilo Pollo 320 gr VNFRY09 Chicken Style Strips Tiras Estilo Pollo 380 gr 17

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VNFRY10 Chicken Style Nuggets Nuggets Vegano 380 gr VNFRY16 Mince with Vegan Gravy Carne Picada Vegana 380 gr VNFRY12 Pepper Steak Style Pies Empanadas de Pimienta 350 gr VNFRY17 Battered Prawn Style Pieces Gambas Empanadas Veganas 250 gr VNFRY14 Golden Crumbed Schnitzels Escalope Vegano 320 gr VNFRY18 Soy and Quinoa Country Roast Asado Vegetal Country Roast de Soja y Quinoa 500 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS 18

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VNFRY19 Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets Nuggets de Chia y Arroz sin Gluten 240 gr VNFRY24 VNFRY20 Rice Protein and Quinoa Stir Fry Strips Tiras de Arroz y Chia 300 gr Chickpea and Butternut Balls Alb ndigas de Garbanzo 240 gr VNFRY26 Soy and Flaxseed Schnitzels Escalope de Soja y semillas de girasol Sin Gluten 320 gr VNFRY21 Chickpea and Quinoa Falafels Bolitas de Falafel sin gluten 270 gr VNFRY27 Smoky BBQ Wood Fired Pizza Pizza BBQ Ahumada 430 gr VNFRY23 Quinoa and Brown Rice Protein Burgers Hamburguesa de Quinoa y Arroz Sin Gluten 320 gr VNFRY28 Mediterranean Wood Fired Pizza Pizza Mediterranea 405 gr 19

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VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNFRY29 Traditional Burgers HORECA Hamburguesa Tradicional HORECA 4400 gr VNFRY30 Chicken Style Nuggets HORECA Nuggets Vegano HORECA 3800 gr VNFRY31 Chicken Style Burgers HORECA Hamburguesas Estilo Pollo HORECA 3200 gr VNFRY34 Vegan Polony Bologna Mortadela Vegana Polony 380 gr VNFRY35 Hot Dog Sausages HORECA 5kg Salchichas Hot Dog HORECA 5kg 5000 gr VNFRY36 Vegan Chunky Strips CATERING Tiras de Carnita Vegetal HORECA 3800 gr 20

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Ecozone Ltd brings us their famous gourmet burger under their brand Moving Mountains with their famous consistency made with coconut oil beets mushrooms and vegetable proteins A healthy and tasty option endorsed by the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International Ecozone Ltd nos trae la famosa hamburguesa gourmet bajo su marca Moving Mountains con su alabada consistencia hecha con aceite de coco remolacha champi ones y prote nas vegetales Una opci n sana y sabrosa con el aval de la Vegan Society y de Cruelty Free International 21

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VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNMM04 Moving Mountains Hot Dog 155 gr Salchichas Hot Dog Moving Mountains 155 gr 930 gr VNMM01 Moving Mountains Burger 113gr Hamburguesa Moving Mountains 113gr HORECA 2260 gr VNMM05 Moving Mountains Hot Dog 90g Salchichas Hot Dog Moving Mountains 90gr 360 gr VNMM02 Moving Mountains burger 170gr Hamburguesa Moving Mountains 170gr 3060 gr VNMM03 Moving Mountains Burger 113gr 2 und Hamburguesa Moving Mountains 113gr 2und Retail 226 gr VNMM06 Moving Mountains Hot Dog 90gr 2 und Moving Mountains90gr 2 und 180 gr 22

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VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNMM07 Moving Mountains Burger Retail 8x113gr Hamburguesa Moving Mountains Retail 8x113gr 904 gr VNMM08 Moving Mountains Burger Retail 8x170gr Hamburguesa Moving Mountains Retail 8x170gr 1360 gr VNMM13 VNMM12 Meatballs 2kg Albondigas 2kg 2000 gr Sausage Patty No Pork 56g HORECA Sausage Patty No Pork 56g HORECA 1995 gr VNMM09 Moving Mountains Sausage 57gr 35ud Salchichas Moving Mountains 57gr 35ud 1995 gr VNMM10 Moving Mountains No Pork Burger 113gr HORECA 20uds Hamburguesa Moving Mountains No Pork 113gr HORECA 20uds 2260 gr VNMM11 Sausage 57g 4uds retail Salchicha 57g 4uds retail 228 gr VNMM14 Mince 2 6 kg HORECA Carne Picada 2 6 kg HORECA 2600 gr VNMM15 Fish Fingers 2Kgs HORECA Palitos de Pescado 2kgs HORECA 2000 gr 23

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My body will not be a tomb for other creatures Leonardo Da Vinci 24

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This British brand brings us yummy alternatives to mince hamburgers and sausage made with peam rice and soy proteins Kosher with no gluten Finger licking good Esta marca brit nica nos trae sabrosas alternativas a la carne picada las hamburguesas y las salchichas elaboradas con prote na de guisante arroz y soja Sin gluten y Kosher Para chuparse los dedos 25

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VNMF01 VNMF02 Meat Free Burger Hamburguesa sin carne Meatless Farm 226 gr VNMF04 Meat Free Mince Carne picada sin carne 250 gr VNMF05 VNMF06 Meat Free Burger HORECA Hamburguesa sin carne Meatless Farm Hosteleria 4000 gr Meat Free Mince 1kg pack Carne Picada Meatless Farm 1kg pack 1000 gr Meatballs 1kg Albondigas 1kg 1000 gr VNMF07 VNMF08 VNMF09 Meatballs Albondigas 200 gr Nuggets Nuggets 200 gr Schnitzels Escalopes 200 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS 26

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Healthy fast food Yes you read right Created by a British man in South Beach and crafted in the North of Europe by a group of professional health hackers Free of cholesterol palm oil titanium dioxide transgenic and plastics Good for you good for the environment Comida r pida sana Has le do bien Creada por un brit nico en South Beach y fabricada en el norte de Europa por un grupo de hackers de la salud profesionales Sin colesterol aceite de palma di xido de titanio ni transg nicos y sin pl sticos Bueno para ti bueno para el medioambiente 27

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VNMB01 Classic Miami Burger Hamburguesa Clasica Miami 2x100g VNMB02 Louisiana No chicken Burger 2x110g Hamburguesa No Pollo Louisiana 2x110g VNMB05 Smokey Vegan Mini Bacon 1kg Rashers Mini Bacon ahumbado vegano 1kg Rashers 1000 gr VNMB07 Chocolate Pudding 160g retail Postre de chocolate Puding 160g Retail 160 gr VNMB03 Louisiana No chicken Burger HORECA 40uds Hamburguesa No Pollo Louisiana HORECA 40uds VNMB06 Smokey Vegan Mini Bacon 180g Retail Mini Bacon ahumbado vegano 180g Retail 180 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNMB08 Lincolnshire Sausages Salchichas Lincolnshire 240 gr 28

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No hay mucho m s que decir es la marca de carne vegana m s famosa The Beyond Burger has 20 grams of protein a lot more than animal meat It has no soy gluten or transgenics No hay mucho m s que decir es la marca de carne vegana m s famosa La Beyond Burger aporta 20 gramos de prote na m s que muchas de carne animal y no contiene soja gluten ni transg nicos 29

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VNBY02 Beyond Meat Burger 2x113g The Beyond Burger 2 x 113g 226 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNBY03 VNBY01 Beyond Meat Burger 10x113g Hamburguesa Beyond Pack 10 x 113g 1130 gr Beyond Meat Burger 42x113g Hamburguesa Beyond Hosteler a 42 x 113g 4746 gr VNBY04 VNBY05 Beyond Meat Sausage Brat Original 50 x 100g Beyond Sausage Estilo Original 50 x 100g 5000 gr VNBY06 Beyond Meat Sausage Brat Original 10x100g Beyond Sausage Estilo Original 10 x 100g 1000 gr Beyond Meat Sausage Brat Original 2uds Retail Beyond Meat Sausage Estilo Original 2uds Retail 400 gr VNBY07 Beyond Minced Beef Beyond Beef Carne Picada 300 gr 30

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Sweden s most innovative brand brings us their most attractive and prizewinning products pulled oumph Thyme garlic kebab spiced and the chunk We are in love with this brand committed with the environment that uses soy water salt and spices to offer us products of a high nutritional value La marca sueca m s innovadora nos trae sus productos m s atractivos y galardonados Pulled Oumph Thyme Garlic Kebab Spiced y The Chunk Nos encanta esta marca tan comprometida con el medioambiente que usa soja agua sal y especias para ofrecernos productos con alto valor nutricional 31

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VNOM01 Salty Smoky Trocitos Ahumados y salados 280 gr VNOM02 Pulled Oumph Tiras Deshilachadas 280 gr VNOM04 VNOM03 Thyme Garlic Alitas marinadas con tomillo y ajo 280 gr The Chunk Trozos Chunks 280 gr VNOM07 The Oumph Burger Hamburguesa Oumph 226 gr VNOM05 Kebab Spiced Kebab especiado 280 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNOM08 The Banger Hot Dogs Bangers 280 gr VNOM06 Meatballs Alb ndigas 280 gr VNOM09 Sticky Smokehouse Costillas Veganas Oumph 280 gr VNOM10 Grill Spiced Trocitos Grill Picanteh 280 gr 32

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I can t think of anything better in the world to be but a vegan Alicia Silverstone 33

Page 34

The brand that brings us the most known chicken of recent times It contains all that is needed to avoid nutritional deficiencies vegetable protein fiber iron and vitamin B12 Plus it has no gluten La marca que nos trae el no pollo m s conocido de los ltimos tiempos Aporta todo lo necesario para no padecer carencias nutricionales prote na vegetal fibra hierro y vitamina B12 Adem s no tiene gluten 34

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VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNHA01 VNHA02 Original Bites Bocados Originales 180 gr VNHA05 Heura Pizza Pizza de Heura 180 gr VNHA03 Spiced Bites Bocados Especiados 180 gr VNHA06 Original Bites Bocados Originales Hosteler a 2500 gr VNHA04 Mediterranean Bites Bocados Mediterr neos 180 gr VNHA07 Spiced Bites Bocados Especiados Hosteler a 2500 gr Original Strips Tiras Originales 180 gr VNHA08 Mediterranean Bites Bocados Mediterr neos Hosteler a 2500 gr 35

Page 36

VNHA09 VNHA10 Spiced Tacos Tacos Especiados 180 gr Heura Meatballs Retail 12ud Alb ndigas Heura Retail 12ud 1000 gr VNHA15 Original Strips HORECA 2 5KG Tiras Originales HORECA 2 5KG 2500 gr Heura Burger Retail 2ud Hamburguesa Heura Retail 2ud 1130 gr Heura Burger 1 13kg Hamburguesa Heura 1 13kg 1130 gr VNHA13 VNHA12 Heura Burger 4 52kg Hamburguesa Heura 4 52kg 4250 gr VNHA14 VNHA11 Heura Meatballs 1kg Alb ndigas Heura 1kg 1000 gr VNHA16 Spiced Tacos HORECA 2 5KG Tacos Especiados HORECA 2 5KG 2500 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS 36

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The brand that uses micro proteins as a base for their products Also known as fungal proteins they offer a high nutritional value and are produced following the brand s philosophy healthy foods for a healthy planet La marca que usa micoprote nas como base para sus productos Tambi n conocidas como prote nas f ngicas ofrecen un alto valor nutritivo y se producen conforme a la filosof a de la marca alimentos sanos para un planeta sano 37

Page 38

VNQ101 Hot Spicy vegan Burgers Hamburguesa Especiada Crujiente 264 gr VNQ102 Vegan Crunchy Fillets Filetes Empanados Crujientes 200 gr VNQ105 Fishless Vegan Fingers Fingers de Pescado Vegano 200 gr VNQ103 Vegan Nuggets Nuggets Veganos 280 gr VNQ106 Vegan Pieces Trocitos Vegetales Estilo Pollo 280 gr VNQ104 Vegan Fillets Filetes Vegetales 252 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS 38

Page 39

VNQ108 Ultimate Burger Hamburguesa Ultimate 227 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNQ111 Vegan Barbecue Strips Tiras veganas con sabor a barbacoa 280 gr VNQ113 Vegan Breaded Fishless fillets Lemon Pepper Filetes Empanados Estilo Pescado al Lim n y Pimienta 200 gr VNQ112 Vegan Battered Fishless fillets Salt Vinager Filetes Estilo Pescado crujiente Sal y Vinagre 200 gr VNQ114 Vegan Sizziling Mexican Strips Tiras Fajitas 280 gr 39

Page 40

Like no one else our mission is to take jackfruit to a whole new level We make meat free meats that are tasty plantbased and nutritious And as meaty as meat can be because we use the flesh straight from the jackfruit Jack Bry s quality plant based meats have been developed to recreate the taste texture and flavour of their meat counterparts making them perfect for meat eaters flexitarians vegetarians and vegans with an appetite for good food Como nadie nuestra misi n es llevar el Jackfruit a un nuevo nivel Hacemos carnes sin carne que son sabrosas a base de plantas nutritivas Y tan carnosa como la carne puede ser porque usamos la carne directamente del jackfruit Las carnes vegetales de calidad de Jack Bry han sido desarrolladas para recrear el sabor la textura y el gusto de sus hom logos de la carne lo que las hace perfectas para los consumidores de carne los flexitarianos los vegetarianos y los veganos con apetito por la buena comida 40

Page 41

VNJB01 Burger Hamburguesas 220 gr VNJB02 Sausage Jack Bry Jackfruit Salchichas 200 gr VNJB03 Jack Bry Jackfruit Carne Picada 225 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS 41

Page 42

An authentic culinary revolution for those that know what they want Vegetal meat made with 100 protein of the highest quality for the best recipes Their products are really tasty and their textures are surprisingly good Una aut ntica revoluci n culinaria para los que saben lo que quieren Carne vegetal elaborada con prote na 100 vegetal de m xima calidad para preparar las mejores recetas Sus productos son muy sabrosos y sus texturas sorprendentes 42

Page 43

VNLF01 VNLF02 Nuggets Corn Flakes Case RETAIL Nuggets Corn Flakes Estuche RETAIL 200 gr VNLF05 Brownie 3 units RETAIL Brownie 3uds RETAIL 210 gr VNLF06 Brownie 15 units HORECA Brownie 15uds HORECA 1000 gr VNLF08 Beef Flavour Vegan Burguer HORECA Hamburguesa Vegana aroma Ternera HORECA 3450 gr Nuggets Corn Flakes Case 3 5 kgs HORECA Nuggets Corn Flakes Estuche 3 5Kgs HORECA 3500 gr VNLF03 Burger No Chicken Corn Flakes 100 gr Pack 2 units RETAIL Burger Corn Flakes no Pollo 100 gr Estuche 2 unidades RETAIL 200 gr VNLF04 Burger No Chicken Corn Flakes 3Kgs HORECA Burger Corn Flakes no Pollo 3Kgs HORECA 3 000 gr VNLF07 Beef Flavour Vegan Burguer RETAIL Hamburguesa Vegana aroma Ternera RETAIL 226 gr VNLF09 No Chicken Bites Delights Case 200 gr RETAIL Delicias de Pechvga Trozos Estuche 200 gr RETAIL 200 gr VNLF10 No Chicken Bites Delights Case 3 5Kgs HORECA Delicias de Pechuga Trozos Estuche 3 5Kgs HORECA 3550 gr 43

Page 44

When I see bacon I see a pig I see a little friend and that s why I can t eat it Simple as that Paul McCartney 44

Page 45

The Dutch brand that offers whole foods rich in proteins vitamin B12 iron and zinc Perfec to avoid the so feared question Where do you get your B12 from Plus the consisetency of its products is amazing and the taste is incredible La marca holandesa que nos ofrece alimentos completos ricos en prote nas vitamina B12 hierro y zinc Perfecta para evitar la tan temida pregunta de y t de d nde sacas la B12 Adem s la consistencia de sus productos es impecable y el sabor incre ble 45

Page 46

VNVF01 Vegan Cordon Bleu HORECA Cordon Bleu vegano HORECA 4000 gr VNVF05 Vegan Nuggets HORECA Nuggets veganos HORECA 4000 gr VNVF10 Vegan Schnitzel Retail 200gr Escalopes Veganos Schnitzel Retail 200gr 4000 gr VNVF02 Vegan Meatballs HORECA Alb ndigas veganas HORECA 4000 gr VNVF06 Vegan Nuggets Retail 200gr Nuggets veganos Retail 200 gr 200 gr VNVF11 Vegan Steak HORECA Vegan Steak HORECA 4000 gr VNVF03 Vegan Fish Sticks HORECA Palitos de pescado veganos HORECA 4000 gr VNVF07 Vegan Cordon Bleu RETAIL 200gr Cordon Bleu vegano Retail 200gr 250 gr VNVF12 Vegan Steak Retail 200g Vegan Steak Retail 200g 200 gr VNVF04 Vegan Fish Sticks Retail 200gr Palitos de pescado veganos Retail 200gr 200 gr VNVF08 Vegan Meatballs Retail 250gr Albondigas veganas Retail 250gr 250 gr VNVF13 Vegan RAW Burger HORECA Vegan RAW Burger HORECA 4000 gr VNVF09 Vegan Schnitzel HORECA Escalopes Veganos Schnitzel HORECA 4000 gr VNVF14 Vegan RAW Burger Retail 220gr Vegan RAW Burger Retail 220gr 220 gr 46

Page 47

A meat alternative that does not try to be meat like What s the point if using vegetables of the highest quality one can produce wonderful hamburgers sausages and falafel Una alternativa a la carne que no trata de imitarla Para qu si con verduras de primera calidad se pueden hacer hamburguesas salchichas o falafel maravillosos 47

Page 48

VNGFL01 Vegetable Chickpea Falafels Falafels Veganos 280 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNGFL04 Picador Parsnip Sweet Carrot Nut Burgers with Crunchy Cashews Hamburguesa de Zanahoria y Anacardos 320 gr VNGFL02 Spicy Veg Beanburgers Hamburguesas Especiadas Chipotle 454 gr VNGFL05 VNGFL03 Mighty Non Meaty Sausage Salchichas Mighty Non Meaty 252 gr Vegetable Protein Balls with Spinach and Kale Bolas de Proteinas de Espinacas y Kale 300 gr VNGFL06 Katsu Curry Burger Hamburguesa Katsu Curry 252 gr 48

Page 49

The German brand offers us the best traditional Indian dishes ready to eat Their breads snacks and curries are completely natural and contain no artificial additives La marca alemana que nos ofrece los mejores platos de la comida india tradicional listos para comer Sus panes snacks y currys son totalmente naturales y no contienen aditivos artificiales 49

Page 50

VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNVEP01 Punjabi Samosa Punjabi Samosa 550 gr VNVEP02 Tandoori Naan Vegan Tandoori Naan Vegan 320 gr VNVEP03 Bombay Street Snack Bombay Street Snacks 420 gr VNVEP04 Tandoori Garlic Naan Vegan Tandoori Garlic Naan Vegan 320 gr 50

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I ve found that a person does not need protein from meat to be a successful athlete In fact my best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet Carl Lewis 51

Page 52

Brand founded by a Canadian chef that holds the Vegan Action Certification Their products contain soy wheat and peas vegetable protein organic flours and potatoes beets and carrots among other ingredients Marca fundada por un chef canadiense que cuenta con la certificaci n Vegan Action Sus productos contienen prote na vegetal de soja trigo y guisante harinas org nicas y patata remolacha y zanahoria entre otros ingredientes 52

Page 53

VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNGAR02 Seven Grain Crispy Tenders Tenders Estilo Pollo 255 gr VNGAR04 Chipotle Black Bean Burger Burger Frijol Negro 340 gr VNGAR11 The Ultimate Beefless Burger Burger de Ternera 352 gr VNGAR05 Golden Fishless Filets Filetes Estilo Pescado 288 gr VNGAR12 Crispy Chicken Patties Hamburguesa Estilo Pollo Crujiente 352 gr VNGAR06 Mandarin Orange Crispy Chicken Tiras mandarin crujientes al Estilo Pollo 300 gr VNGAR15 Crispy Chicken Sliders Hamburguesa Estilo Pollo 320 gr 53

Page 54

All the flavor and benefits of the sea in a 100 vegetable version Products made with algae and natural flavors without artificial additives colors or preservatives In addition they are sustainable to take care of the planet Todo el sabor y los beneficios del mar en versi n 100 vegetal Productos elaborados con algas y aromas naturales sin aditivos artificiales colorantes ni conservantes Adem s son sostenibles para cuidar el planeta 54

Page 55

VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNNV01 Vegan No Fish Burgers 2x90g Hamburguesas veganas sin pescado 180 ml 2X90gr VNNV02 Vegan No Fish Sticks 6x30g Palitos veganos sabor a pescado 180 ml 6x30gr VNNV03 Vegan No Fish Nuggets HORECA Nuggets veganos sin pescado HORECA 2000 gr VNNV04 Vegan No Fish Burgers HORECA Hamburguesas veganas sin pescado HORECA 2000 gr 55

Page 56

More Divine than ever and with 25 years of tasty and healthy culinary experience to back them off this bran keeps fighting to creat awareness and promote change towards food that is more respectful of the environemnt and other sentient beings A national point of reference M s divina que nunca y con 25 a os de sabrosa y sana experiencia culinaria a sus espaldas esta marca sigue queriendo concienciar y fomentar el cambio a una alimentaci n m s respetuosa con el medioambiente y con los dem s seres sintientes Todo un referente a nivel nacional 56

Page 57

VNDT01 Braised Rainbow Vegan Bacon Braised Rainbow Bacon Vegano 400 gr VNDT04 Atlantic Burger Hamburguesa Atl ntica 400 gr VNDT02 Atlantic Rings Vegan squids Atlantic Rings Calamares Veganos 300 gr VNDT05 Mediterranean Bites Bocados Mediterraneos 300 gr VNDT07 Atlantic Rings Vegan Squid Rings HORECA Atlantic Rings Calamares Veganos HORECA 1000 gr VNDT03 Smoked Atlantic Fillet Vegan fish fillet Filete Pescado Vegetal 300 gr VNDT06 Japanese Tofu Tofu Japon s 350 gr VNDT08 Braised Rainbow Vegan Bacon HORECA Braised Rainbow Bacon Vegano HORECA 1000 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS 57

Page 58

At Happy V Planet we care about our planet as well as all living beings that share it We are a team of vegans and vegetarians from around the world who are equally passionate about healthy food and about animal welfare The Happy V products are created with a spirited concern for quality and an unshakable and heartfelt desire to nourish and benefit our world They boast unique textures super versatile flavors and are made with a consciousness of compassion for all beings En Happy V Planet nos preocupamos por el planeta y todos los seres vivos que lo comparten Somos un equipo de veganos y vegetarianos de todo el mundo a los que nos apasiona tanto la comida sana como el bienestar de los animales Creamos nuestros productos con una viva preocupaci n por la calidad y un deseo inquebrantable y sincero de nutrir y beneficiar a nuestro mundo Creemos que en tiempos de grandes desaf os mejores productos son parte de la soluci n 58

Page 59

VNHVP01 Bologna Sausage Original Mortadela Vegetal sabor Original 300 gr VNHVP02 Bologna Sausage Ham Flavor Mortadela vegetal sabor Jam n 300 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNHVP03 Smoked Salami Sausage Fuet ahumado vegetal 250 gr VNHVP05 VNHVP04 Smoked Pepperoni Sausage Pepporoni ahumado vegetal 250 gr Hot Dogs Original Hot Dogs sabor Original 200 gr VNHVP06 Hot Dogs Ham Flavor Hot Dogs sabor Jam n 200 gr VNHVP07 Vegan Wheat Spelt Pat with Nori Seaweeds Pat con algas Nori 125 gr VNHVP08 Smoked Pepperoni Sausage Pepporoni ahumado vegetal 125 gr VNHVP09 Chicken free bites Trozos estilo Pollo Vegano 200 gr 59

Page 60

Impressinve vegan gluten free sausages The Keeble s have two motos there is no shortcuts if you want things to be done rights and What the heck Aditionally their production is 100 natural Salchichas veganas y sin gluten impresionantes Los dos lemas de la familia Keeble son si quieres hacer las cosas bien no hay atajos y What the heck algo as comom Qu demonios Adem s su producci n es muy limitada 100 natural 60

Page 61

VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNHEF01 Bollywood Bangers Sausages Salchichas Bollywood Bangers 340 gr VNHEF02 Breakfast Sausages Vegan Salchichas Desayuno Vegan Breakfast 340 gr VNHEF03 Beet Sausages The Beet Goes on Salchichas Remolacha The Beet Goes on 340 gr VNHEF04 No meat Sausages Red box Salchichas sin carne pack rojo 340 gr VNHEF05 Frankfuter Sausages Vegfurter Salchichas Frankfuter Vegfurter 340 gr VNHEF06 Vegetarian Mushroom Spinach Burgers Hamburguesa de Espinacas y Champi on 340 gr 61

Page 62

The famous gourmet croquettes of Chef Cristina Comenge in a vegan version with a totally addictive combination of flavors and textures Las famos simas croquetas gourmet de la Chef Cristina Comenge en versi n vegana con una combinaci n de sabores y texturas totalmente adictiva 62

Page 63

VNOC01 Cauliflower and Curry croquettes 225g retail Croquetas Veganas Coliflor y Curry 225g Retail 225 gr VNOC02 Cauliflower and Curry croquettes 2 kilo Croquetas Veganas Coliflor y Curry 2 kilo HORECA 2000gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS 63

Page 64

Winner of Master Chef Sweden Amir Kheirmand wants to make our lives easier with his prepared dishes suitable for all audiences His star dish is his seitan based kebak El ganador de Master Chef Suecia Amir Kheirmand nos quiere hacer la vida m s f cil con sus platos preparados para todos los p blicos Su plato estrella es el kebab de seit n 64

Page 65


Page 66

After all the information I gathered about the mistreatment of animals I couldn t continue to eat meat Liam Hemsworth 66

Page 67

Artisan vegetable ice cream without colorants artificial additives or preservatives With all the flavor and texture of the most classic ice cream Helados artesanos vegetales sin colorantes aditivos artificiales ni conservantes y con todo el sabor y textura del helado m s cl sico 67

Page 68

VNPA01 Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Helado de Chocolate Negro 475 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNPA05 Tropical Mango Ice Cream 2500ml HORECA Helado de Mango Tropical 2500ml HORECA 2500 ml VNPA02 Straccia coco Ice Cream Helado Straccia coco 475 gr VNPA06 Hazelnut Ice Cream 2500ml HORECA Helado de Avellana 2500ml HORECA 2500ml VNPA03 Hazelnut Ice Cream Helado de Avellana 475 gr VNPA07 Dark Chocolate Ice Cream 2500ml HORECA Helado de Chocolate Negro 2500ml HORECA 2500ml VNPA04 Tropical Mango Ice Cream Helado de Mango tropical 475 gr VNPA08 Straccia coco Ice Cream 2500ml HORECA Helado Straccia coco 2500ml HORECA 2500ml 68

Page 69

We can now enjoy the refined Japanese mochis in a vegan version An entire oriental tradition with more than 500 years of history and a variety so sweet that it will be very difficult to choose Ya podemos disfrutar de los refinados mochis japoneses en versi n vegana Toda una tradici n oriental con m s de 500 a os de historia y una variedad tan golosa que va a ser muy dif cil elegir 69

Page 70

VNMK01 Pistacho Mochi 5uds Mochi Vegano de Pistacho Caja de 5 unidades VNMK04 Mango Mochi 5uds Mochi Vegano de Mango Caja de 5 unidades VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNMK07 Chocolate Cherry Truffle Mochi 5uds Mochi Vegano de Trufa con Cereza Caja de 5 unidades VNMK02 Chocolate Mochi 5uds Mochi Vegano de Chocolate Caja de 5 unidades VNMK05 Coco and almond Mochi 5uds Mochi Vegano de Coco y Almendras Caja de 5 unidades VNMK08 Limoncello Mochi 5uds Mochi Vegano de Limoncello Caja de 5 unidades VNMK03 Vanilla Mochi 5uds Mochi Vegano de Vainilla Caja de 5 unidades VNMK06 Berrys Mochi 5uds Mochi Vegano de Frutas del Bosque Caja de 5 unidades VNMK09 Green Tea Mochi 5uds Mochi Vegano deTe Verde Matcha Caja de 5 unidades 70

Page 71

Booja Booja produces luxury multi award winning organic melt in the mouth dairy free chocolate truffles and creamy plant based vegan ice cream Their receipts have simple organic ingredients and everything vegan as well as dairy gluten and soya free Booja Booja produce trufas de chocolate org nicas de lujo y cremosos helados veganos a base de plantas Sus recetas tienen ingredientes org nicos simples y todo lo vegano as como l cteos sin gluten y sin soja 71

Page 72

VNBB01 Vegan Caramel Pecan Praline Ice Cream Helado Caramelo Pecan Pralin 500 ml VNBB02 Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle Helado Trufa de Chocolate con Avellana 500 ml VNBB05 VNBB03 Vegan Raspberry Ripple Helado Frambuesa Vainilla 500 ml Vegan Keep Smiling Vanilla M Gorilla Helado Vainilla Gorila 500 ml VNBB06 VNBB04 Vegan Hunky Punky Chocolate Helado Hunky Punky Chocolate 500 ml Vegan Chocolate Salted Caramel Helado Chocolate con Caramelo Salado 500 ml VNBB07 VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS Vegan Honeycomb Caramel Vegan Honeycomb Caramel 500 ml VNBB08 Vegan Mint Chocolate Truffle Vegan Mint Chocolate Truffle 500 ml 72

Page 73

Organic healthy creamy and tasty 100 vegetable ice creams with superfoods From Murcia with our marcona almonds the nougat and tiger nut horchata the one you remember from every summer 100 natural 100 flavor Helados ecol gicos sanos cremosos y sabrosos 100 vegetales con superalimentos Desde Murcia con nuestra almendra marcona la del turr n y horchata de chufa la de todos los veranos 100 naturales 100 sabor 73

Page 74

VNRK01 VNRK02 Stracciatella Ice Cream Helado de Horchata de Chufa y Chocolate Stracciatella 460 gr VNRK04 Matcha Tea Ice Cream Helado de T Matcha Matcha Tea 460 gr VNRK07 Banana Mango Ice Cream HORECA Helado de Pl tano y Mango HORECA 2500 gr VNRK03 Caramel Ice Cream Helado de Caramelo Caramel 460 gr VNRK05 Coffee Ice Cream Helado de Caf Coffee 460 gr VNRK08 Stracciatella Ice Cream HORECA Helado de Horchata de Chufa y Chocolate HORECA 2500 gr Cocoa Ice Cream Helado de Cocoa 460 gr VNRK06 VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS Banana Mango Ice Cream Helado de Pl tano y Mango Banana Mango 460 gr VNRK09 Caramel Ice Cream HORECA Helado de Caramelo HORECA 2500 gr 74

Page 75

I don t see why someone should lose their life just so you can have a snack Russell Brand 75

Page 76

The American vegetable turkey brand par excellence brings us their recipes made with tofu or seitan and stuffed with grains or bread with spices or fine herbs Endorsed by the Vegan Society La marca estadounidense de pavo vegetal por excelencia nos trae sus recetas hechas con tofu o seit n y rellenos de cereales o pan con especias o finas hierbas Avalada por la Vegan Society 76

Page 77

VNTFY01 Original Italian Sausage Salchicha Italiana Original 397 gr VNTFY02 Original Polish Sausage Salchicha Polaca Kielbasa 397 gr VNTFY03 Beer Brats Sausages Salchichas Beer Brats 397 gr VNTFY04 Smoked Ham Deli Slices Lonchas Sabor Jam n Ahumado 156 gr VNTFY05 Hickory Smoked Deli slices Lonchas Sabor Pavo Ahumado 156 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS 77

Page 78

VNTFY06 VNTFY07 Oven Roasted Slices Lonchas Sabor Pavo Asado 156 gr Smoky Maple Bacon Strips Tiras de Tempeh Estilo Bacon Ahumado 227 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNTFY08 Slow Roasted Chicken Barbeque Trocitos Sabor Pollo Barbacoa 227 gr VNTFY09 Lightly Seasoned Chicken Pieces Trocitos Sabor Pollo Marinado Suave 227 gr VNTFY10 Chorizo Style Plant Based Crumbles Chorizo Crumbles a Base de Plantas 227 gr VNTFY11 Tofurky Roast With Herb Gravy Asado Tofurky con salsa de hierbas 765 gr 78

Page 79

The creative brand of Veganaise the hyper well known and award winning vegan mayo Their cheeses yogurts sauces and egg alternatives are prime examples of their high quality standards La marca creadora de la Veganaise la archiconocida y galardonada mayonesa vegana Sus quesos yogures salsas y alternativas al huevo est n a su altura 79

Page 80

VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNFYH02 Original Vegenaise Veganesa Original 340 gr VNFYH03 Organic Vegenaise Veganesa Ecol gica Organica 340 gr VNFYH04 Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise Veganesa Aceite de Semilla de Uva 340 gr VNFYH05 Soy Free Vegenaise Veganesa sin Soja 340 gr VNFYH06 Vegan Sriracha Vegenaise Veganesa Sriracha 340 gr VNFYH07 Organic Garlic Alioli Vegenaise Veganesa Ajo Alioli Ecol gica 340 gr 80

Page 81

VNFYH08 Vegan Bleu Cheese Salsa Queso Azul 335 gr VNFYH9 Organic Vegan Caesar Salsa C sar 335 gr VNFYH10 High Omega Vegan Ranch Salsa Ranchera 335 gr VNFYH11 Vegan Honey Mustard Salsa Miel Mostaza 335 gr VNFYH12 Organic Miso Ginger Salsa Miso Jengibre 335 gr VNFYH13 Organic Italian Vinaigrette Salsa Italiana Vinagreta 335 gr VNFYH14 Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette Salsa Vinagreta Ecol gical 335 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNFYH15 Organic Vegan Coleslaw Salsa de Col 335 gr VNFYH23 Vegan Pepperjack Queso Vegano Pepperjack 284 gr VNFYH24 Vegan Smoked Gouda Queso Vegano Gouda Ahumado 284 gr VNFYH25 Medium Cheddar Slices Lonchas Cheddar Medio 284 gr 81

Page 82

There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain happiness and misery Charles Darwin 82

Page 83

The most traditional scotish vegan cheese brand Non transgenic soy free La marca escocesa con m s tradici n en el mundo de los quesos veganos Sin transg nicos ni soja 83

Page 84

VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNSHS01 Garlic and Herb Cheese Spread Queso Untable y Finas Hierbas 255 gr VNSHS05 Vegan Cheddar Style with Caramelised Red Onion Queso Estilo Cheddar con Cebolla Caramelizada 200 gr VNSHS02 Vegan Greek Style Cheese Queso Estilo Griego 200 gr VNSHS06 Vegan Blue Cheese Queso Estilo Azul 200 gr VNSHS03 Vegan Wensleydale Style with Cranberries Queso con Ar ndanos 200 gr VNSHS07 Original Vegan Cheese Spread Queso Untable Original 255 gr VNSHS04 Vegan Smoked German Cheese Queso Estilo Ahumado estilo Smoked German 200 gr VNSHS08 Vegan Cheddar Cheese Spread Queso Untable Estilo Cheddar 255 gr 84

Page 85

VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNSHS09 Mozzarella Cheese Slices Lonchas Estilo Mozzarella 200 gr VNSHS14 Chives Cheese Spread Queso Untable de Cebolleta 255 gr VNSHS10 Vegan Gouda Style Queso Estilo Gouda 200 gr VNSHS15 Sweet Chilli Cheese Spread Queso Untable de Chilli Dulce 255 gr VNSHS11 Vegan Strong Cheddar Style Queso Estilo Cheddar Fuerte 200 gr VNSHS16 Spring Onion and Black Pepper Cheese Spread Queso Untable de Cebolla y Pimienta Negra 255 gr VNSHS12 Vegan Shredded Mozzarella Style Cheese Queso Rallado Estilo Mozzarella 200 gr VNSHS17 Vegan Blue French Style Cheese Queso Estilo Azul Franc s 200 gr VNSHS13 Leicester Cheese Spread Queso Estilo Cheddar Leicester 200 gr VNSHS18 Vegan Mild Cheddar Style Cheese Queso Semicurado Estilo Cheddar Mild 200 gr 85

Page 86

VNSHS19 Vegan Mature Cheddar Style Shredded Cheese Queso Rallado Estilo Cheddar Curado Mature 200 gr VNSHS23 Vegan Mature Cheddar Style Queso Estilo Cheddar Curado Mature 200 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNSHS27 Vegan Mild Cheddar Style Slices Lonchas Estilo Cheddar Semi Curado Mild 200 gr VNSHS20 Vegan Mild Cheddar Style Shredded Cheese Queso Rallado Estilo Cheddar Semicurado Mild 200 gr VNSHS24 Vegan Edam Style Queso Estilo Edam 200 gr VNSHS28 Mozzarella Style Shredded Cheese HORECA Queso Rallado Estilo Mozzarella HORECA 2000 gr VNSHS21 Vegan Cheddar Style with Jalape o and Chilli Queso Estilo Cheddar Jalape o Chilli 200 gr VNSHS25 Vegan Mature Cheddar Style Slices Lonchas Estilo Cheddar Curado Mature 200 gr VNSHS22 Vegan Cheddar Style with Garlic and Chives Queso Estilo Cheddar con Ajo y Cebolla 200 gr VNSHS26 Vegan Red Leicester Style Slices Lonchas Estilo Leicester 180 gr VNSHS29 Original Cream Cheese HORECA Queso Untable Original HORECA 3000 gr 86

Page 87

The most realistic vegan cheese textyre melting taste smell Vegan cheese for cheese lovers El queso vegano m s aut ntico textura punto de fundido sabor aspecto olor Un queso vegano para los m s queseros 87

Page 88

VNYBUT01 Blue Flavour Cubes Cubitos queso Azul 175 gr VNYBUT03 Cheddar Flavour slices Lonchas estilo Cheddar 150 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNYBUT05 Mozarella Flavour grated Queso estilo Mozarella rallado 150 gr VNYBUT02 Feta Flavour Cubes Cubitos Feta 175 gr VNYBUT04 Halloumi Flavour Block Bloque estilo Halloumi 150 gr VNYBUT06 Parmesan flavour powder Queso estilo Parmesano en polvo 150 gr 88

Page 89

I love animals All animals I wouldn t hurt a cat or a dog or a chicken or a cow And I wouldn t ask someone else to hurt them for me That s why I m a vegetarian Peter Dinklage 89

Page 90

This Canadian brand offers us cheeses and desserts made with yucca and rice which allows their cheeses to melt to perfection Plus they are free of gluten soy barley and dry fruits Esta marca canadiense nos ofrece quesos y postres hechos con yuca y arroz lo que hace que sus quesos se fundan a la perfecci n al calentarse Adem s no tienen gluten soja trigo cebada ni frutos secos 90

Page 91

VNDF01 Cutting Board Cheddar Shreds Tiras Cheddar 200 gr VNDF02 Cutting Board Mozzarella Shreds Tiras Mozzarella 200 gr VNDF03 Cutting Board Pepperjack Shreds Tiras Pepperjack 200 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNDF07 Cream Cheeze Style Spread Chive Onion Untable Cebolla 227 gr VNDF08 VNDF04 Jalapeno Havarti Style Block Bloque Estilo Jalape o Havarti 200 gr VNDF05 Monterey Jack Style Block Bloque estilo Monterey Jack 200 gr VNDF06 Smoked Gouda Style Block Bloque estilo Gouda ahumado 200 gr VNDF40 Medium Cheddar Style Block Bloque Medio estilo Cheddar 200gr Cream Cheeze Style Spread Plain Untable Liso 227 gr 91

Page 92

VNDF09 Cream Cheeze Style Spread Strawberry Untable Fresa 227 gr VNDF11 Cheddar Style Slices Lonchas Estilo Cheddar 220 gr VNDF14 VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS American Style Slices Lonchas Estilo Americano 220 gr VNDF10 Cream Cheeze Style Spread Garden Vegetable Untable Vegetales 227 gr VNDF12 Provolone Style Slices Lonchas Estilo Provolone 220 gr VNDF15 Mozzarella Style Slices Lonchas Estilo Mozzarella 220 gr VNDF13 Swiss Style Slices Lonchas Estilo Suizo 220 gr VNDF16 Smoked Gouda Style Slices Lonchas Estilo Gouda Ahumado 220 gr 92

Page 93

VNDF17 Chocolate Cheezecake Chocolate Cheezecake 400 gr VNDF18 VNDF20 VNDF23 Classic Vanilla Bean Frozen Dessert Stick de Vainilla Cl sica 231 gr VNDF19 New York Cheezecake New York Cheezecake 400 gr Strawberry Cheezecake Strawberry Cheezecake 400 gr VNDF21 Tuscan Burrito Tuscan Burrito 160 gr Tex Mex Burrito Tex Mex Burrito 160 gr VNDF24 Chocolate Fudge Crunch Frozen Dessert Stick crujiente de chocolate 231 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNDF25 Salted Caramel Swirl Frozen Dessert Stick de caramelo salado 231 gr VNDF22 Santa Fe Burrito Santa Fe Burrito 160 gr VNDF26 Espresso Coffee Frozen Dessert Stick de Caf Espresso 231 gr 93

Page 94

VNDF27 Alfredo Style Cheezy Mac Macarrones estilo Alfred 300 gr VNDF28 Cheddar Style Cheezy Mac Macarrones estilo Cheddar 300 gr VNDF32 Cheddar Style Deluxe Cheeze Sauce Salsa Deluxe estilo Cheddar 402 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNDF35 VNDF29 White Cheddar Style Veggie Cheezy Mac Macarrones vegetariano estilo Cheddar blanco 300 gr Dairy free Homestyle Ranch Dressing Salsa Ranchera 227 gr VNDF30 VNDF33 VNDF36 Cheezy Mac Meatless Bac n Cheddar Style Macarrones vegetariano estilo Cheddar Bacon 402 gr VNDF34 Alfredo Style Deluxe Cheeze Sauce Salsa Deluxe estilo Alfredo 402 gr Dairy Free Creamy Caesar Dressing Salsa Ceaser 227 gr VNDF31 Cheezy Mac Four Cheeze with Herbs Macarrones estilo 4 quesos con hierbas 300 gr Zesty Cheddar Style Deluxe Sauce Salsa Deluxe Estilo Cheddar Zesty 402 gr VNDF37 Dairy Free Blue Cheeze Dressing Salsa Queso Azul 227 gr VNDF38 Dairy Free Hon y Mustard Dressing Salsa Mostza Miel 227 gr VNDF39 Dairy Free Creamy Italian Dressing Salsa Cremosa Italiana 227 gr 94

Page 95

VNDF40 Medium Cheddar Style Block Bloque Medio Estilo Cheddar 200 gr VNDF41 Mozzarella Style Deluxe Cheeze Sticks Palitos de queso estilo mozzarella 132 gr VNDF42 Margherita Pizza Pizza Margarita 462 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNDF43 Fire Roasted Vegetable Pizza Pizza de vegetales asados al fuego 492 gr VNDF48 Cheeze Lovers Pizza Pizza Queso Cheeze Lovers 444 gr VNDF44 Meatless Pepperoni Pizza Pizza de Pepperoni sin carne 472 gr VNDF49 Santiago Burrito Burrito Santiago 160gr VNDF45 Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Pizza Pizza de Champi ones y Ajo Asado 550 gr VNDF50 Key Lime Cheezecake Key Lime Cheezecake 400 gr VNDF51 VNDF46 Supreme Pizza Pizza Suprema 542 gr Vegetable Crust Pizza Italian Herbs Cheeze Style Pizza Vegetable Crust Pizza Hierbas italianas y queso 381 gr VNDF47 Meatless Meat Lovers Pizza Pizza Sin Carne Meatless Lovers 462 gr VNDF52 Vegetable Crust Pizza Meatless Pepperoni with Jalape os Vegetable Crust Pizza Meatless Pepperoni con Jalape os 405 gr 95

Page 96

Every time sitting at a dining table we make a choice Please choose veganism Do it for the animals Do it for the environment and for the sake of your own health Alec Baldwin 96

Page 97

This brand brings us hand in hand with the great Italian kitchen master Emanuele Di Biase a wide variety of gourmet cheeses that are completely vegetable La marca que de la mano del gran maestro de cocina italiano Emanuele Di Biase nos trae una amplia variedad de quesos gourmet totalmente vegetales 97

Page 98

VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNSV01 Vegan Bio Cheese Pure Queso Vegano Bio Pure 200 gr VNSV02 Vegan Bio Cheese Truffles Queso Vegano Bio Trufa 200 gr VNSV03 Vegan Bio Cheese Black Pepper Queso Vegano Bio Pimienta Negra 200 gr VNSV04 Vegan Bio Cheese Walnuts Queso Vegano Bio Nueces 200 gr VNSV05 Vegan Bio Cheese Chili Queso Vegano Bio Chile Picante 200 gr 98

Page 99

VNSV07 VNSV06 Vegan Bio Cheese Truffles Queso Vegano Bio Trufa 400 gr Vegan Bio Cheese Pure Queso Vegano Bio Pure 400 gr VNSV08 Vegan Bio Cheese Black Pepper Queso Vegano Bio Pimienta Negra 400 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNSV09 Vegan Bio Cheese Walnuts Queso Vegano Bio Nueces 400 gr VNSV10 Vegan Bio Cheese Chili Queso Vegano Bio Chile Picante 400 gr 99

Page 100

Animals are my friends And I don t eat my friends w a h S d r a n r e B e g r o Ge 100

Page 101

From Thailand the best alternatives to condensed milk cream or meat made with coconut jackfruit or banana flower Desde Tailandia las mejores alternativas a la leche condensada la nata o la carne elaboradas con coco jaca o flor de pl tano 101

Page 102

VNNCH01 Coconut milk sweetened and condensed Leche de coco endulzada y condensada 320 gr VNNCH02 Coconut milk for whipping cream Nata de coco para montar 400gr VNNCH04 Banana Blossom in brine Flor de Pl tano en salmuera 510gr VNNCH03 Coconut milk evaporated Leche de coco evaporada 360 gr VNNCH05 Jackfruit in brine Jackfruit en salmuera 565 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS 102

Page 103

From Holland the sauces that allow us to lead a healthy lifestyle without giving up the best flavor Plus they do not contain added sugars fats animal ingredients gluten or aspartame The best texture with all the flavor Desde holanda las salsas que nos permiten llevar un estilo de vida saludable sin renunciar al mejor sabor Adem s no contienen az cares a adidos grasas ingredientes de origen animal gluten o aspartamo La mejor textura con todo el sabor 103

Page 104

VNCF01 Peri Peri Style Sauce Salsa Estilo Peri Peri 300 gr VNCF02 1000 Island Style Sauce Salsa Estilo 1000 Island 300 gr VNCF03 Curry Ketchup Sauce Salsa Curry Ketchup 300 gr VNCF04 Salsa Fancy Garlic Ajo Salsa Fancy Garlic Ajo 300 gr VNCF05 Honey Mustard Sauce Salsa Miel y Mostaza 300 gr VNCF06 Mayo Style Sauce Salsa Estilo Mayo 300 gr 104

Page 105

VNCF07 Smoky BBQ Style Sauce Salsa Estilo Smoky BBQ 300 gr VNCF08 Sweet Chili Style Sauce Salsa Estilo Sweet Chili 300 gr VNCF09 Tasty Toscana Style Sauce Salsa Estilo Tasty Toscana 300 gr VNCF10 Ketchup Tomate Sauce Salsa Tomate Ketchup 300 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNCF11 Chocolate Sauce Salsa de Chocolate 300 gr VNCF12 Salty Caramel Sauce Salsa de Chocolate 300 gr VNCF13 Caesar Style sauce Salsa estilo Cesar 300 gr VNCF14 Remoulade Style sauce Salsa estilo Remoulade 300 gr 105

Page 106

In three words Gourment Vegan Pate It was about time that we could enjoy of a gourmet pate during celebrations with no collateral damage Gaia has things clear we can celebrate our holidays without giving up our ethics Additionally their gourmet ingredients such as truffles and champagne bring us 5 star pates En tres palabras pat gourmet vegano Ya iba siendo hora de que pudi ramos disfrutar del pat gourmet en las celebraciones sin da os colaterales En Gaia lo tienen claro podemos celebrar nuestras fiestas sin renunciar a nuestra tica Adem s con sus ingredientes gourmet como la trufa o champ n nos traen unos pat s de cinco estrellas 106

Page 107

VNGFG01 Original Faux Gras 24 units box Faux Gras Original Caja 24 uds 125 gr X24 VNGFG02 Original Faux Gras 12 units box Faux Gras Original Caja 12 uds 125 gr VNGFG04 Cranberry Faux Gras Original 1 unit Faux Gras Ar ndanos 1 uds 125 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNGFG03 Cranberry Faux Gras 12 units box Faux Gras Ar ndanos Caja 12 uds 125 gr 107

Page 108

100 vegetable products made in Navarra with a high protein content and the most realistic texture Their motto healthier more sustainable tastier and simpler Its flavors and textures surprise Productos 100 vegetales elaborados en Navarra con un alto contenido en prote nas y la textura m s realista Su lema m s sano m s sostenible m s sabroso y m s sencillo Sus sabores y texturas sorprenden 108

Page 109

VNSAN01 VNSAN02 Bocados 250 gr Legumbreta Media 250 gr VNSAN04 VNSAN05 VNSAN06 VNSAN07 VNSAN08 Beef Bean 250 gr Legumbreta Fina 250 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS Carnevale 120 gr Risottino 250 gr Bolo eta 200 gr VNSAN03 Sopisan 175 gr VNSAN09 Legubacon 200 gr 109

Page 110

VNSAN10 Guisante mini filete 250 gr VNSAN14 Beef Bean 6 Kg HORECA 6000 gr VNSAN11 Buenggies al Ajillo 250 gr VNSAN15 Bocados 8000 gr VNSAN12 Buenggies San Jacobo 250 gr VNSAN16 Legumbreta Media 12000 gr VNSAN13 Buenggies Pincho amarillo 250 gr VNSAN17 Legumbreta Fina 12000 gr 110

Page 111

Behind this name is a whole life style from a blog and app to recipe books podcasts and foods such as cereal and granola energy bars From United Kindgom with love Detr s de este nombre hay todo un modo de vida desde un blog y una app hasta libros de recetas podcasts y alimentos como barritas energ ticas de cereales y granola Desde el Reino Unido con amor 111

Page 112

VNDE01 Hazelnut Nut Butter Ball 12 units 36 gr VNDE04 Apple Cinnamon Almond Nut Butter Ball 12 units 36 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNDE07 Cacao Almond Oat Bar 16 units 50 gr VNDE02 Almond Nut Butter Ball 12 units 36 gr VNDE05 Cacao Almond Energy Ball 12 units 40 gr VNDE08 Apple Raisin Cinnamon Oat Bar 16 units 50 gr VNDE03 Raspberry Cashew Nut Butter Ball 12 units 36 gr VNDE06 Cashew Ginger Energy Ball 12 units 40 gr VNDE09 Apricot Coconut Oat Bar 16 units 50 gr 112

Page 113

VNDE10 Original Granola 4 units 500 gr VNDE14 Fruit Nut Museli with Raisins Nuts Seeds 4 units 500 gr VNDE19 Baked Veggie Crackers Sweet Potato Rosemary 10uds 30 gr VNDE11 Berry Granola 4 units 500 gr VNDE17 Baked Veggie Crackers Beetroot Multiseed 10uds 500 gr VNDE20 VNDE12 VNDE13 Bircher Muesli 4 units 500 gr Buckwheat Granola with Raisins Coconut and Sunflower Seeds ud 420 gr Cacao Porridge with Almond 4 units 500 gr VNDE18 VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS Baked Veggie Crackers Chickpea Paprika 10uds 30 gr VNDE21 Nutty Granola ud 450 gr VNDE22 Multigrain Flakes 350 gr 113

Page 114

Veganism is not a sacrifice It is a joy Gary L Francione 114

Page 115

The most hipster candy in London are Jaimie Laing s creation from the the TV show Made in Chelsea With vegan and vegetarian versions but always gelatin free glutenfree and made with real fruit juice Las golosinas londinenses m s h pster creaci n de Jaimie Laing del programa de televisi n Made in Chelsea Con versiones veganas y vegetarianas pero siempre sin gelatina ni gluten y con zumo de frutas 115

Page 116

VNCK01 Sour Watermelon Sandia Sour Watermelon 108 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNCK03 Wild Strawberry Fresas Wild Strawberry 108 gr Packed in a factory which handles Milk Peanuts and Nuts Envasado en una f brica que manipula leche cacahuetes y nueces VNCK02 Blueberry Bliss Arandanos Blueberry Bliss 108 gr VNCK04 Tropical Mango Mango Tropical Mango 108 gr 116

Page 117

Freedom Confectionary Mallows The British brand brings us a wide range of marshmallows that are gluten free gelatin free with no artificial flavorings soyfree transgenic free with no artificial coloring and dry fruits free As if that was not enough they hold the Vegan Society certificate and collaborate with different organizations in their region Freedom Confectionary Mallows La marca brit nica que nos trae una amplia variedad de nubes sin gluten sin gelatina sin aromatizantes artificiales sin soja sin transg nicos sin colorantes artificiales y sin frutos secos Por si eso fuera poco cuentan con el certificado de la Vegan Society y colaboran con diferentes organizaciones de su regi n 117

Page 118

VNFM01 Mallows Strawberry 10ud Mallows Fresa 10ud 75 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNFM04 Mallow Out Vainilla Bars 12uds Barritas Mallow Out Vainilla 12uds 500 gr VNFM02 Mallows Pink White 10ud Mallows Rosa Blanco 10ud 75 gr VNFM03 Mallows Vanilla 10ud Mallows Vainilla 10ud 75 gr VNFM05 Mallow Out Strawberry Bars 12uds Barritas Mallow Out Fresa 12uds 500 gr 118

Page 119

100 vegan British chocolates natural with few ingredients and a flavor that will make you fall in love Words are unnecessary Chocolates brit nicos 100 vegan naturales con pocos ingredientes y un sabor que enamora Sobran las palabras 119

Page 120

VNLVR02 Vegan Cups Peanut Butter Vegan Cups Mantequilla de cacahuete 34 gr VNLVR01 Vegan Cream Filled Wafer Bars 12 uds Barquillos veganos rellenos de crema 12ud 516 gr VNLVR06 Vegan Cups Peanut Brownie Vegan Cups Brownie de cacahuete 34 gr VNLVR03 Vegan Cups Salted Caramel Vegan Cups Caramelo salado 34gr VNLVR07 Vegan Cups Peanut butter filled Barrita de chocolate vegano rellena de mantequilla de cacahuete 34 gr VNLVR04 Vegan Cups Hazelnut Vegan Cups Avellanas 34gr VNLVR08 Vegan Chocolate Bar Salted Caramel Barrita de chocolate vegano Caramelo salado 30 gr VNLVR05 Vegan Cups Cookie Dough Vegan Cups Masa de galletas 34gr VNLVR09 Vegan Chocolate Bar Just Chocolate Barrita de chocolate vegano S lo chocolate 30 gr VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS 120

Page 121

The most palatable fudge type sweets come from Scotland Extra flux made with the highest quality ingredients and with the Vegan Society seal of approval Desde Escocia vienen los dulces tipo fudge m s apatecibles Extra fundentes elaborados con ingredientes de m xima calidad y con el sello de aprobaci n de la Vegan Society 121

Page 122

VNMLI01 Vegan Fudge Original Dulce de Az car Vegano 150 gr VNMLI02 Vegan Fudge Belgian Chocolate Dulce de Az car Vegano Chocolate Belga 150 gr VNMLI03 VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS Vegan Fudge Sea Salt Dulce de Az car Vegano Sal Marina 150 gr 122

Page 123

100 plant based homemade traditional confectionery Palm oil free and mindful of peopel animals and planet Certified by the Spanish Vegetarian Unionand associated to Tree nation the worldwide tree planting NGO La reposter a tradicional casera en versi n 100 vegetal Sin aceite de palma y respetuosa con personas animales y planeta Tienen el Certificado Vegano de la Uni n Vegetariana Espa ola y est n asociados a Tree nation la ONG que reforesta el mundo 123

Page 124

VNVGM01 Classic Cupcake 4uds Magdalenas Clasicas 4uds 360 g VEGANO NO CONTIENE HUEVO NO CONTIENE CARNE SIN PRODUCTOS L CTEOS VNVGM02 Chocolate Chip Cupcake 4uds Magdalenas con Pepitas de Chocolate 4uds 360 g VNVGM03 Brownie Cupcakes 4uds Magdalenas de Brownie 4uds 360 g 124

Page 125

The most gourmet vegan panettone Made according to the traditional Italian recipe with 100 vegetable ingredients So it is a pleasure to fall into temptation El panettone vegano m s gourmet Elaborado conforme a la receta tradicional italiana con ingredientes 100 vegetales As da gusto caer en la tentaci n 125

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Page 127

The greatness of a nation and it s moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated Ghandi 127

Page 128

ALL ABOUT THE MOST OUTSTANDING ALLERGENS INFORMACION SOBRE LOS ALERGENOS M S DESTACADOS Fish white and red Pescados blancos y rojos Mollusks snails Moluscos caracoles Marine crustaceans Crustaceos marinos Peanuts Cacahuetes Celery Apio Lupins Altramuces Mustard Mostaza Frutos secos Nuts Egg Huevo Dairy products L cteos Sesame seeds Semilla de s samo Sulphites Sulfitos Cereals with gluten or wheat Cereales con gluteno trigo Soja Soja 128

Page 129

When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your own heart that is consciousness Bhagavad Gita VEGANUTRITION S L C SEVERO OCHOA 7 NAVE 4 RIVAS VACIAMADRID 28521 MADRID SPAIN TEL 34 91666 60 69 EMAIL INFO VEGANUTRITION ES PEDIDOS VEGANUTRITION ES FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM VEGANUTRITIONWORLD 129