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1. This game requires 6 teams representing 6 different countries, a moderator and traders.


2.  Each team will be given tokens which will be their currency of exchange for the game.


3. The players have to use scissors, papers pencils and rulers to cut out shapes (circle,  triangle , square etc.) of pre defined dimensions for the purpose of sales to traders.


4. It is important to note that the products that are differing in dimensions from requirement will be bought (with tokens) by traders at a reduced price.


5. Countries will have to negotiate and exchange tokens with each other if they do not have supplies of the resources required to make their product.


6. The objective is to gain as much currency as possible and manage their material purchase  and product sales efficiently. 


We Mean Business


1. Each team should send a player to draw a card.


2. He or she has to sketch the word without using letters or numbers to communicate the word to the other players.

1. This game must be played with 3 teams.


2. Each team will send a representative to be blind folded.


3. A Key will be hidden and its location will be disclosed to the other members. The objective of the teams is to lead the blind folded member to the Key .


4. But the teams cannot use English or other language. Each team should have its own pre-discussed code to direct the blind folded players.




 1.A team of  3 players will be given 1.5 mins to blow as many balloons as possible for exchange


 2.The players will start at Check point 1 and move ahead with the game by either exchanging balloons or performing on the spot tasks  mentioned at the Check points.


 3.Each check point will have clues to the next point


 4.The objective is to be the first to pass through all the check points and reach the finish line.




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Maze Runner

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