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Forex and Your Future

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We were taught to get a job and work hard for our money. 

Often we can get by day to day, but never really get ahead.

CFX has harnessed the magic of putting our money 

to work for us.  

Take your time to watch the videos and review the documents.

The person who is introducing you will be in touch to get your

thoughts and answer your questions.

Get Excited - Put your money to work for you

We are pleased you are taking the time to look at this opportunity.  

Financial Success is

Available for everyone!

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Forex Success for Rookies!

Discover how the CFX automated platform can help you reach your financial goals faster and easier than you may have thought possible.

Sharing is Good for Everyone!

Everyone is welcome to benefit from CFX Trading. Learn how sharing this powerful platform can greatly accelerate your favorite goals.

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The easiest way for Canadians to buy and sell bitcoin.

Buy bitcoin in minutes with Interac e-Transfer®. Cash-out to your bank account instantly.
Limited trading pairs, CAD, BTC and ETH

Download to Desktop, Mac or Mobile.

Go to, or use this link to get $10 direct to your wallet when you fund $100 the first time!

Shakepay link

Check with your sponsor, they may have a link!

1000's of Cryptocurrencies.  Great if you are dipping deeper into Crypto trading and need a secure wallet.  You can not fund Exodus with Fiat currency.

CFX works with all wallets

or exchanges

2-Factor Authentication
Authy is available for Desktop and mobile

Google Authenticator is strictly mobile.  Download from Playstore or Appleplay

Either of these apps are great and are required for CFX to secure your account.  You may find there are many other applications that will use 2FA, including some wallets and exchanges.

Bitcoin Wallet and 2FA suggestions

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Bear - 3 x 10 matrix
Even if you never introduce anyone to CFX, you are eligible to receive income from any spill-over in your forced matrix. Trading pool trades 70% of your package purchase, 5 days a week, and can earn up to 15% per week. Commissions are pushed to your balance Saturday at 12 pm Eastern Standard time.

Income Stream

Bear - Customer who is not building a team

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