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Hip hop Is Poetry
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Carolina Ynoa


I am not a perfectionist but still I seek perfection. I am not a great romantic but yet  I yearn for affection.


Literary composition that is conceived as an artistic expression of beauty through the word, especially that which is subject to the measure and cadence of the verse. My example shows an example of meaning because it is a very beautiful poem for people to read.

The power of a gun can kill, the fire burn, the wind chill, the mind grow, the anger can increase to destroy you, but the power of a smile ... especially yours ... can heal Any frozen heart.


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The imagery in a poem is the image that describes everything about the poem that only with seeing it can be described of which the poem is treated, my examples show examples of image that can rhyme with the poem, the images have to be put that rhyme with the poem.

Many people hate me, others love me but in the end I am the one who loves him the most.

Many people do not like hip hop but other people do like hip hop.

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The " End rhyme" in a poem is when everything rhymes from the beginning to the end of the poem, my example shows a bit of "End rhyme" because it rhymes.


Many thanks to all the people for seeing my project about hip hop is but I liked it a lot.

I hope you had a lot of fun with my presentation, again I thank you for paying attention.