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This is where it all begins! It starts off on the set of city near Lake Michigan where an "uncommoning-looking delivery boy rode around town slipping letters under doors of houses of chosen tenants to-be "(Raskin 1). These letters contained content explaining and advertising Sunset Tower and names these selected people the "lucky ones." At first when reading this part of the passage the audience including myself was starting bad vibes that wasn't right. In the end, the we were right about that. How you may ask? The Shin Hoo bombings and the other bombings that happened on Sunset Towers. As well as the alternate ending that we recieved as an audience.

In the chapter "Corpse Found" Turtle and Doug discover the body of Samuel Westing. "Turtle had seen the corpse in the Westing House, but it was not rotting and it was not sprawled on an Oriental rug. The dead man was tucked in a four-poster bed." It looks like the corpse was moved out of it's place and tucked into that bed. It seemed things weren't right at the very beginning. It almost felt like the case of San Westing's death was all a staged game. Then we later find out that Sam Westing was posing as somebody else. Posing as Barney Northrup, Sandy McSouthers, and other people.

This is just one of the specific areas where the the main protagonist's solve the problem. The very hallways of Sunset Towers, where the lucky ones like Turtle look at clues in these hallways. Sometimes the walls or apartment numbers will have secret codes like "N H(IS) FOR NO THEE (TO)=NH4 NO3 "(Raskin 102). These clues help the lucky ones get closer to solving the mystery. Since it;s called the Westing Game. There has to be challenges and puzzles people need to solve along the way to get to the prize.

The Shin Hoo restaurant was first mentioned in the very beginning of the book. It wasn't really specific in the beginning but in the letter written by Barney Northrup who we now know was Sam Westing all along mentions a "High-class restaurant on the entire top floor"(Raskin 2).Which we now know as the Shin Hoo's Restaurant. This location is very significant since later in the book many bombings were happening there. We can all infer as an audience that the reason they mention this high class restaurant was to lead the main characters into a trap. The bombings were effective in that it injured people.

If you can't make out the photo. It represents what had happened later in the book with the bombing that happened near the elevator of the Sunset Towers. It was an accident that was highlighted blantly where it says "The last rocket blasted off when the elevator return to the third floor.Boom" (Raskin 126). This setting at this moment is pretty important because no one as an audience expected a bombing to happen anywhere else but Shin Hoo's Restaurant. It came in a flash without warning. It's almost like the bomber knew that if he didn't strike anywhere else, it would be a lot easier to identify him. As well as it killed Sam Westing who was disguised as Sandy McSouthers and it changed Turtles character and with Sandy gone. A part of him died too!