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Explain the difference between R :

RTV, RTI and VRI are all Gap insurances, but they have similarities and differences.

Three affordable gap insurances

  • Return to Value [RTV]

RTV is gap insurance that ideally covers cars owned more than 3 months and less than 7 years. It provides protection against the depreciation of your vehicles after they are declared by coverage company as total loss. Your car might be stolen, not recovered or damaged beyond economical or safe repair. It pays for the shortfall between value of car today and value at time of loss.

  • Return to Invoice [RTI]

RTI is concerned with depreciation; it plugs the difference in the amount of the car’s cost based on the invoice and value loss of the vehicle. An independent third party is used to evaluate its merits fairly. It pays the value lost in depreciation.

  • Vehicle Replacement Insurance [VRI]

RIV is a protection of financial loss when it is not advisable to repairing the car as the repair cost is more than the loss pre-accident value, or it has been stolen. When your car is declared by the insurer as write-off or total loss, it is replaced with an equivalent model that is brand new.

Best features and service


1. RTV covers what others do not

Motor insurance honors your claim for total loss in the event your car is stolen and not recovered. However, in accident or vandalism, your provider might declare the cost of repair greater than the value of your car or it is unsafe to repair it. Your motor insurer will write the car off. In both cases: the car’s value is based on that date and typically the amount settled will not be what it is worth today. Consequently, you will lose the amount as the car is depreciated.

RTV pays the depreciation after the motor insurer declares that your car is a total loss. There is no amount lost between the vehicle value today and the value at time of loss!

2. RTI cost less

Compared with other insurance, RTI is inexpensive for the following reasons

  • Purchasing is made directly from the Insurer.
  • You have the secret of saving money from knowing the advantage of this motor-related insurance.
  • RTI does not have a salesman; no commissions added to the cost.
  • No broker around, no commission is spent.
  • No extra dealers.
  • No overhear needed to pay for showroom.

3. VRI is what you need

Car crimes are growing and are even third of all crime committed in UK. Every minute, a vehicle is lost. VRI is the best option to overcome this threat.

  • Actually, what is settled is the depreciated value of the Motor Insurance not the value of purchase.
  • Yearly, the cost of new brand for replacement car is increasing.
  • The depreciation of a car starts the minute the driver takes the wheel.
  • Up to 60 % of cars have been depreciated by Insurance Companies over the three-year period.
  • In UK, a car is stolen every time the clock ticks.
  • Annually, more than 500,000 vehicles are declared total loss.
  • The deprecation is paid not the motor insurer.

RTV Gap, RTI Gap and VRI Gap have these benefits:

1. Cover a huge financial gap.

2. Can be paid in different ways.

3. Protect your investments.

            Over the three-year period, Insurance Companies start depreciating cars by up to 60%. •          Every time the clock ticks, a car is stolen every minute in the UK.

 Explain the difference between RTV Gap, RTI Gap and VRI Gap