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Career Retrospective

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Career RetrospectiveHow could you learn more about how others have experienced your work?The Bigger PictureGoals● How many people do you want to meet with over what period of time?● What do you most want to learn?The Experience● What do you want this experience to be like for you? The people you meet with?ScopeThe Work on aTimelineCreate a list of the major work projects you’ve done over your career in sequenceand the people involved that could be interview candidates.The PeopleCreate a complete list of potential interviewees, then narrow it down to a set ofpeople that will help you achieve your goals for this retrospective.InterviewThe Questions● What words come to mind when you think of that time? That project? Thatexperience?● What was happening for you at that time?● What do you remember most about the work I did for you?● What did the work mean for you? Why?● What was unique about the experience you had?● What about that experience do you now apply to your work?● What surprised you about your experience with me?● If you could go back in time what would you change?● What do you think is important that I maintain about the work I do for people?● How would you describe working with me to others? Why?● Why did you agree to meet with me today?● Is there anything you would like to ask me?What to GiveWhat do you want to leave them with at the end?What to BringWhat should you have with you for the experience?ContactInitial ContactHow do you contact them initially and what do you say?Follow-upHow do you follow up to thank them afterwards?When you understand how others describe your work, you can ask: Is this the impact I want to havethrough my career? How can I expand my positive impact? What does this say about what’s important tome? How can this advice help me connect with others? How can I increase joy through my work?1 © 2021 The Change Decision