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Circus school in Madrid and what happens inside

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I discovered this circus tent one afternoon in October 2016 when I went on a bike ride with my friend Pablo. I had lived so close to this place and yet had had no idea it existed!

Carampa circus school inside.

This circus tent is a very lively place.

I signed up for lessons of balance on objects with Russian circus maestro Vasilij. Unicycle was what I had in mind, but when I took the first lesson, sth else caught my eye - these balls. Vasilij ordered me to practice straight away. I started on the biggest one (almost as tall as I am), for despite it looks scary, it's much easier than the smaller ones. Don't think I wasn't afraid! One of the main reasons for taking this course with him was to challenge my fears.

Oh, I wanted to insert here a couple of videos from Carampa, but that feature is only for Premium membership.

So instead, see the big trapeze (that I would certainly tried if I had stayed in Madrid for another year and trained in Carampa) and I on the middle-size ball three months later into the course. 

I didn't learn that much because I was practicing at the same time wire walking, unicycle riding and  a roll and board balance.