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Captain Copper By: Andrew Torres

              One day Mikey was coming home from the copper mine with a wagon full of copper. He had sat down and watched the news and seen there was a lot of crime going on in the city. Then as he was watching the news someone brakes into his house and robs him at gun point and took all of his valuables. Filled with hate he wanted to do something about all the crime in this city.

            Mikey had come up with the idea since there was nobody doing anything about the crime he was going to take matters into his own hands and become a crime fighter. At the corner of the room he seen his wagon of copper and started to build an exo-skeleton suit. He tested it out by punching objects and running around but it wasn’t powerful at all, He had found and old car battery in his garage and connected it to the exo suit and it powered the exo-suit up. He tried to punch and lightning came out his fists and he also tried to run the suit made him run faster and jump higher. He made some training dummies and practiced using his lightning punch. He also went into downtown and practiced using his super jump and super speed on buildings.

            One day during his training in downtown there was a bank robbery going down below in the city. Mikey seen this and immediately went down and ran into the bank there was 3 robbers inside. Mikey seen the first one holding hostages and used his super speed and stun punched him with his lighting. He ran into the vault and seen the other 2 robber and used his lighting punch and shocked them and knocked them out. Mikey let the hostages out and walked outside and one hostage stopped and asked him “who are you?” Mikey responded “Captain Copper.” Then Mikey super jumped away. When Mikey went home he turned on the TV and seen his name and how he was a big hero of the town.

            After fighting many crimes in his city he was basically the hero of the city. The mayor of the city invited him to the town hall for dinner, and Mikey went dressed in his Captain Copper persona. When he arrived the mayor was in at the dining table and Mikey took a seat and was immediately strapped to the seat and couldn’t move. The Mayor started to look at Mikey and said” I am the crime boss of this city and you’re ruining all my plans with your crime fighting.” Mikey said” you’re the one that let everything I’ve had get taken from me, you will pay for.” They mayor jumped into a robotic suit and yelled “NOW I AM GOING TO DESTROY THIS CITY AND ROB ALL OF EVERYONES BELONGINGS.” The mayor broke out of town hall and began to terrorize the city.  Captain Copper used the power of his exo-suit and broke free and went after the mayor, when he finally reached the mayor in town square and they started to fight. Captain Copper started shocking the robot making it weak and then he super jumped towards the robot and the mayor smacked Captain Copper down into the ground and he was hurt bad and couldn’t move. The mayor came up to him and was about to squish him, but then Captain Copper used all his battery power and shocked and rammed into the robot and destroyed it and captured the mayor.

            Now that the city was safe and the people were happy they needed a new Mayor and everyone wanted Captain Copper to become the mayor and he took the role. So now Mikey lives in the town hall and has a place to live and got everything that was stolen back and he lived his life as the mayor of the city.