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C A P E TOW N the greatest city in the world with compliments

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MY HEART BELONGS TO CAPE TOWN Like no other city in the world with its iconic Table Mountain and deep blue oceans surrounded by nature and mesmerising African sunsets a signature Cape Town vibe can be felt from the moment you arrive You will experience a kaleidoscope of cultures friendly people local and international cuisine architecture scents sounds and much more Cape Town as a city thrives on visitors from around the world Your support fuels the main economic engine of the city and contributes significantly to employment and sustainability which we are grateful for The creation of the Cape Town Ring is designed to be a constant reminder of this beautiful city It offers you the opportunity to share your visit and experiences with friends and family who will be drawn to follow in your footsteps and experience Cape Town for themselves Cape Town has always been a spiritual inspiration for my soul and a great influence for my designs I hope our beautiful city fills your heart with love and joy and inspires you to become a goodwill ambassador for Cape Town Enjoy the book and the ring You are now part of magical Cape Town with love

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EXPERIENCE DISCOVER EXPLORE LEARN CAPE TOWN DIAMOND MUSEUM If there is one unique destination to experience in the city it is The Cape Town Diamond Museum situated at the historic Clock Tower Precinct in the V A Waterfront On a complimentary guided tour you will travel back in time three billion years Explore the moment in South African history when diamonds were discovered and trace the mysterious and fascinating journey of a rough diamond that begins in the heart of Kimberlite rock in the depths of the earth You will discover replicas of the world s most famous diamonds diamonds that have dazzled us all with their unique cuts fashioned in iconic settings throughout the ages Learn how in the rough a diamond is only a shadow of the scintillating gem it will become once it is cut and polished in the hands of a master craftsman To book a place on the tour www capetowndiamondmuseum org

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Situated in the Clock Tower Precinct in the V A Waterfront Shimansky Diamond Experience is framed by and strongly connected to Table Mountain a powerful and emotional symbol of sanctuary and rejuvenation Adjacent is the gateway to a South African icon of hope and freedom Robben Island Visitors are drawn to Shimansky Diamond Experience as it offers a unique and unforgettable immersion in the world of diamonds The guided tour through the fascinating world of ethically sourced diamonds begins with a first hand experience observing expert craftsmen form signature Shimansky jewellery creations These include the iconic Millennium Ring the beautiful My Girl diamond and the coveted Cape Town Ring a perfect reminder of your time spent there Wherever you are in the world for years to come you will recall your time in Cape Town and you will again sense the spiritual presence of Table Mountain BRILLIANCE IN THE MAKING Life is filled with special moments At Shimansky South Africa s most desired jewellery brand these moments are created as part of a memorable journey a journey you should not miss when you visit Cape Town You will relive the mysterious birth of diamonds discovered deep in the darkest recesses of the earth and witness their metamorphosis to a uniquely cut and polished gemstone It is here with light reflected from every facet that the diamonds come to life When a Shimansky creation becomes yours it is the beginning of a special bond and a lifelong connection to Cape Town It is not by chance that Shimansky chose to establish a strong presence in unquestionably one of the most beautiful and desirable cities in the world Make Shimansky Diamond Experience a highlight of your visit to the city It is the perfect opportunity to create heartfelt memories and take home a truly exceptional piece of jewellery Contact us on 27 0 21 421 2788 www shimansky com

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Table Mountain mountains in the world at 260 million years Even the Andes at 250 million years of age is younger The Himalayas Table Mountain is the most iconic landmark of South Africa Since the first person laid eyes on Table Mountain in which people often assume are far older are only 40 million years old The Cape Floral region of the Table Cape Town it has exerted its powerful and charismatic pull enchanting and drawing any and all who fall under its Mountain National Park is one of the richest floral regions in the world Over 70 of the flowers are endemic spell The unmistakable flat top peak of the mountain reaches 1 086m above sea level and it is one of the oldest to the mountain It is no wonder that Table Mountain was chosen as one of the New Seven World Wonders

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Table Mountain Cableway floor of the circular cabin rotates to allow travellers spectacular 360 views No visit to Cape Town is complete without a trip to the top of Table Mountain The Cableway has transported over 28 million people to the summit of Table Mountain in the Table Mountain Cableway Cape Town s number one attraction It has been upgraded three times in 1958 1974 and more recently in 1997 when The gentle ride takes around 5 minutes to reach the 3 500ft summit and the cars with revolving floors called Rotairs were introduced

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View from the Top Standing atop Table Mountain is nothing short of a spiritual experience to breath in the fresh Cape air and peer over the commanding views over the City Visitors might be lucky enough to spot a Cape Rock Hyrax locally known as a Dassie This delightful inhabitant of Table Mountain enjoys basking on the rocks particularly in the early mornings and late afternoons although not so easy to spot

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Atlantic Seaboard The Atlantic Seaboard also known as Cape Town s Riviera stretches from the Victoria Alfred Waterfront on the north shore of Table Mountain all the way down the west side of the cape peninsula to Hout Bay

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Cape Town Stadium A modern Cape Town landmark the Cape Town Stadium is situated in Green Point at the foot of Signal Hill dramatically flanked by Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean The ultra modern stadium with an impressive seating capacity of 68 000 was constructed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup

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Robben Island Situated some 7 kilometres from Cape Town s beaches Robben Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is synonymous with the brutal apartheid regime It has served as a place of imprisonment for some four centuries but today it is best known for housing political prisoners during apartheid Its most famous prisoner Nelson Mandela spent 27 years here

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V A Waterfront Synonymous with the Cape s past present and future The Victoria Alfred Waterfront has transformed a once derelict dockland into the beating historical heart of Cape Town The 300 acre mixed use property welcomes over 24 million visitors annually making it the most visited site on the African continent Unlike comparable waterfronts in popular maritime cities like San Francisco Toronto or Melbourne the V A Waterfront was not designed primarily for tourists When it was developed over 25 years ago there was a simple vision to reconnect the city with the sea The resoundingly successful result is a place where both locals and tourists spend much of their time whether shopping there are over 450 shops from Louis Vuitton to local crafts buying a diamond the V A Waterfront is famously home to Shimansky eating exploring working over 17 500 people work here each day or just relaxing while watching the boats go by with Table Mountain all thewhile providing a mesmerising backdrop www waterfront co za

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Sounds of the Harbour All around the harbour tourist and locals are entertained by the sights and sounds of local buskers Showcasing South Africa s strong musical heritage one comes across everything from Cape Jazz to Zulu Male Choirs Jugglers and Illusionists to marimba and xylophone players Cape Town Wheel

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Two Oceans Aquarium The southern tip of the African continent is the meeting place of two mighty and bountiful oceans the Indian and the Atlantic The Two Oceans Aquarium at the V A Waterfront is ideally positioned to showcase the incredible diversity of marine life found in these two oceans Here one can see some 8 000 marine animals Cape Fur Seals Visitors at the V A Waterfront may catch a glimpse of the Cape Fur Seal either leaping in the harbour waters or lazily basking in the sun The Cape Fur Seal can only be found on the coastline of southern Africa They can dive to depths of over 200m and hold their breath for up to 7 5min

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GOLD Restaurant GOLD brings the African experience to life So much more than just a restaurant a night at GOLD is an experience that will take you on a journey around the African continent A 14 dish taste safari is paired with interactive entertainment from djembe drumming to Zulu dancers and singers Xhosa face painting and Mali Puppeteers Be transported into the beating heart of this vibrant continent www goldrestaurant co za Watershed Visit any city in the world and a visitor s pleasure in discovering a unique memento of their travels hardwires their pleasurable memory of a destination forever The Watershed next to the food market and Aquarium in the V A Waterfront is a lively original market experience On your to be bagged list should be locally designed jewellery hand made clothing artisan leatherwork and African craftwork Pop up stores offer talented crafters and jewellers the opportunity to showcase their work and add a surprise and delight moment to a visitor s experience www waterfront co za

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The Twelve Apostles The magnificent Twelve Apostles Mountain Range forms the back of Table Mountain where you ll find one of the most scenic stretches of coast in the world It runs roughly from Kloof Nek the saddle between Table Mountain and Lion s Head to Hout Bay

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In Residence Welcome to Cape Town where sky space dominates where s there s colour and magical light dramatic vistas and a chance for adventure exploration and sophisticated food and wines It s the setting for extraordinary experiences In Residence founded and managed by Pieter Brundyn and a team of skilled professionals is Cape Town s only premium lifestyle management company In Residence offers a portfolio of luxury villas supported by premier in house concierge services for your curated event exclusive exhibition or private celebration www inresidence co za

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The Castle of Good Hope The Castle of Good Hope a five pointed stone castle known as a star fort is the oldest colonial building in South Africa Following rumours of war between Britain and the Netherlands the Dutch East India Company feared a British attack on the Cape and constructed a pentagonal fortification between 1666 and 1679 However The Castle was never attacked battles against the British were fought at Muizenberg in 1795 and Blaauwberg in 1806 The materials used to build the Castle were local and included rock cut from the granite outcrop on Signal Hill and blue slate and shells transported from Robben Island and it was built by soldiers volunteers slaves and Khoi undergoing punishment Today the Castle of Good Hope is one of Cape Town s most popular attractions giving a glimpse into historical Cape Town life under Dutch rule In 1936 the Castle was declared a National Monument The Castle of Good Hope houses the military personnel of the SA army in the Western Cape the famous William Fehr Collection of historic artworks the Castle Military Museum and ceremonial facilities for traditional Cape Regiments Inside the walls of the Castle are amongst others a church bakery living quarters offices cells and numerous other facilities The yellow paint on the walls was chosen to reduce the glare from the sunlight and also because it reflects the heat The castle s position marks the original shoreline before years of land reclamation changed the Table Bay coastline

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Kaapse Klopse The Kaapse Klopse Cape Troupes is an annual festival that is a quintessentially Cape Town affair and quite unlike any other in the world With painted faces colourful dazzling costumes and large scale merriment Cape s minstrels take to the streets to the sound of banjos tubas guitars trombones ghoema drums whistles and laughter The celebration is known as Tweede Nuwe Jaar Second New Year taking place on the second of January each year Its origins date back to the days of slavery when slaves were allowed a day off on the second of January after their masters had enjoyed their New Years celebrations Although slavery was officially abolished in the Cape in 1834 the tradition remains and has become more and more colourful as time passes An undoubted highlight in the annals of the Kaapse Klopse was the performance by The Pennsylvanians troupe for Princess Elizabeth soon to become Queen Elizabeth II during her 1947 Royal Visit to South Africa

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Africa Roam Cape Town is rapidly becoming the art capital of Africa Our people are creative innovative and growing in confidence and burgeoning cultural platforms are a testimony to that This has led to a growing excitement and interest in discovering what lies behind this creative wave Elana Brundyn currently the CEO of Norval Foundation and instrumental in the birth of both Zeitz MOCAA and Norval Foundation will be leading curated private tours through museums galleries and collector homes that will offer behind the scenes insights to the cultural ecosystem of the city and beyond www africaroam com

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Oudekraal Moments from the bustling beach strip Camp s Bay Victoria Road winds its way along one of the most beautiful scenic drives in South Africa passing Oudekraal Llandudno and finally Hout Bay The small boulder enclosed sandy beach of Oudekraal considered as one of Cape Town s best kept secrets is a quiet respite from the crowds It is home to a seal colony and is a popular diving spot with regular underwater visits to the oldest known wreck in the country Het Huis te Kraaiensteing 1670 Divers are also drawn to the rich marine life in Oudekraal s protected coves Here one finds Justin s Caves a collection of large boulders smothered in an array of fascinating sea life from soft corals and an array of majestic sea sponges to sea fans as well as the famous Sea Squirts

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Hout Bay Hout Bay literally Wood Bay takes its name from the once densely forested slopes of the surrounding mountains On his first expedition to the bay in 1653 Jan van Riebeeck the Dutch colonial administrator who founded Cape Town in 1652 described the forests as the finest in the world Soon the area s timber began to be felled for fuel and ship repairs destroying large tracts of forest Today patches of indigenous forest can still be found in the higher gorges of Table Mountain and in the Orange Kloof Reserve above Hout Bay Residents of Hout Bay are so proud of their world and its own specific charm that with tongue in cheek they refer to the bay as The Republic of Hout Bay Hout Bay s popular wharf is one of the best places in the country to join the queue for fish and chips

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Constantia Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens Cape Town is truly blessed to have its oldest and arguably its most scenically spectacular historic wine Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in its grandeur setting against the eastern slopes of Table Mountain route a mere 15 kilometres south of Cape Town Simon van der Stel the first Governor of the Cape chose is acclaimed as one of the great botanic gardens of the world Established in 1913 it was the first botanical to plant grapes and cultivate the farm Groot Constantia in 1685 Simon had sailed to Amsterdam in 1659 to garden in the world to be devoted to a country s indigenous flora pursue his studies in viticulture and gained experience in winemaking and distilling brandy in Muiderberg Holland His interest in geology helped him identify the best soils for growing grapes at the Cape Simon excelled in winemaking and Constantia became noted for its Vin de Constance a sweet dessert wine famous the world over being the tipple of choice Charles Dickens Emily Bront Jane Austen Baudelaire and Napoleon Bonaparte The compliment of nine superb wine farms in the Constantia Valley some dating back to the late seventeenth century are the very foundation stone of viticulture in South Africa

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Chapman s Peak Drive Chapman s Peak Drive is one of the most spectacular marine drives in the world Winding its way between Noordhoek and Hout Bay on the Atlantic Coast on the south western tip of South Africa the drive offers stunning 180 coastline views with idyllic spots to enjoy a picnic along the way The 9km route with its seemingly endless curves 114 to be exact skirts the rocky coastline of Chapman s Peak 593m

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Table Mountain National Park pristine beaches and the two great oceans the warm Indian and the icy Atlantic This area forms part of A natural world heritage site the magnificent Table Mountain National Park is a mountain chain that the Cape Floristic Region a botanical treasure trove of fynbos with many of the species found nowhere stretches all the way from Cape Town s Signal Hill in the North to the plunging cliffs of Cape Point in else in the world The National Park ends dramatically at Cape Point a place of spectacular views and the South Running along the mountainous spine of the Cape Peninsula the rocky stretch is flanked by breathtaking beaches and bays and infamously treacherous waters

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Cape Point Lighthouse Of the two famous landmark peaks of the Cape Peninsula Cape Point is higher than the peak of the Cape of Good Hope Cape Point s craggy ridge extends into two peaks at sea level the larger higher peak is the site of the original old Cape Point lighthouse The initial lighthouse proved ineffective as a beacon of warning in these dangerous waters the sight of which was spotted too early by approaching ships causing them to miscalculate the shore s distance In addition the erroneous positioning resulted in the light regularly being concealed by prevailing mist Two new lighthouses were built in its stead one at Cape Point s Diaz Rock and a second at Slangkoppunt

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Chacma Baboon Rivaling the popularity of the amazing Cape Point views Chacma Baboons are a popular entertaining element of the Cape Point Route Although roaming free Chacma baboons are curious creatures and rather fond of tourist viewing Their human like behavior often rather mischievous is undeniably endearing however they can be dangerous animals They are among the largest and heaviest of baboon species and male canines can grow longer than that of a lion

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Boulders Beach Penguins One of the Cape s most special inhabitants or around 2000 of them is the African Penguin These adorable waddling tuxedoed little birds can be seen en masse at Boulders Beach in False Bay Amidst hefty 540 million year old boulders the flightless birds can be viewed up close on the sheltered beach Boulders Beach forms part of the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area and the little fellows are carefully protected as they are extremely rare birds sadly not far from extinction

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Clifton Beach The small suburb of Clifton is one of the most affluent on the continent with eye wateringly expensive real estate nestled on cliffs with sweeping views of the Atlantic Clifton s beaches are rated as one of the most beautiful in the world National Geographic placed it as the second finest in the world Discovery Channel awarded it a Top 10 spot and it even reached number 8 in Forbes Top Topless Beaches Clifton Beach One through to Clifton Beach Four is divided by granite boulders and distinctly different crowds

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Camps Bay Beach A focal point of the famous Cape Town summer the beautiful Camps Bay beach throngs with tanning peoplewatching volleyball playing and brave dipping the Atlantic is rather icy The trendy beach with its white sands and giant boulders has been awarded Blue Flag status an international standard for the world s finest beaches Lined with palm trees the beach is situated on Victoria road packed with bars restaurants shops and the who s who

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Durbanville Durbanville is one of the oldest municipalities in the Western Cape Province The popular residential area is home to the Durbanville Wine Route one of the Cape s best kept secrets Wine farming began here as early as the 17th century when the first farms in the area were allocated and vineyards planted with Cape Madeira the most popular white grape of the time

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Stellenbosch The oldest wine route in the country and arguably the most famous Stellenbosch is renowned the world over for its incredible wines The town of Stellenbosch is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the country Filled with history and heritage its streets are lined with oak trees and is home to the world famous Stellenbosch University Here one finds some of the most beautiful surviving examples of Cape Dutch Georgian and Victorian architecture in the Cape

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Jordan Wine Estate Quoin Rock Family owned Jordan Wine Estate Stellenbosch one of the leading estates in South Africa has been Quoin Rock has two heartlands One in the hills of Stellenbosch where the light is pure and the land producing award winning wines since 1993 Visit the estate and wake up in a luxury suite or plan a picnic stretches in an undulating green tapestry framed by the Simonsberg mountains Architecture that defines on the estate Book brunch at the restaurant and experience food elevated to a fine art The ancient space in dramatic lines creates a striking framework for your gastronomic adventure Expect a playful Cape granite soils the alchemy of the winemaker and the elevation of the estate that enjoys cool winds artful menu paired with exceptional wines that engage the senses on every level Quoin Rock s second off both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans is a magical combination www jordanwines com heartland lies near the southern tip of Africa where sea winds cool the estate s vineyards and a wildlife conservancy harks back to the rich landscape of centuries gone by www quoinrock co za

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Lanzerac Lanzerac Hotel Spa s over 300 years of history gives this Cape Winelands icon a special allure in the Jonkershoek Valley of Stellenbosch Arriving at the hotel entrance via a long shade dappled drive guests soon sense the hotel s historic past but also its modern presence in a warm combination of charm excellent service and plush accommodation Guests stay here to taste the wines under yellowwood beams have their travel stress eased out of their bodies with contemporary spa treatments and may explore the scenic surrounds The days are full and fulfilling for guests www lanzerac co za

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Franschhoek Grande Provence Franschhoek meaning French corner is an ever popular Framing the entry road to Grande Provence Wine Estate are rows of vineyards in early autumn heavy with picturesque town that is gently nestled between towering the promise of next year s vintage in spring a verdant green carpet of dense leaves Young olive trees and mountains in the spectacular Cape Winelands Situated ancient oak trees are silhouetted against the rugged mountains beyond in this Arcadian estate which tells a about 75km from Cape Town it is one of the oldest towns history of freedom found and fortunes made of valour savoir faire and fruitful ventures It is a past that is as in South Africa and is renowned for its beautiful wine spirited as Grande Provence herself The destination offers award winning wines gourmet cuisine country estates and exceptional restaurants in fact it is regularly picnics art and 5 star accommodation in The Owner s Cottage and La Proven ale Villa in the Vineyards referred to as the food and wine capital of the country www grandeprovence co za

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Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve Aquila Private Game Reserve Spa Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve is situated under 2 5 hours from Cape Town The Aquila Private Game Reserve is situated in the Southern Karoo only 2 hours drive from Cape Town in the vastness of the majestic Tankwa Karoo With thick wooded Acacia river making it the closest private game reserve to the city and an ideal excursion for those who are not visiting one beds and magnificent golden mountains on the horizon Inverdoorn provides of South Africa s famous wildlife reserves further away A dramatic setting in a valley between the Langeberg the ultimate tranquil Big 5 safari experience Safaris on its 10 000 hectare and the Outeniqua Mountains the scene is set by spellbinding landscapes carpets of wild flowers and plenty of wildlife reserve are offered on a day trip option or overnight stay with game wildlife Aquila is home to the Big 5 lion leopard rhino elephant and buffalo as well as hippo giraffe buck and drives presented by highly qualified rangers in traditional 4 x 4 vehicles over 170 different species of bird www aquilasafari com www inverdoorn com

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Paarl An hour s drive from Cape Town Paarl is home to some 25 wineries including many of the Cape s most prestigious names The imposing Paarl Rock provides spectacular views of the lush surrounding landscape

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Khayelitsha Khayelitsha is the largest township in Cape Town and is situated 30km south east of the city centre Its colourful shacks are often the first sight of Cape Town life on the way from the airport to the city Rich in culture and diversity it is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and friendly hospitable people

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Hermanus A popular excursion from Cape Town some 140km from the city Hermanus is generally considered the best landbased whale watching destination in the world From June to December the bay becomes the swimming grounds for a large number of southern right whales With its natural scenic beauty mild climate and range of outdoor activities the quaint fishing town is the ideal base from which to explore the Western Cape and the Cape Overberg

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RECOMMENDED ATTRACTIONS AFRICA ROAM www africaroam com T 27 0 82 619 2999 1 Sandhill Road Cape Town 8000 AQUILA PRIVATE GAME RESERVE SPA www aquilasafari com T 27 0 21 430 7260 R46 Ceres Road Western Cape CAPE POINT NATURE RESERVE www capepoint co za T 27 0 21 780 9010 Cape Point Simon s Town Cape Peninsula Western Cape CAPE TOWN DIAMOND MUSEUM www capetowndiamondmuseum org T 27 0 21 421 2488 Level 1 Clock Tower Clock Tower District V A Waterfront Cape Town GOLD RESTAURANT www goldrestaurant co za T 27 0 21 421 4653 15 Bennett Street Green Point Cape Town GRANDE PROVENCE www grandeprovence co za T 27 0 21 876 8600 Main Road Franschhoek Western Cape GROOT CONSTANTIA www grootconstantia co za T 27 0 21 794 5128 Groot Constantia Rd Constantia Cape Town IN RESIDENCE www inresidence co za T 27 0 21 424 5150 7th Floor Paramount House 112 Loop street Cape Town INVERDOORN PRIVATE GAME RESERVE www inverdoorn com T 27 0 21 422 0013 R356 Sutherland Road Breede River DC JORDAN WINE ESTATE www jordanwines com T 27 0 21 881 3441 Stellenbosch Kloof Road Vlottenberg Stellenbosch KIRSTENBOSCH NATIONAL BOTANICAL GARDENS www sanbi org gardens kirstenbosch Ticket Office T 27 0 21 799 8782 27 0 21 799 8602 Information T 27 0 21 799 8783 27 0 21 799 8773 Rhodes Dr Newlands Cape Town 7735 LANZERAC www lanzerac co za T 27 0 21 887 1132 No 1 Lanzerac Road Stellenbosch QUOIN ROCK www quoinrock co za T 27 0 21 888 4740 Quoin Rock Wine Estate Knorhoek Road Stellenbosch ROBBEN ISLAND www robben island org za T 27 0 21 409 5100 Robben Island Museum Private Bag Robben Island Cape Town SHIMANSKY DIAMOND EXPERIENCE www shimansky com T 27 0 21 421 2788 Level 1 The Clock Tower V A Waterfront Cape Town TABLE MOUNTAIN www tablemountain net General Enquiries 27 0 21 424 0015 Weather line 27 0 21 424 8181 TWO OCEANS AQUARIUM www aquarium co za T 27 0 21 418 3823 Dock Rd Victoria Alfred Waterfront Cape Town V A WATERFRONT www waterfront co za T 27 0 21 408 7500 Victoria Alfred Waterfront 19 Dock Road Cape Town WATERSHED www waterfront co za area watershed For more information please visit www capetownring com CREDITS ISBN 9781919939452 Photography Marc Hoberman Additional Photography Desmond Tak Copy Les Aupiais Marc Hoberman Yair Shimansky Layout Melanie Kriel Publisher Hoberman Publishers PTY Ltd for SHIMANSKY For additional copies special orders irene shimansky com

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