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                                                                                                  germany , javian cannady

                                                                               3rd period , english 2

                                                                                miss armstrong ,11/30/17 


                                                                                                    german foods

German food is not that different from united states food but certainly not the same. Germans celebrate a lot of holidays they have food for almost every holiday or event , not just a couple recipes they have multiple recipes. German food is sold in a market restaurant or some stores it just depends on the  decision to eat at a German restaurant anybody is to smell the food before the arrival into the restaurant . There is one thing to be aware have to watch when eating  German food the FDA is not responsible for the food poisoning so if not familiar with the food don't eat it. There is more families that make there own restaurant or stores . German food in the country is very important because there body use to the type of food Germans eat if germans eat different food it's gonna make them sick on there stomach (about German


Germany holidays and traditions is a level 10 compared  to other countries .Germans celebrate everything with a festival ;it's not holiday they don't celebrate with a festival and their not little festivals. Germans have a big tradition of holiday event festivals and,they even do other countries events . Germans make sure  anybody don't work on the holidays everything that  can be named is closed and ,that's why before holiday everybody have to get what is needed to cook. For New years Germans set goals for the following year coming up . Germany doesn't  play around with their holidays because they believe everybody deserves  to enjoy time with their family on holidays . Germany just out celebrated other countries that a big thing in Germany with festivals from the food to values and traditions .(thomas ebert )

                                                                         religion and beliefs                                                                                 Many get killed going into Germany with different religion,and  there rules are different in certain parts of Germany . there is a church in Germany that is the biggest protestant congregation,  but its a low population of the German community.Germany is trying to decrease the Christianity population so the Muslim population can increase . the social pyramid and political beliefs are more a factor in this country because of the religion . Germans need to have the right religion in Germany which is Muslims and Christianity that’s big in Germany  (Sawe) 

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