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Shows the culture of Canada

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Canadian Culture




By Brady, Emily, Tessa

This map relates to Canada’s culture because it is based on the different languages they speak in Canada. The first section of this map (the more colored map) is showing the amount of people that speak English in their country. As you can see, this map is the most colored out of all three. This is because the main language in Canada is English. The second map (the mostly white map) Shows that in the lower region of Canada on the bottom right side, shows the amount of people that speak French in Canada. Along with English, French is the other official language in Canada. In Canada many of the people there had ancestors that immigrated or themselves immigrated from France. They brought the French language with them which is passed down generations. The immigrants from Great Britain brought the English language with them to most of Canada when they immigrated over. The third map you see (the lighter colored map) is representing the other languages spoken in Canada besides French and English. Some of these languages are German, Italian and Chinese. Some of the native Languages spoken include Cree, Inuktitut and Inuit. Many of the people in Canada are bilingual which means they speak more than one language fluently.



3 important terms:


Multicultural society: where people of many different talents, skills, and cultural backgrounds can thrive. It is important because Canada is multicultural.


Inuit: the native americans that live in Canada. They are important because they are the people that lived there before anyone else, so they are the people that discovered it first.


Canada’s public healthcare system: the health care system was built on the idea that everyone should have access to high quality healthcare. This is important because Canadians are living longer, but it also has created a need to limit benefits/raise taxes.


This image shows one of the most historical and cultural parts of Canada. This is Old Quebec. Old Quebec is located in the southern part of Quebec where almost 3 million visitors come and see some of the oldest buildings and landscape in all of Canada. This shows how far the country has come from back then til now. Combining human knowledge and technology, Canada has become one of the most largest countries to date and it is becoming more advanced and modern each year.