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Canada Culture



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  • Canada is a very wealthy country, and has very high living standards.(65% of the pop. own cars, and 85% of their pop. has a color television)

  • The number of people per household in Canada is decreasing while the number of households is increasing.

  • The family structure is similar to the US. (70% of households) contain married couples, and 60% of the couples have children.


Family Life


Issue Graph - People/Household

  • Literacy rate of 97 percent and school is required from ages 6-16

  • Each province is responsible for organizing and administrating public education this curriculum changes from province to province.

  • Kids can choose between classes preparing them for college or for the work they are interested in

  • Canadian government helps pay for health care

  • Due to canadians living longer they have needed to limit benefits or raise taxes

  • Dental care and prescriptions however have to be paid by the patient, but the patient can receive health care from their employer as well

Education and Health Care


Map - Life expectancy

  • Two official languages English and French. However French is the dominant language.

  • Christians make up the largest religious group in canada.

  • Only 16 percent of the population is bilingual or speaks two languages fluently.

Language and Religion


  • French explores wrote the earliest Canadian literature. This literature contained strong historical and religious themes of the time.

  • Native languages include Inukititut and Cree
  • Toronto is highly regarded in the areas of theater and music. It’s the largest production center in the English-speaking world, only surpassed by London and New York City.

The Arts



Family Structure- The combination of relatives that make up the family. So like two parents and a child, or one parent and a child, etc.

We need to know to understand what a family structure really is and how it works.


Literacy- The ability to read and write

We need to know because it is important part of the education in Canada, and they have one of the highest literacy rates in the world.


Health Care - The maintenance and improvement of physical and mental health, especially through the provision of medical services.

We need to know this to realize that healthcare doesn’t necessarily take care of all things we always think. Explains the basics of a big deal for Canada.

Three Key Terms

The majority of the population lives in the southern part of Canada. This connects to our last study because the northern part of Canada is in the higher temperate region and a small part of the polar region. This causes cold weather and determines where people want to live.

- Connection-  Land and Climate