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Hoodie Option 3

This is more of a light cotton material

Hoodie Option 1

Full on thick hoodie with lining inside

Navy is a washed looked, not true navy

Hoodie Option 2

Sherpa Hoodie. Super Warm, Slightly Washed Navy Look

Jacket Option 1

Polyester Water Resistant Material

Soft Cotton on the inside

Could be a good choice if you are trying to go full soccer. Last year we didn't really get there.

Jacket Option 3

Polyester Water Resistant Slim fit, with subtle stripe design

Cotton soft lining

Cardigan Option.

I thought I would throw in a wild card. :)

Would look kind of sick with the bigger on the left side

Jacket Option 2

Polyester water resistant outside

Soft cotton on the inside

Polo Option 1

Polo Option 3

All Polos are going to be a Dry Fit material

Polo Option 2

Red is kind of a wildcard, thought I would give you the option.

Polo Option 4

This one comes in Red or White as well

Sweats Option 1

These are the tapered leg sweats. 

Fabric is a performance fleece

Would love dope with Option 1 or 2 of the jackets

Short Option 1

Sweats Option 2

Still tapered leg. less of a taper though.

Higher Zip Up

Short Option 2