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Drive Now, Text later

It all started in 2010 by AT&T to raise awareness for texting and driving, several months passed and the awareness was getting known. Therefore,  AT&T wanted to do something more, they wanted to made a difference. In 2012, this program started reaching towards schools and communities, offering interactive driving simulators, pledges to be made, and deliveries in geographic markets. Also in 2013, many other companies and organizations began to get on board with AT&T. 

What is this campaign? This campaign, "It Can Wait" is an organization striving to save lives and reduce automobile crashes by encouraging  people make a pledge. 

Numbers Make  A Difference

200,000+ vehicle crashes in 2012

50,000+ program advocates 

2.7 Million+ Pledges 

6,300+ Media Placements

1.6 Billion Impressions 

1 Billion Social Media Impressions 

-AT&T strives to put an end to texting and driving 

-Educating the public of how serious texting and driving is 

-to prevent carr crashes due to distracted drivers 


1. One way the company tries to prevent this is by giving people a choice, a pledge, to swear to never text and drive again. This message has spread all over the states and social media by using the hashtag #ItCanWait and posting an image. 

2. Encouraging people do devlope a habit of not using their phone while driving at all.

3. Providing interested and uneducated people real stories and documentaries that they can view for themselves, in hopes that they realize that this is an issue. 

Addressing the Issue

4. An app called AT&T Drive Mode is free to download and encouraged. It helps by making driving less distracting, but also takes care of your notifications for you while you are driving. 

5. AT&T also enforced all of then workers and employees to make a pledge as well.

6. Simulators are being used to demonstrate just how hard and unsafe texting while driving is. This organization frequently tours around the states allowing people to take a ride down the virtual road.