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By: Cameron Mathis

Digital Projectz

Blog: Regularly updated website or webpage.



Hostile interaction between users on the internet


P2P: P2P is peer to peer commputing or networking


Phishing: The activity of defrauding an online account.


Podcast: A digital audio file made availiable on the internet.


Aggregator: A website that collects related items of content.



Digital Life 101


 1) Never give your passwords out to anybody.



2) Create passwords that are easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.



3) Make sure all of your devices have a password.



4) Put a password on your phone or a fingerprint if your phone lets you.







1)Know your surroundings on the internet.


2)Don't abuse your power.


3) Respect others on the internet.


4) Be polite.





Tips for protecting yourself:



1) Create strong passwords.



2) Watch out for scammers.



3) Shop mindfully.


Protect Yourself Online

The illegal trade in spyware, videos, DVDs, and music. It occurs when someone other than the owner copies the product and uses it as his own.

Digital Piracy

Tips for social media:

1) choose the right platfor for you


2)Post Timely


3)Use images 


4) Don't act as if it's your own site.


5)Know when to quit.

Social Media


Definition: Electronic communication to bully a person by sending messages of threats or harrassment


Protect yourself by: Always think about what you post about.


Tell your parents about any incidents.


Talk to adults about messages.


Keep your password a secret.

Cyber Bullying