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TheAmusementParkatVirgin ia
Have you ever been to Virginia? I have! One summer my parents
decided to make a trip to Virginia. Early in the morning, they tiptoed in our
rooms waking me up, along with my two sisters Riley and Mackenzie. Get
dressedandmeetusatthecar,”theywhispere d.
It is 4:00 am ! What is going on?” I wondered to myself as I tried to
Still half asleep, we got in the car and started our journey. After
It’s a surprise! said my mom and dad with their eyes twinkling like
After driving for what seemed like a million hours, we arrived and
began e xploring the are a. Later we went to the hotel to unpack our
The next morning we went to the spars ely crowded amusement park.
Busch Gardens It was incredible! We smelled buttery popcorn with a hint
of salt the minute we walked in. A surge of energy charg ed through me
and we took off to e xplore the park. The place was hug e and divided into
different areas to represent countries around the world. This is so cool! I
All day long we raced throug h the park going on fast and wild rides,
including a gigantic roller coaster. Just like the rolle r coaster, my heart
raced as fast as lightning flashing in the sky when we sped down the steep
Sadly, the park announced it was about to close. However, before
we went back to the hotel, my parents took us to a candy store to pick out
a treat. There were so many choices, but my eyes quickly closed in on the
biggest lollipop ever. It looked like a fair I couldn’t resist and my sisters
and I each picked out our favorite flavor. It was the perfect ending to a
perfect trip. I had so much fun that weekend in Virginia. It was definitely