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A simple quide to places with the best coffee in Brno.

Presented by:

OndRej K.

Do you live or spend a lot of time in Brno? Do you like a delicious cup of coffee? Then you have found the best guide EVER!

The author says:

"Somehow, studying at the university comes with many sleepless nights and days spent in pain, sweat and tears. Unless you have coffee to help you get through it all."

On these few pages, you will find the best places to go to when you are in need of warm and loving hug of coffee. As the author of the booklet is rather lazy, all the cafés can be found around the Faculty of Arts. Enjoy!

Are you running late for "ICT for ELT" lesson?  Speed yourself up by an espresso shot in an espresso bar, Gill's Coffee, on Veveří street just a hundred meters from the "G" building.

Gill's is a small coffee bar. This means that instead of chatting for hours, people rush in, buy a cup and go. The owners roast their own coffee beans and they know what they are doing. They usually have two or three different sorts of beans so that you can choose what you wish for by your current taste. 


Did you wake up late? Consider going for a brunch to the Atlas Café. 

The interior is really roomy and nicely decorated. But more importantly, the breakfast here is delicous! Not only you get so much food on your plate a starving lumberjack would have problems to eat it all, the food is fresh and well seasoned. It does not matter whether you like bacon or porridge. They have it all!


If you are ready to walk more than 300 meters from the faculty, do try to go as far as Orlí street. Here you can find Kafec. Not only that the loveliest baristas will make you the coffee - you can enjoy it outside in a small yard! Of course, when the weather is cold, you can go inside. They have the best tonic+espresso drink in the whole world. Go for it!