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Lazie Indie MagazineEdition 37May 27, 2023The OutsidersSugar Lime BlueJamiieCheccaHarry KappenRoger RicksCivilized Savage GodsNew releases -Skreen6, Lyia MetaThirunelli Vibes'a musical documentary' - Vol 1Cover StoryGreg Roberts

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ContentEditors CornerThe OutsidersSugar Lime BlueRoger RicksCivilized Savage GodsCheccaHarry KappenJamiieNews and New ReleasesSkreen 6Lyia MetaThirunelli Vibes(a musical documentary)Cover StoryGreg RobertsLIM Page 4

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Editors CornerInformationThe magazine ispublished byJay Pillai (Lazie J)Print Edition 37The month ofpublishingMay- 2023Editorial TeamEditor: Jay PillaiCoordination andpromotion: ManojVerified by:Inge ZimmermannProbstGuest Columns:Emma GoldbergKathryn ShipleyLyia MetaMs. BenitaCover Photo:Greg RobertsCover PhotoCourtesy:Greg RobertsStarting the year 4 in styleLazie Indie Magazine walks into the year 4 with a lot of plansand some really creditable achievements in the Year 3.Year 3 we did conduct the IIMF and was mentioned in theawards ceremony of the ICMA as a valuable media partner bythe founder of ICMA. This year we started our journey with anomination to the coveted Josie Music Awards and this is amoment of pride for each of us at LIM. The amount ofhardwork we have put in to make this magazine a very uniqueand great place for Indie artists has sure been noticed by thelargest indie awards and thus we got nominated for the grandfinale at the legendary Grand Ole Opry at Nashville on 22ndOCT-2023. We thank each one of you for the support for thepast 3 years of our existence. We are expanding ouroperations to much more broader horizons this year and lookforward to be able to travel these roads in the years to come.This edition we have some fabulous artists cutting acrossgeography and genres as we always do. We also have a lot towrite about the festival we conducted at the remote villagesurrounded by dense forest at Wayanad, Kerala. Do checkthis inside you will love this edition.Thanks, JayLIM Page 5

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Greg Roberts“Standing Tall”Ionly learned what the “gaited horse/racking horse”phenom was about, when I met artist Greg Roberts, about3 years ago, who is also known as “Nitty Gritty GR”. Greg,who was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, nowresides in the small tranquil town, of Somerville,Tennessee, boasting a population of about 3,200 folks. Acool note to mention is that Elvis Presley and his father owned a farm in Somervillefor many years. It is also noted that this small community, has embraced Greg withopen arms and his star truly shines on the residents there, especially the children.His initial time in music, started with rap, in Memphis, but then he incorporated acountry vibe into what he was doing which has really taken on a whole new persona.The gaited horse thing I mentioned above, came from being invited by a friend toride one of his horses on a trail ride with him. He soon realized he wanted to investin this and bring this into his life and his music. When he wrote his song, “3 up 1down” this is when the racking horse phenom grew even larger and went viral onseveral of his social media platforms. Greg has also been on the TV Show NashvilleEntertainment Weekly. The song won an award for the “Indie Music Video of theYear” in Nashville. Greg has also, performed at premier equine shows/events suchas "Germantown Charity Horse Show," "Big Guns Rock & Roll," and have been seenin The Midsouth Horse Review, The Standardbred Connection, as well as on theradio. Greg has had his name called the last 3 years in the win column, at the “TheJosie Music Awards”. Referencing back to community, Greg’s passion for childrenalso is witnessed at the gaited shows. He takes pride in involving the kids for themto have the best life memories. Greg is also known for some really fun music videosand has had some pretty awesome friends to join in with him, Country rapper BigSmo, then the team of J Creek Cloggers, featuring viral sensation Zeb Ross, whichZeb has taken the nation by storm with his unique dance style. Even though Greghas had an emerging successful career as an artist and being involved in hiscommunity, the last few years have been a trying time for him, to continue his lovefor music. A year ago, on March 14, 2022, he lost his wife, Lisa Melton-Roberts, tocancer and he was her caregiver to the very end. He would joke with her that oneday, they would become husband and wife. He made that happen before heruntimely passing. Moving forward has not been easy, as you will read during our “Q& A” session. Music is a healer as we all know and he did find a small window of“peace” when he attended the Josie Music Awards in 2023 in Nashville, and won for“Single of the Year, Modern Country/Multi Genre for his song “I’m Packin Up”during his acceptance speech he spoke about Lisa and what this win meant for him,without her by his side. Now a few months into 2023 Greg found himself as anominee a few weeks ago, for the 7th annual Mississippi Music Awards, Greg wasable to bring home some hardware from Mississippi, with a win for Music Video ofthe Year. Even though the path has changed for him quite a bit. He is still riding thepath that him and Lisa spoke of, put out some good music that everyone can enjoyLIM Page 7

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and stay humble. Please enjoy reading about the personal and musical journey Greghas been on over the past few years during our Q & A session.KSHIP: Hey Greg, thanks so much for being a part of this feature for our Mayedition with LIM, I personally am very excited and have been wanting to interviewyou for more than a year now! I know, the last few years you’ve been blazing thetrails, with your music and videos,Greg Roberts: It’s my pleasure! Thanks for having me! It’s truly an honor to be inLazie Indie Magazine! I have just been doing what I love to do and having fun withit!KSHIP: I want to rewind a bit and go back in time... you are originally fromMemphis, you started out as a rapper, correct? I remember you telling me aboutLIM Page 8

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some cassette tapes you made when thatwas a thing! And something about a yearago transpired from a few of thosecassettes? How did you evolve from rap towhat you are doing now? Do you define itas country rap, outlaw country or justmany genres of country? I think youshould call it Rackin’ Country.Greg Roberts: Yes, I started out as arapper. I was a part of a group and we putout a couple albums that were oncassettes and later CDs when it cameabout! Yes, I remember! It was about ayear ago that someone wanted some ofthe old cassette tapes! That really amazedme how that music is still sought after! Igradually changed from the 90s to early2000 from hip hop to street music! I tooka break around 2004 and when I returnedto think about music, I was in a newenvironment which was a small countrytown Somerville Tennessee. I had gotteninterested in horse shows and gaited/racking horses! Later that culture and thesmall-town living would make its wayinto my words and music! I would saythat it’s all the above! That’s what theycall some towns that are known forracking horses lol.KSHIP: You have done music videos withthe viral sensation from the JCreekCloggers, Zeb Ross and you have a fewvideos with well-known rapper Big Smo,do you have any future projects withthem, I love those videos by the way, andthat guy Zeb is blazing right now. Howdid you come to meet them?Greg Roberts: Yes, I have a few videoswith Zeb Ross and the JCreek Cloggers.Yes, I also have a few with SMO aka BigSMO of the A&E TV Show, “The Big SMOShow”! Those videos are some of my bestworks in my opinion! Me and SMO havebeen planning to do more projectstogether soon! Zeb is on fire right now!He was the highlight on the CMT CMAawards show alongside Peyton manningand Luke Bryan and a host of other bigappearances! I first saw them in a videoon stage with Brian Kelly (1/2 of thegroup Florida Georgia Line) I reached outto Bryan and he directed me to them!LIM Page 10

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"Have fun and be you! Originality is what sets you apart from everything that’s out there and don’t getfrustrated if some people don’t like it!"I first talked to Kim Ross which is Zeb’smom and the woman behind it all! Theyare great humble country folks!KSHIP: A year ago you lost the love ofyour life Lisa Melton Roberts to Cancer, Iknow this is a hard thing to speak on, butcan you just touch on a bit about Lisa andyour life you built together.Greg Roberts: Yes, I lost my wife Lisa tocancer March 14, 2022. Lisa was my rideor die companion! From the day we metwe were inseparable! We done everythingtogether and I don’t think that I would bewho I am today if it wasn’t for her! Shewas my biggest fan! I love and miss her somuch! She’s the woman behind3up1down nation.KSHIP: Greg, moving forward I am sureit is hard, to try and get back to doingyour music, but I know many months ago,you told me Lisa would not want you tosit around and mope and keep going.How has your life transitioned as far asyour music since her passing, as well aslosing your oldest brother Reginald, a fewweeks ago, which we extend our deepestcondolences to you and your family.Greg Roberts: She wouldn’t want me tostop doing music! I’m just moreemotional! My thoughts are deeper andI’m more determined! Thank you all!Everyone has kept my spirits up with allthe love and prayers! Yes, my brother wasa huge inspiration to me as I looked up tohim growing up! I love and miss him.KSHIP: We are almost at the mid-pointfor 2023, any plans as far as your gaitedcommunity goes, and any new projectscoming up?Greg Roberts: The gaited shows are aboutto kick into high gear! Maybe I willperform at a few! I love the community!I’m working on new songs and alwaysthinking of new song ideas daily.LIM Page 12

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KSHIP: We appreciate your time so much Greg, any advice as an Independent artistthat you can give to these up and coming artists?Greg Roberts: Have fun and be you! Originality is what sets you apart fromeverything that’s out there and don’t get frustrated if some people don’t like it! Morewill love it than the ones that don’t! ****To end this got to do the speed round random questions… and… GO!KHIP: Ever been to the Kentucky Derby?Greg Roberts: Nope lolKSHIP: What sport(s) did you play In High School?Greg Roberts: Basketball but got cut lol KSHIP response and you’re like 7ft what theheck?LIM Page 14

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KSHIP: If you had a speed boat, whatwould you name it? And why?Greg Roberts: I would name it Lisa,because she had a heavy foot and drovefast lol. *A destination you would like totravel to and do a concert and who wouldyou want to share the stage with? MaybeAustralia and I would want to share thestage with Garth Brooks.Want to learn more about the music andmusic videos Greg has to offer:Spotify: Apple Music: Official You TubeChannel: HORSE vs GAITED HORSEKSHIP: What is a Racking Horse?Greg Roberts: The Racking Horse is ahorse breed derived from the TennesseeWalking Horse, recognized by the USDAin 1971. It is known for a distinctivesingle-foot gait. In 1971, the RackingHorse Breeders' Association of America,headquartered in Decatur, Alabama, wasformed as the breed registry. Its goal is topreserve the breed in a natural state withlittle or no artificial devices that enhancegait. The horse's tail is naturally raisedwithout nicking or tail sets. Some classesallow special shoes that enhance action,and a relatively newer class allows the useof chains, six ounces and under as actiondevices. The practice of soring, illegalunder the Horse Protection Act of 1970, isalso seen within the Racking Horse world.Since the breed's inception, about 80,000Racking Horses have been registered,with the largest populations located in theLIM Page 16

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US states of Alabama and Tennessee.KSHIP: What is the difference between aGaited horse and a regular horse?Greg Roberts: To put it simply a gaitedhorse, moves like a regular horse does ata walk, it places all four feet downindependently, the difference is in theupper speeds, the next speed for atrotting horse is a trot, and for a gaitedhorse it is just a faster walk, and somegaited horses can walk so fast that eventhe trotting ...About the columnist'Real talk with KShip' is a columnpresented by Kathryn WashingtonShipley who is an Award-WinningModern Country/Christian Singer-Songwriter who is recognized as One ofthe fastest-growing Indie Artists over thelast few years. She interviews top Indieartists and present them to Lazie IndieReaders through this column.LIM Page 17

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Dutch musician, multi-instrumentalist and music therapist Harry Kappen is knownfor making bold political statements and raising awareness on global issues throughhis music. While his previous music often calls for large-scale global change, hislatest single “The Freedom Inside” is a gentle reminder for people to start a positivechange from within themselves, which will ultimately impact the world. Released onMarch 1st, 2023, the new single reached the UK iTunes Pop Songs chart at #52. Thesingle teases the full-length album that fans have been waiting for since Harry’s2022 album release, “Escape.” That album produced the 50K+ -streaming Spotifyhit, “WarGames.”Lazie Indie Magazine catches up with this top class artist to knowmore about his music . Thanks to MTS Management group for introducing Harry toLazie Indie family.LIM Page 19

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Jay: Hi, welcome to Lazie IndieMagazine, Great to have you speaking toour readers. You have had a rising careerin music so far creating a substantial fanbase worldwide with your music. Whenyou look back, how do you feel was yourjourney so far?HK: I am especially grateful that so manyseem to appreciate my music. And I enjoyit. I do what I have always done: Createmusic, put together the puzzle of music,text, sound, orchestration. And if peoplealso enjoy listening to it, that's a nicebonus. Everything was accelerated byMTS-management group. I enjoyeverything that happens. And at the sametime it is also inspiring and motivating tocontinue on the path we have taken. Butmy attitude towards the music, theprocess hasn't changed. That will alwaysbe central. Success or no success. For me,music is inextricably linked to who I am.Jay: Who/what were your musicalinfluences and how did you arrive at thisgenre you play?HK: I have a broad musical interest andcan enjoy many types of music. The musicI make now has an eclectic character.From heavy rock music; the grand gestureand with elaborate orchestrations to themore intimate little simple songs. I aminfluenced by Bowie and McCartney, butalso by Bjork and Arvo Part. I likescandinavian music because naturesounds beautiful in it, but I also like theenergy that radiates from Iggy Pop orPrince, David Grohl or Motorpsycho, wellthere are so many. There are so manyaspects of music that can inspire me.Jay: How do you go about selecting yoursongs?HK: If everything coincides: Text andmusic and the atmosphere in which it hasended up, then it's good and a song canpass the selection :) If not, it still needs tobe fine-tuned. Some songs are readywithin half an hour, others sometimestake years. If they come together on analbum, there must be some cohesionbetween the songs. Then it can be asubstantive issue, but it can also be aLIM Page 20

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sound' issue. I strongly rely on my gutfeeling. It feels right to me or not. Andonce it's right then I accept that as factand settle for it and record it.Jay: How do you record and produce yourmusic? Do you have any special gear/recording system which you feel isimportant to bring out the kind of voiceyou want? if so, why?HK: I'm not looking for a certain soundthat I want to sound like, if you knowwhat I mean. I try to stay true to myself.It is true that one song sometimes needs adifferent sound than another. So I maysometimes record my voice in themorning because of the darker sound.And in the evening other parts because itrequires more of a lubricated moreflexible voice. I think it's also a matter ofexperience. And by now I know what Iwant and how I want to do it. I usuallyuse my 3 favorite electric guitars that Iuse in turn (Ibanez custom, Fender stratand a very nice Epiphone ES 339).I also use an acoustic Eastman guitar andmy favorite microphone is an MXL V69mogami. I'm not really much of a gearand sound specialist; I use what is athand, if only the feeling and idea comeacross.Jay: Where do we find your music on theinternet?HK: My music can be heard on Spotify,Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Deezer,Pandora etc etc, everywhere I believe. Myhome base is my own website:www.harrykappen.comJay: What gives you the kick, writing,producing or playing live and why?HK: I like to be alone in my studio and trythings out, I get the most kick out of theprocess of creating and producing, thesearch, the puzzle to be solved. I mayeven be a little disappointed when thealbum is done. Then it is a matter ofaccepting what the final result is. Playinglive has a whole different dimension; thecontact with the audience, the traveling,LIM Page 21

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playing with others, the reaction from andto each other, the band feeling. I haveplayed a lot at home and abroad (close tothe Netherlands that is) and enjoyed it. Ifit arises I will still be happy to do it, butcreating new music for myself or forothers is number 1.Jay: Tell us about the success of yoursingle, "The Freedom Inside?"HK: I can't say much about the successitself, I have no control over it. Whenpeople feel addressed by my songs, I amonly happy and grateful. I make songsthat I think can make a smallcontribution to the general debate. Itrepresents an opinion and shows who Iam. I like songs with a bit of depth and Idon't like "wallpaper" songs. Others aremuch better at that though.Jay: What are your immediate futureplans say, for 2023?HK: Besides being a musician I'm aprofessional music therapist and teacherin music therapy at an internationalmaster's degree. I enjoy doing that, so Iwill continue doing that this year. Clientsand students need attention too, so itmeans I have limited time to work on thenew album. In the summer of this year Iplan to release it. That album will alsoinclude 'Wargames' and 'The FreedomInside'. So that's where the focus is rightnow. What comes out of it is always asurprise and I'll see what happens. Ofcourse, that is not in my control. I myselfam very excited about what's to comebecause I think the upcoming album iseven better than the last one. As long as Ifeel like I'm improving, I'll keep writing,producing and playing. And there are stilla lot of songs waiting for a final treatment:).Jay: Being a very successful musicianyourself what would you tell an upcomingmusician to keep in mind when a) he/sheis struggling to get recognized and b) oncehe/she has just made a mark in the sceneand needs to sustain here?HK: Always keep the fun in making musicas the most important thing. Recognitionby others does not seem to me to be thegoal to strive for. Focus on your music, onimproving your skills, on what you haveto say. The same applies if you do receiverecognition. Recognition and success areno guarantees for the future. The fun inmaking music is. And sometimes youhave to ask yourself what's the bestposition for me to be in; should I be a soloartist or accompanist, a songwriter forothers or a producer? Try lots of thingsand be curious, but also be realistic aboutit.Jay: Thank you for your time and it wasgreat speaking to you.LIM Page 22

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We had presented Anslom to you and now we have a new talent from PNG. LazieIndie Magazineconstantly looks out to upcoming musicians from all around theworld and here we present a new voice that is coming through from Papua NewGuinea. Influenced by RnB greatsJamiie has come a long way bursting into theinternational music scene. Promoted by Bassline PNG this artist is bound to makesome real noise in the international stage. Lazie Indie Magazine catches up withJamiie to know more about his music and his future plans. Check out!!!LIM Page 24

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Jay: You have had a great career so far asa band. How do you feel your journey hasbeen so far?Jamiie: My journey through music hasbeen absolutely amazing so far,challenging at first with finding my craft,as all journeys are, but overall amazingand I’m looking forward to the nextchapter.Jay: How and when did you come intomusic? When did you make your firstclear step into music as a career?Jamiie: I started off taking it serious in2019 doing cover songs, straight when Ifinished high school. I decided to chasemy passion, learning more about singingand producing, to writing my own songs.Jay: Why did you pick up the genre? Whowere your musical influences?Jamiie: Rnb and Pop music were my go togenres, also considering both theirsubgenres. I drew inspiration from peoplelike John Legend and Dalton Harris, theirstyle and energy in music was just spoton, i gravitated towards it, and WilliamSinges way of producing cover songs thatwere a tad transformed from the originalsbut keeping that same energy and justadding your own sauce into it.Jay: How do you go about writing yoursongs? How do you record and produceyour music?Jamiie: I write my songs based on myexperience and based off of the peoplearound me, getting their stories andputting it into a song weather it be aboutlove or life itself. Producing music is alsoa passion of mine, I taught myself thebasics and from then on I’ve been doingeverything myself since the start, fromdoing my own instrumental tracks for mycover songs to shooting and editingvideos.Jay: Which is your latest music release?Tell us more ...Jamiie: I will be dropping my first everdebut single, plus doing my launching bythe first week of May, and I am more thanexcited of the opportunity it bringstowards me as an upcoming artist.Jay: Tell us what you like the most...writing, producing or performing?LIM Page 25

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“Always stay grounded, you can have your moment, you can feel that rush of adrenaline butalways bring your feet back on the ground”Jamiie: Between writing, producing andperforming, I’d say Performing would beon the top of the list just connecting withthe fans or the audience in real-timesharing and creating that moment is awhole different feeling.Jay: What is your plan for the immediatefuture, say, 2022/23 as a musician?Jamiie: I’m looking forward to beingmanaged by Bassline, this year,eventually having to work with a team ofcreative individuals, now with my fullfocus into the creativity, to make goodmusic for the global market, chasing onthe dream to represent my country in theglobal music industry.Jay: Tell us more about any tour that ishappening soon or one that you justcompleted.Jamiie: I am currently doing local gigsaround the city, since my recentengagement and now under managementby bassline, some features going in plan,getting the exposure will foresee touringevents and bookings to perform.Jay: What is the best advice given to youand what would you share with fellowyoung artists?Jamiie: One of the best advise given to mewas from my dad, “Always stay grounded,you can have your moment, you can feelthat rush of adrenaline but always bringyour feet back on the ground” meaningalways be yourself, don’t let the changeshappening around you weather good orbad, change you.LIM Page 26

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The year was 1965. In Cleveland, Ohio, a successful area rhythm and blues bandcalled Tom King and The Starfires pooled their meager resources to record anoriginal song composed by Tom King and his brother-in-law Chet Kelly. "TimeWon't Let Me" was submitted to regional Capitol Records promotional people. Withthe record company behind them, Tom King and the Starfires were renamedTheOutsiders, and "Time Won't Let Me" began to receive AM radio station airplayacross the U.S. Gathering airplay and live performance momentum, The Outsiders,fronted by a young lead singer named Sonny Geraci, began making their reputationin pop music history. "Time Won't Let Me" climbed to #5 on the Billboard recordindustry national charts. The Group's popularity led to television appearances onentertainment shows like Dick Clark's "Where The Action Is", "Hullabaloo","Shindig", and local teen shows across the United States. Subsequent OutsidersLIM Page 28

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releases also received radio airplaysuccess on the National Charts. Theirsecond single, "Girl In Love", reached #11."Respectable" reached #15, and "Help MeGirl" reached #21. Members changed inthe original Outsiders lineup, and like somany groups of the era, the band slowlyfaded into Top 40 music history. Thatis...until now! The Outsiders, now frontedby original drummer Ricky Biagiola(Baker), and accompanied by some ofCleveland's best musicians. Membersinclude keyboardist Rik Storm, bassistRob Mitchell, and guitarist JimmyAschenbener. The Outsiders are BACK!Jay from LIM speaks to JimmyAschenbenerof The Outsiders.Jay: It is great speaking to you!!!You have had quite a musical journey, tellme a little bit about your vibrant musicalhistory.Jimmy: As a 17 year old kid in highschool, I was approached with an offer Icouldn't refuse. It was a whirlwindexperience for 3 years, traveling andperforming with these talented, but naivebandmates. When our popularitydiminished due to mismanagement, theradio stations lost interest and I camehome from California to resume myeducation and my life. No matter what Idid from then on-jobs, marriage,children, adult responsibilities. I wasalways actively performing, and continuetoday at the age of 74.Jay: Along the way, did you meet anyfamous artists?Jimmy: Yes: International performer,*Gene Pitney, Bobby Goldsboro, LenBarry, The McCoys, B.J. Thomas, Chadand Jeremy, Keith, Norma Tanega,Shadows of Knight, ? and The Mysterians,The Seeds, Ike and Tina Turner, Cannibaland the Headhunters, Bobby Sherman,James Guercio (manager of the band,Chicago), Wally "Famous Amos,"chocolate chip cookie King, Martha andthe Vandelas, Bobby Vee, Del Shannon.*Green type indicates that we toured withthese artists for 6 weeks).LIM Page 29

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Jay: Why did you pick up the genre?Jimmy: We grew up listening to AmericanRock & Roll, and Rythym & Blues, andthat influences our music today as TheOutsiders.Jay: Who were your musical influences?Jimmy: Ricky Nelson (I used to watchhim on The Ozzie and Harriet Show),Buddy Rich, Cozy Cole, Sandy Nelson,Jeff Porcaro, Bernard Purdy.Jay: How do you go about writing yoursongs? How do you record and produceyour music now compared to then?Jimmy: Songs can come from anywhere.Something you over hear can become atitle, conversations with people canbecome the nucleus-even someoneclaiming you are "heartless". That's where"I've Got A Heart,Too" came from. Youcannot force songwriting-it has to comefrom somewhere organic. You pray forthe inspiration...We record much like wedid "back in the day" now. We trackeverything live with real instruments.We can usually get a new song trackedwithin a hour. The right feel, the rightdrum sound - it all makes it go muchsmoother than one would expect. Werecord locally - meaning everyone is inthe room at one time. I think that iswhere the emotion comes in.Jay: Has there been changes in the bandover the years - how many originalmembers are still in the band.Jimmy: Due to the rigors of touring, andmanagement difficulties, several of themembers left the band even before I did. Ido keep in touch with the original guitarplayer and bassist to this day. Our currentbassist and friend, Rob, was a lateroriginal member of the Outsiders in themid 90's because he played with TomKing, founder of the band, who was tryingto make a comeback after 30 years.Jay: Which is your latest music release?Tell us more...Jimmy: We are very excited about theworldwide radio release of "I've Got ALIM Page 30

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Heart, Too" with Big Records. The initialresponse has been very positive.Jay: What is your secret to music successover all these years?Jimmy: A musician should play for theiraudience, and show love and passion forthe music they play. Not always easywhen one plays the same songs 1,357times!Jay: What is your plan for the immediatefuture, any tours, new music coming ourway.Jimmy: Once "Heart too" is released, wewill continue with the live work-andinterviews. We are so blessed to be in theplace we are... and now just praying for amiracle. We hope to get opportunities toplay live-within the "heritage" genre andwith newer acts. The young ones seem tothink we rock pretty hard... LOLJay: What is the best advice given to youand what would you share with fellowyoung artists?Jimmy: Keep with it! This is not a sprint-it is a marathon. Listen, and play-play-play. Make it so your parents BEG YOU toput down your instrument... that's whathappened with Jimmy.Jay: How do you plan to keep your musicactive in the next generation of musiclovers?Jimmy: Keep breathing... just kidding.Continuing to perform live, and releasenew music! Spreading the rock and rollword... as The Outsiders.Jay: Thank you for your time and it wasgreat speaking to you.LIM Page 31

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For over a decade Sugar Lime Blue has been committed to recording music thatdraws from several genres and their latest effort is no different. Recorded at theHistoric Blackbird Studio in Nashville,TN, The Blackbird Sessions is a crossroadsalbum in many ways for Sugar Lime Blue. Signaling the end of an era whilesimultaneously ushering in a new one. Started prior to the CoVid pandemic withbasic tracking completed shortly after the release of their 3rd album,Narcoluptuous(added on 120 FM Stations), production came to a stand still at theloss of founding member and bassist Russ Dean in 2020. Despite the loss, Ashleyand Dave Beth remained committed to seeing the album to completion and enlistedthe help of Bassist, Joe Bass(Brian Howe), and Keyboardist, Scott Guberman(PhilLesh) to complete studio tracking. During this time the band also re-established alive presence embarking on several multi state-state tours over the summer addingLIM Page 33

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members Luis "Slice" Echeverria on Keysand Ikaika Pekelo on Drums who alsocontributed on the album. Sugar LimeBlue remains a strong presence in theAmericana/Jam Band scene havingplayed national festivals alongsidemainstays Umphreys McGee, Moe, Ween,The Wood Brothers, and Buddy Guyamong others. At 4 albums in and over adecade of experience SLB has performednearly 1000 Concerts and has beenfeatured in national and internationalPress. If you like music to be more thanjust the background noise in your life,check out Sugar Lime Blue next time theycome to your town. The band feeds off theenergy of their fans and puts their heartsinto every show. We only have a shorttime on this planet and making themoment inclusive to all that hear andenjoy the sound is what it’s all about forthem. Playing music is the ultimate groupexpression in creativity and Sugar LimeBlue is a family bound by love and musicwith the ultimate goal to be able to spreadthat music love around. Lazie IndieMagazine (LIM) recently interviewed thegroup’ lead vocalist/frontperson AshleyBeth (AB), here’s how it went.LIM: Let's first introduce the members ofSugar Lime Blue?AB: Founding members Dave Beth(guitarist/vocals) and I (Ashley Beth/vocals) have been married twenty-threeyears this June and have been makingmusic together for the majority of thattime. Joe Bass (bassist) and Ikaika Pekelo(drummer) joined Sugar Lime Blue in2020-2021 while the world was inbetween being shut down and openingback up. Luis Echeverria “Slice”(keyboardist) and others join the stagefrom time to time to round out the soundand add to the fun.LIM: How long have you been together asa band and how did you decide whatmusical direction to go in when youformed?AB: I’d say Sugar Lime Blue officiallylaunched with the release of the debutalbum “Far From the Tree” in 2011. WhenLIM Page 34

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"We have always been lucky enough to have met many of our idols from the Indian Rock/Metal sceneand receive great advices from them people including our fans , organizers, technicians, venue managersetc . It's all these people's contribution and support that always push us to sustain and make more music.You have to stay grounded and respect all the people who have been involved in your journey".Dave and I (Ashley) began to makeoriginal music it quickly became obviousthat it wouldn’t easily fit into any genreformat, So we didn’t try to make it intosomething that it wasn't. When creativityand inspiration hit, we run with it. I likenthe music to food. Each dish (song) has adifferent flavor. Sometimes it’s blues,sometimes more folk or country, orreggae, or even a dash of disco. It’s alwaysfun and interesting to watch the musicgrow and become what it’s meant to beover time.LIM: How did your band cope andsustain during that nasty period of timecalled the Covid era?AB: It was definitely a dark chapter in thebook of SLB! Founding member andbassist Russ Dean had just passed away,leaving a gaping hole in our sound and inour hearts. The world closed its collectivedoors, and when they did we watchedsome of our long-time favorite venueshave to close their doors… forever. It wasgrief on grief. We took the time to mournand regroup. As we began to emerge fromthe cocoon of grief alongside the globalpandemic, we were blessed to havebassist Joe Bass join our ranks, quicklyfollowed by Ika (Ikaika Pekelo). It was arebirth that fueled our healing processand pushed forward the release of our 4thalbum “The Blackbird Sessions” as wegave honor to the last recordings of ourdear friend and colleague Russ Dean.LIM: What touring plans does SugarLime Blue have for this spring andsummer?AB: SLB are definitely keen to be on theroad making live music! We have showson the books in TN, KY, GA, SC,MD, PA,IN, TX, CO and many more in the worksto be announced. Keep an eye on ourshow pageLIM Page 36

Page 37 to seeif we’ll be playing live near you!LIM: What's the demographic of a typicalSLB crowd, both locally and on the road?AB: Our crowd parallels our music, it’sdiverse. Across the board on age, gender,race, and creed. We have found thecommon thread in our crowd is a greatlove of music, and live music inparticular. Most of them have been tonumerous live events and festivals. Theycan talk for hours about this or thatconcert, or the albums vs the live shows.They are real connoisseurs of live music.LIM: Want to discuss any new recordingsthe band has in the works?AB: Sugar Lime Blue is always writing.We have songs in the works for our (yet tobe named) 5th album, and look to be inthe studio as soon as winter 2023. Wehope that the summer touring schedulewill keep us too busy to even think aboutthe studio until then… We also have aweekly YouTube series called#SundayShoutout, in which we release acover song each Sunday, dedicating it toone of our followers. Recently, we haveincluded a brief chat at the conclusion ofeach shoutout in the hopes of givingpeople at home a closer look at themembers of the band and offering aninvitation to join the conversation. It’s agreat community!LIM: Lastly, where can people go to keepup with all the latest band happenings(your social media links, website, etc.)?AB: You can find us on all social mediaplatforms! The easiest way to find us is onour website orhttps://linkt.ree/sugarlimeblue ###LIM Page 37

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I see myself as a leader who serves as a speaker and conveys the values of Hip Hop.Part of a collective that I created and led called CheccTheFlow.Checca writes withthemes on the values of life, the pitfalls of careers, our children, our policies orintrospective texts. Emma Goldberg in her column Just like Emma speaks to thisfabulous artist from France to know more about his music, his influences and hisplans for future...Let us check out!LIM Page 39

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Emma: Hi Alex, welcome to Lazie IndieMagazine You have had a long andexciting career in music so far, how doyou see it yourself?Alex Checca: I see myself as a leader whoserves as a speaker and conveys thevalues of Hip Hop. I am a music lover, Ilisten to a lot of musics and in all styles.However, my universe comes from urbancultures and more particularly Hip Hop. Idiscovered this music at the age of 10 andfell in love with it!! The values, thewritings, the melodies, the graffiti, thedance and even its dress codes have builtthe man I am today. So I see myself as amodern-day poet who sends out hisclaims and messages with a conscious butdark, aggressive, and second-degree pen.Emma: Who is/are your musicalinfluences? How did you pick up music asa career option?Alex Checca: My musical influences comefrom the 90s with artists like NTM andIAM who rocked my childhood. A time orthe past writings before the melody!There are of course many other artistswho have influenced my career and Icould not quote them all! In one of myvery first songs, "Old school", I talk aboutit by saying that this musical discoverywas a shock, ethics and codes. Naturally, Iturned to music. I also work at theConservatoire de Toulouse as technicalcoordinator of the departments of currentmusic, Jazz and Baroque.Emma: How do you go about your musiccreation? How are the songs written andproduced?Alex Checca: My musical creations aredone at home, at my studio most of thetime. I am part of a collective that Icreated and led called CheccTheFlow.Inside we find all styles of rap,ambiancant, Rn'b or darker. We work onmusic software and we create ourmelodies and beats. About myself, I liketo write with themes on the values of life,the pitfalls of careers, our children, ourpolicies or introspective texts forexample. But there are many others.Unfortunately, the evils of the world offerLIM Page 40

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us many dark themes. Recordings, mixing and mastering are also done at myCheccTheFlow studio.Emma: Where can we see your music releases over the internet? Tell us about yourlatest or upcoming release.Alex Checca: You can find my first 2 albums on all available and legal platforms bytyping Checca as well as on the social networks facebook Alex Checca or instagramChecca.officiel. My first album: A contre sens and the second: 13 I’m alreadyworking on a third one with my last sound "Life has taught me" that will be releasedthis summer to announce my last project.Emma: You have worked with a number of greats, Who are musicians whom youloved to work the most with and why?Alex Checca: I actually had the pleasure of working with several artists, men andLIM Page41

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women, singers, musicians and others!But I don’t put anyone on a pedestalbecause they are feats rap or musical thatare done in pleasure and sharing. For me,nothing forced, it has to come from theheart.Emma: What do you like to do the mostin music? Writing, producing orperforming live?Alex Checca: What I love the most is thelive. That’s the purpose. Sharing with theaudience and the team on stage with meor the team from the shadows. Thewriting, the studio, the mix etc, each stepis important but it brings you closer to thestage where you can present yourcreations as you wish, feel free!Emma: What are your immediate futureplans, say for 2023?Alex Checca: My future project is gettingcloser and I will have the chance and thehonor to share the stage with theOrchestre de Chambre de Toulouse for ashow called "Hip Hop Orchestral"! GillesColliard, the maestro and director of theOrchestra to rearrange more than 25 ofmy sounds to play them only with strings,violins, violas, cellos etc.. It will be amoment of sharing and mixing of culturesincredible! So think of a dark consciouspen rap playing on melodies of theToulouse Chamber Orchestra!!! On stageit will just be exciting to listen to. I wouldalso be accompanied by my streetcreativity dancers who are on all myshows and so all this mix will bring ashow not to be missed!Emma: Among all your collaborationswhich one is the dearest to you and why?Alex Checca: Pretty easy question toanswer. For me, the feats most dear to meare those of my brother. There isnecessarily an osmosis, an identical path,in the hard. So all this is done naturallywhether in the studio or on stage.Emma: What was the best advice given toyou and what would you give as piece ofadvice to fellow musicians?Alex Checca: The advices of life are themost important. What is true for oneperson may not even be true for another.So my advice is to be honest withyourself, to know how to questionyourself, accept to fall, to make mistakesand make your music with the heart andnot with the deception of the mind of amusic that must please others...LIM Page 42

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About the ColumnistEmma Goldberg is French Pop Singer,Composer, Video Producer, Authorwriting in Italian, Spanish, English,French. She also is a radio host in Radio242 UK introducing independentmusicians to audiences across UK, Franceand the nearby countries. Emma has herown radio show called Just like Emmawhich is maintained here for the columnshe contributes toLazie Indie Magazine.LIM Page 43

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Roger Ricks“Never Stop Dreaming”finding solace in musicAn Interview byLyia MetaIconsider our world of the arts an oasis. A fertile groundthat encompasses all disciplines. Unique, it continues togive birth to so many incredible works. It is a comingtogether of forces that have the potential to bring change.I like thinking of it as a virtual clubhouse and one that I'mgladly a part of. However, friendly camaraderie and opencompetitiveness thinly veil the ugly truths about an industry that isn’t as ‘friendly’ aswe would hope for it to be. Competitive for those who set out to find opportunities,brilliant new talents either get buried or get jaded from the years of jostling andelbowing their way to get to that one sweet spot. It is a rat race, as hardworkingartists reach to find the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, many alongthe way finding disillusionment instead of the dreams they set out to find. But whathappens when we choose instead to ‘let the chips fall where they may’? Do we thendiscover what lies beyond those boundaries that the music industry defines assuccess? Maybe Roger Ricks has some answers. Over the course of our briefacquaintance, I have come to appreciate the many dimensions of Roger Ricks.Singer, songwriter, producer, musician, philanthropist, a luthier he gives with hismusic to those in need and believes strongly in doing good for those who are lessfortunate that himself. A commendable objective, Ricks is committed to making adifference, donating all proceeds from his releases to CHANCE FOR CHILDREN-Giving Street-Connected Children a Chance But his love for music goes beyond theconfines of the production room. A luthier, he makes his own guitars and is alwayspictured with his masterpieces, which are exquisite. And they aren’t justpainstakingly made to look good for those with a keen eye but also is featured in allhis music as he plays his own handcrafted guitars. A skill that requires time,patience and a deep love for the instrument. So here we are as I take a few minutesto talk to Ricks about his interests, passion and goals in an industry that throwschallenges at you at every turn.LM: Hi Roger, thank you for taking the time to sit with me as I introduce you to ourreaders at Lazie Indie Magazine. Could you please tell me a little bit about yourself?RR: I am a rock musician from Switzerland, living in Zurich, married, with an8-year-old son and dedicated to guitar music. Music has played a very special role inmy life and therefore I try to transport the energy that has carried me throughdifficult times to others through my music.LM: I have read that you are a self-taught musician, who is also a multi-instrumentalist. I am sure you love all the instruments you play but do you ever findit challenging being one? Could you please name all the instruments you play?RR: That's right. However, I did not teach myself all the instruments. I started withmusic lessons on an organ. So, the keyboard instrument was the beginning.However, this instrument did not really touch and inspire me. When I was about 14years old, I bought an ancient classical guitar from a colleague for 50 Swiss francs. Ihad no idea how to play, but I listened to Eric Clapton's 24 Nights Live CD over andLIM Page 45

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over again and tried to figure out how to play the intro to "Bad Love" on the guitar.A little later there was the Freddy Mercury tribute concert and Guns n Roses cameon and played Knockin' on Heaven's Door and I was blown away. I just had to learnto play guitar. From then on, my love has been for this instrument and taughtmyself to play it. With time I added bass and some drums, but I'm really not a greatdrummer. That's why I hired a studio drummer from Nashville to play the drumtracks for me on my latest productions. The biggest problem for me is that I simplydon't have enough time to develop my skills on all instruments equally. Therefore,my main focus is clearly on the guitar and organ, piano, bass and drums play asomewhat subordinate role.LM: You must love the guitar because you not only play it but also make your own,each with its own unique sound!! Please share with us more on how this came aboutLIM Page 46

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and how long does it take you to completea project?RR: Learning new things is part of myattitude towards life, and particularly,manual activities are a wonderful balanceto my daily job in the office. Buildingsomething, bringing it to life, andultimately holding a finished product inmy hands fascinates me. One day, Istumbled upon a YouTube video in whichsomeone was building a guitar, and Ithought to myself: I really need to try thisout. For about a month, I watched filmsevery evening about guitar building andmeticulously took notes. I wrote a list ofthings I needed, and then I started theattempt. And it worked surprisingly well.Since I tackled the construction of a LesPaul right from the beginning, it wasambitious, but the result fascinated me.Of course, it doesn't sound exactly like aLes Paul from the custom shop, but it'spersonal, and I have a relationship withthe instrument. The production hadsomething therapeutic and meditative forme. The long sanding, etc. makes meforget everyday life, and I can completelyimmerse myself in a world that wouldotherwise have remained closed to me.And since then, I have built a total of 5guitars. Each guitar takes me about 100hours, and each one is special in its ownway. My most special guitar is the RogerRicks No.6 (because 6 is the favoritenumber of my wife), for which I used themeat plate from our wedding buffet as awood inlay and included a tattoo of mywife in the headstock.LM: is a non-profit organization whose focus is toreintegrate children off the streets backinto their families. Could you tell us moreabout the work you do?RR: Almost 25 years ago, a school friendof mine started a project for streetchildren in Ghana. I have always admiredher courage and determination, both thenand now. She now lives in Ghana with herfamily and has built a truly influentialorganisation that, in my opinion, does anoutstanding job. Music has always beensomething special to me. It has carriedLIM Page 47

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me through difficult times and I wantedto give my music a deeper meaning.That's when I had the idea to support thisgreat project through my music. Music isthere to build bridges between culturesand it has the power to change the world.I wanted to make a contribution anddedicate my music to a good cause. Theidea behind it is that people can generatedonations simply by listening to mymusic, which will then flow into theChance for Children project. The slogan is"30 seconds can make a difference,"because Spotify pays royalties once alistener has listened to a song for longerthan 30 seconds. Currently, the donationsare still very manageable. However, mygoal is to become better known in thefuture, to gain a larger audience for myproject, and then to support variouscharitable projects over time.LM: Did you always want to give back inlife and help those in need? There isalways a shift within ourselves where weexperience an ‘awakening’. These shiftsoften bring changes. I noted that you havededicated your art and music to helpingthose in need, donating all proceeds fromyour music to kids in need. On a personallevel, what compelled you to do so?RR: The idea of using my music to giveback to society really came to me when Ibecame a father. This desire was furtherintensified during the time of thepandemic, and since then, I've beentrying to put myself out there more withmy music and pursue this idea. Holdingmy own child in my arms and knowingthe incredible luck I've experienced in lifemade me humble, and the desire tocontribute to society grew stronger. Forme, this is also a life lesson, as thisendeavour reinforces my determinationto share my music with the world.Naturally, I'm more of a quiet, introvertedtype who avoids strong exposure, but bysetting a higher goal with this project tomake a positive contribution, it helps meLIM Page 48

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confront my fears and self-doubt andshow myself.LM: How did you get into making music?Who were your influences?RR: I've always loved music. As a boy, Iused to admire the musicians on a famousGerman TV show called "Wetten dass?"and then play along in my room. I evenmade my first drum set out of olddetergent boxes, much to my mother'sdismay. But I think the real key was that Ididn't have the easiest youth. Music gaveme the strength to get through it all. Itreally started one day when I walked intoa record store and saw a CD on the shelfwith a strange cover of a cow udder with apiercing. I put on the headphones andwas blown away by the energy of thesound. The album was "Get A Grip" byAerosmith, and from that point on, I washooked on rock music. Aerosmith is oneof my biggest inspirations. Otherimportant artists for me were EricClapton, Guns n Roses, AC/DC and TheBlack Crowes. Even musicians who didn'tdedicate themselves to rock, like MichaelJackson or especially Prince, have had ahuge impact on me.LM: As a musician, what inspires you?RR: By far the biggest source ofinspiration is daily life. It's the everydaystories and emotions that slumber withinall of us. Life is full of surprises, funnyand sad experiences, relationships, etc.It's an inexhaustible source. I like toobserve, let life affect me, and reflect onmy feelings. It's especially the somewhatdarker emotions that we all too oftenexclude from our lives to believeourselves in a glossy Instagram world thatinterest me. For me, it gets exciting whenit becomes uncomfortable. That's why mysongs also have titles like "Lost", "BreakThe Cycle" or "Even When You AreGone". They shed light on dark emotionsor themes, but with a positive attitudeand the intention of conveying confidenceeven in these moments.LM: What drew me to your work was yourbio where you “believe that music can bea powerful tool for building bridgesbetween cultures and bringing peopletogether”. I strongly believe in thoseaffirmations. Could you tell us moreabout your work and how it has helpedthose you have reached out to, where youhave performed and places you haveperformed in?RR: Although I am a rather introvertedperson, I am very interested in otherpeople and cultures. Music gives me theopportunity to connect with people Iwould not otherwise meet. I have metwonderful people and have receivedfeedback that my music gives strength tosome listeners. That's exactly what Iwant. To promote openness towardsothers and those who think differently,and to touch them. If only one person inthis world is positively touched by one ofmy songs and feels better afterwards, Ihave achieved something that justifies allthe effort and hard work. Unfortunately,as a live musician, I have no experience. Idon't have a band because it would bedifficult to manage with my family andjob. I am currently focused on producingand creating music. I am my ownproducer and record everything at home.This is my current focus.LM: What was your first experience withmusic?LIM Page 49

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RR: That's difficult to say. Music wasalways a topic in our house. Nobodyplayed an instrument, but the radio wasalways on, and we watched many musicshows on TV. My father then bought akeyboard at some point because he hadproblems with his vocal cords and thedoctors prescribed him vocal exercises.This allowed me to play around on theinstrument early on, and I rememberstarting to create my own melodies ataround 7-8 years old. Later, when I couldalready play the guitar and organ, I beganto record songs. However, at that time, Idid not have any equipment, and I did itwith two tape recorders. One recorded,then I played it back and recorded theplayback with a second voice using thesecond recorder, and so on. It was verysimple, but I still have the tape today, andthe result was quite okay given thecircumstances.LM: What has been your biggest careerhighlight so far?RR: I think the biggest highlight waswhen I hit 1 million streams on Spotify.For me, it's a great honor that so manypeople have taken the time to listen to mytracks. Additionally, I'm very pleased thatI've received a bit more attention from thepress lately, which of course helps mespread my charity project better to theworld. However, I'm generally forward-looking and always try to keep my eyes onthe next steps rather than what hasalready happened.LM: What one quality do you think amusician/artist must have if they want togo far in this industry?RR: Every day, an enormous number ofnew songs are uploaded to Spotify. Asubstantial portion of these is from highlyskilled musicians, resulting in intensecompetition. Nowadays, simply making"good" music is not enough. It's aboutpresenting oneself properly, standing out,possessing a unique selling proposition.It's about nurturing relationships,building contacts, and establishing aconnection with one's fans. Authenticity,for me, is one of the critical criteria, alongwith the self-evident requirement thatone works persistently, reliably, anddiligently on their musical content.Listeners want to be part of a story; theywant to peek behind the scenes; theywant to be part of a career. That's why it'sso important to stay true to oneselfbecause listeners have an exceptionallyfine sensorium for what is forced andwhat truly comes from the heart.LM: If you could play in any venue in theworld, what and where would it be?RR: As a Swiss musician, it would ofcourse be a dream to perform at theHallenstadion in Zurich. If dreaming isallowed, then for me, a performance atone of the most beautiful venues, theRoyal Albert Hall in London, would beamazing, or at Madison Square Garden inNew York.LM: What is your song writing processlike?RR: Since English is not my nativelanguage, I sought reinforcement for mylyrics. Emme Pierre from London writesmy lyrics, and I love working with her.She sends me text ideas, and I go to thestudio. I usually read the lyrics and letthem sink in. I observe what emotions thelyrics evoke in me and then consider themost essential elements of the song, suchLIM Page 50

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as tempo, rhythm, etc. Then I start with asimple beat that represents the mood forme and begin creating harmonies andlicks on the guitar. After that, the melodyis layered on top, and everything isroughly recorded. I then send the stemsof the track to Chris Brush, a sessiondrummer from Nashville, and he recordsthe drum track. Then I record eachinstrument and the vocals one by one.LM: What are you working on musicallyright now?RR: I am currently finishing up a newrock song. It will be titled "Forever" andwill likely be released in May or June.Additionally, I am preparing an EP ofacoustic versions of my most popularsongs. I love playing my rock songs onacoustic guitar and really want to releasean acoustic set at some point.LM: Where do you see yourself in 5years?RR: My life has taught me that thingsnever turn out exactly as you expect themto. I try to live in the present moment, domy best, and let myself be surprised bywhat comes my way. Of course, I wouldlove to reach a broad audience with mymusic, as this would give me greateropportunities to launch further charityprojects. I believe that my life will unfoldin a way that is good for me. So if it'smeant to be that I can inspire peoplethrough my music, it will happen. If not,it would be a shame because I wouldn'thave the chance to make a really bigpositive impact, but my love for musicwill always remain, regardless of success.LM: What do you think about the currentstate of the music industry?RR: There is much speculation aboutwhether the music industry is developingfor better or for worse. I don't think thereis a right or wrong answer. Streaming, forexample, has its advantages anddisadvantages, depending on yourperspective. 20 years ago, as anindependent artist, I would not have hada chance to advance such a project.Today, I have the opportunity to presentmy songs to a wide audience without alabel. I love this freedom, even though Iam aware that this can be a difficultdevelopment for musicians who have tomake a living from music. Personally, Iprefer to focus on the positive aspects andnot to dwell on false nostalgia, but to usethe new realities profitably. As Imentioned before, the profit for me is notfor personal enrichment, but to have thefreedom to support several charityprojects simultaneously.LM: What can we look forward to fromRoger Ricks in the near future?RR: You won't see a complete turnaroundin my music genre or anything like that inthe future, even though there arecertainly more commercially excitinggenres than classic rock. As mentionedbefore, I try to stay true to myself and mystyle. I make music that I like, thatreflects me, that comes from my heart,and I am convinced that this is the rightpath. Additionally, I will push forward aspecial guitar project with the goal ofauctioning the instrument for a goodcause. It's just a dream of mine to be ableto generate a big impact. This is what Ifight for and what my music and workstand for. Giving back and paying itforward is one of the simplest andsincerest things to do. Although life has aLIM Page 51

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way of sucking us into our daily routines,we also inevitably get lost in our searchfor that which is elusive. And I speak ofthis industry that I have lived in for longenough to have an opinion of. Distractedby all the colourful lights, goals and thewhat if’s, dreamers at heart, we thinktime is our confidant when it is never. Ashistory bears witness, many musiciansand artists have pledged their time andnames to charity and causes. Thisbringing to mind George Harrison’sconcert for Bangladesh, LIVE AID,Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for Aidsand so many more. Any change startswith the first step and oddly enough withoneself. Roger Ricks walks the talk anddoes so with conviction and purpose. Hisparting words before we ended theinterview made me pause for a fewminutes as I took a step back toappreciate my own life, its milestones andthe efforts his music has done in bringinga positive change. “It's important to methat in a time where wars, pandemics,economic crises, energy crises, etc.dominate the daily news, we can setpositive accents. It's important to me thatwe can establish a culture of togethernessand try to make a contribution together,each in our own way. If my music canmake a small contribution to this, it fillsme with great joy.” There is an underlyingmessage in all of Rick’s songs. Changestarts with us. The years in music makessome of us cynics and disbelievers.Dreamers still, but often burnt andbroken. In a way, that is what makes usspecial. Break the cycle. All it takes is 30seconds. With a 30 second listen, the shiftstarts and over time the transformationhappens.You can find Roger Ricks Instagram:@roger_ricks_music Spotify: .LIM Page 52

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About the ColumnistTHROUGH CORRIDORS is a columnby Lyia Meta “Musings, observations,music related articles and interviewsfrom around the globe. Anything andanyone that resonates with me.”Lyia Meta is an international multiaward-winning singer and songwriter,producer, song stylist and an exhibitedvisual artist. When she is not travellingand performing across the waters, sheperforms full-time in the KualaLumpur club circuit. She finds hergreatest influences in rock and blues,yet she fearlessly defies genre barriersin every project she creates.”LIM Page 53

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Ms Benita from the Benita show presents the fabulous duo CSG or Civilized SavageGodsto Lazie Indie Magazine. This duo are not just musicians but also communityactivists who run a lot of programs on the ground to support fellow human beings.They are active with their projects like Hands Up Guns Down, boxing against gunviolence and yearly charities too. Let us know more about these fantastic humanbeings about their musical career so far and their future plans ...LIM Page 55

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Ms.Benita: Profit & Wali Bird are yourelated if yes how?CSG: Yes we are related actually bloodbrother since birth and we all grew up inthe same household.Ms.Benita: At what age did you guysdecide to do music?CSG: Well it was something that wealways did with passion but got seriousabout it really in 2012 - 2013.Ms.Benita: What is the name of yourgroup & how did you come up with thename?CSG: CSG Civilized Savage Gods. Wecome to redefine the real and our namereflects that. Our music’s messageconnects with the creator's energy and thelower levels of consciousness.Ms.Benita: Who is a part of your group &what is their role?CSG: It’s Mansur Da Profit Wali bird OgI$H not to mention ISO and our producerPvxxp Beats but the list goes on beyondthat but these are some of the coremembers who handle productionpromotion and sales.Ms.Benita: How long have you guys beendoing music?CSG: We been doing music since we wereall younger growing up it wasn’t too realto us until we were teens though.Ms.Benita: Who inspired you growing upin the music industry?CSG: First our cousin Mo CHIPS being soclose to the industry show us a lot butOutcast, Bone Thugs N Harmony, DevinDa Dude, Eminem, Biggie and Pac. LilWayne, 50 cent, Busta, Wu Tang andendless more all were our influencecoming into music.Ms.Benita: What City & States have youperformed in?CSG: We’ve performed in a lot of statesup and down the east coast from Philly,Delaware, NY, NJ , DMV of course Atland all the way down to Florida. Need tocome touch the west coast up with thenext few years.Ms. Benita: Have you performedinternationally yet? If so where? If notwhere would you like to go?CSG: We have not gone overseas toperform yet would love to touch theCaribbean, Africa, UK and Australia.Ms. Benita: What are somethings youwould like people to know about you?CSG: We are an indie label with amessage inside our music deeper thanwhat’s common. What we say we deliver100%.Ms.Benita: Is music the only thing youdo, if not, let us know more...CSG: We are also community activist whohave various programs runningthroughout the DMV from Hands UpGuns Down boxing against gun violenceto yearly charities CSG stays active in thestreets.Ms.Benita: What is your social mediainformation?CSG: @mansurdaprofit1 @likewalibird@Og_Ish100 @csgmusicgroup@csg_promotionsLIM Page 56

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Thirunelli Vibes"a musical documentary"when history, culture, nature & music vibed the bestThey say that there exists documentary proof thatThirunelli Temple existed 4000 years back. In the middleof a dense forest, there are ruins of two ancient villagesthat can be found... Now this looks like a paragraphcoming out of an archeological studies after an expeditionto unearth hidden history of the vast and old Indiancivilization. It is in every way an eye-opener for anyone who travels down to theremote forest surrounded village with this ancient temple of Maha Vishnu theEternal Protector according to the Indian belief system. Now a group of artists havedescended to the village to celebrate and to share vibes of this beautiful place thathas so much to offer to the world outside. The organizers of this event who are theowners of the a few well-managed resorts in this area also expect that this will surehave a positive impact on the tourism towards this out-of-the-world village. We atLazie Indie Magazine always had this concept of reaching the remotest places wheremusic is celebrated and were discussing about a concept called Shack Festival whichcan be conducted at the most remote places and still get international exposurethrough Lazie Indie Magazine and our other activities like the musicaldocumentaries that we intend to produce. It was a great co incidence that Manoj,one of our fellow traveler at Lazie Indie has a resort there too and this lead to LIMexploring the opportunity to work towards marrying the concepts of LIM and theresort owners and that is what we today see as Thirunelli Vibes. The approachtowards creating this festival was quite different and did start a few days back beforethe actual event on 26th March 2023. The camera team came down to the localityshooting the celestial beauty and spots of deep cultural values and interviewed a lotof people who have been associated or have been living in the locality and has deepknowledge about the history, the flora and fauna of this hill surrounded paradiseand the musicians who are superstars of the times landed there as musicianswithout frills of stardom enjoying their time out of the rat race… a win win for both.The villagers who were eagerly waiting for the much acclaimed stars to come downthere did behave the most commendable way by giving their musical idols theprivacy they deserve and patiently waiting for the event on 26th evening. I (Jay)from the Lazie Indie Magazine landed there on 25th along with the cinema playbacksinger Devan Ekambaram (and his family) who sang a songs that were all time hitsin Indian cinema especially south Indian cinema. We drove through the dense forestto reach this beautiful place and secured our rooms at the surprisingly luxuriousresorts who were organizing this fest. I had my tasks to do… I have to interviewthese famous musicians and talk about their lives (which is what I do every editionof LIM) and yes I have my set to perform at the event too as a musician. Well thenext day morning I joined the team of organizers to welcome the legendary singerand composer Dr. Jassie Gift who was our next guest for the event and to oursurprise Dr. Jassie had a lot of fans there and selfies were taken along with his fanseven at this remote village of a few hundred people. We had the popular band fromLIM Page 58

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Bangalore The Indian Joint too joining usand Hari the guitarist of the band diddouble up as the official digital designertoo. We could see this great site of artistscoming together without layers ofseniority laid by industry and celebratingeach others music. I had scheduledinterviews with Devan learning about hisjourney from USA to India and histransformation from an Indie artist to oneof the most successful playback singers ofour times and then I had another lengthychat with Jassie and kind of recollectedthe music scene in Kerala (we come fromthe same circuit and almost the sametime) and yes dived deep into the story ofa man from a remote village becomingand indie musician and then turning intoone of the most successful music directorsof South Indian Cinema and that is anexciting story check the video when itcomes out…The event happened in the evening of26th of March and what a fabulous turnout of crowd and literally all of themenjoying evey bit of music that was playedthere. I did my song too though I reallywanted to be kind of capturing themoments the organizers know aboutLazie J to my peril and I had to oblige.To my surpise people really enjoyed LazieJ too though it was Classic Rock a genreno one could expect the crowd in aremote village in India would appreciate.Well I guess I gained the bragging right tosay good music appeals to any one anywhere... Thirunelly vibes is about manythings... It is about the coming togetherof musicians cutting across their barriersand celebrating each others stories andhaving a great time jamming together atthe campfire at one of the resorts. It isalso about discovering the beautiful placecalled Thirunelli and celebrating itsbeauty, its cultural and historicalheritage. It was also about the people whowaited all these days to see theirsuperstars come down and spending agreat amount of time with them withoutany barriers which made them luckierthan the people in the more advancedpart of the country where these popularmusicians normally do not venture out inpublic. These people in the village werefreely clicking selfies and talking to theirmusical idols without fear. The musicianstoo felt the vibe which they lost a longtime back before fame took them overand forced them to kind of disconnectwith the world around. This was avacation for them too. For us at LazieIndie it was another conceptualexperiment coming true and brilliant likethe Magazine and theIIMF. This kind oflays out a template for us to reach out tothe world of independent music nomatter how remote and far it is.LazieIndie Magazine has shown us that amusician from the most remote parts ofthe world are equally capable ofproducing fabulous music just like theones in the established pockets where theindustry is developed. It is a jouney oflearning, exploring, discovering newmusic and that brings the world togetheron one platform. The first of its kindshack fesitival at Thirunelli calledThirunelli vibes wouldnt have beenestablished without the activeparticipation from the resort owners andit is very important to highlight theirinvestments in this place and also to findLIM Page 59

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out why they even thought of coming there and investing their money and energies.We are listing a few of them with a small interview with each of them in this editionand a few will be listed in the next edition with a lot of photos of the event. Hope youlike it.A big kudos to Manoj and his friends at Thirunelli for creating and conducting sucha great musical experience for every one around. Lazie Indie Magazine is all for theefforts in this experiment that gives every one a scalable and a very effective modelfor the small music enterprenuer to try out anywhere any time. Our stated goal is tolay down dependable lines of action for indie musicians that will support each onethemselves and each other who are involved in music so that we all celebratesuccess together. Thirunelli vibes is one in that direction. Let us have more of thesein many more places. Cheers!!!LIM Page 60

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LIM speaks to Mr.RanjithLIM: What made you invest in thislocation...Ranjith: Twenty-two years ago, I had astrong desire to own a serene and tranquilplace that was blessed with the beauty ofnature. Having travelled extensively aroundthe world, I realized that I was looking forsomething specific to Kerala. After exploringvarious destinations within Kerala, Idiscovered that Thirunelli was the mostexceptional location. The breath-takingbeauty of nature and the fresh, unpolluted airwas simply unparalleled. With thisrealization, I was convinced that Thirunelliwas the perfect place for me to acquire. Thebeauty of nature and the peacefulenvironment made it an easy decision for me,and I have never looked back since.LIM: Details about the property and whatcan one expect when they stay at theproperty.Ranjith: At Klov Resort & Spa, we strive tooffer our guests a pollution-free habitat thatallows them to experience the serene andpristine world of nature. We firmly believe ingiving back to nature and acknowledge that itis our individual responsibility to preserveMother Earth. We aim to remind all ourvisitors of the limited resources we have andtheir importance.For instance, the pollution-free air we enjoyat Klov is a dream in metropolitan areas, andthe pure river water we have access to is aluxury that many regions do not have. Touphold our environmental values, we havecurated 26 rooms that reflect ourcommitment to sustainability. Our buildingsare made entirely of mud and clay, providinga natural way to regulate temperature duringhot summers and keep you warm in coldweather. This eliminates the need for airconditioning in the rooms, which preventsharmful emissions to the environment. Wealso prioritize eco-friendly measures byavoiding the use of plastic in the hotel.Instead, we offer glass water bottles that arerefilled with pure water from our in-housefiltration unit. All soap and hand washes areprovided in glass dispenser units as well. Wehave procured top-quality guest amenities toensure that every guest enjoys a comfortableand worthwhile stay. We could elaboratefurther on the various measures we haveimplemented, but we believe thatexperiencing them firsthand is the best wayto understand their impact. We invite all ourguests to experience the serene beauty ofnature at Klov Resort & Spa and be part ofour commitment to preserving theenvironment. Also the first one in Thirunelli,which is a pet friendly hotel.LIM: What is your future for investment andgrowth.Ranjith: My future investment plan for KlovResort & Spa is centered around enhancingour environmental sustainability practicesfurther. I envision a future where our guestsnot only visit Klov but also immersethemselves in the local community, therebybecoming a part of the Klov community. Toachieve this, we aim to empower the localcommunity and ensure that our guests havean exceptional experience while visitingThirunelli. Our commitment to theenvironment extends beyond our operationsto include the local community. We aim towork closely with them and encourage themto adopt sustainable practices that align withour values. We believe that suchcollaborations will benefit both the localcommunity and the environment. Our goal isto create a space where guests can interactwith the local community, learn about theirculture and traditions, and experience thebeauty of Thirunelli in a sustainable way. Webelieve that such an experience will leave aLIM Page 65

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lasting impression on our guests and inspire them to make a positive impact on theenvironment. In summary, my future investment plan for Klov Resort & Spa is to create asustainable ecosystem that empowers the local community and offers a unique experienceto our guests. We believe that such an approach will not only benefit the environment butalso create a sense of belonging and community among our guests.LIM: What would you tell in a nutshell to international traveller?Ranjith: If you are an international traveller seeking a serene and pristine getaway, KlovResort & Spa in Thirunelli, Kerala is the perfect destination for you. Our eco-friendlypractices ensure that you can enjoy the beauty of nature without harming the environment.Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our operations to include the localcommunity, and we aim to offer our guests a unique experience by immersing them in thelocal culture. We invite you to come and experience Klov Resort & Spa, where nature andcommunity coexist in harmony.LIM Page 66

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LIM speaks to Mr.SatheeshLIM: What made you invest in this location?Satheesh: Back in 2014, when my family andI visited Thirunelli Mahavishnu Temple toconduct a few rituals for my late father, werealised there weren’t many facilitiesavailable for a comfortable stay. This led tothe creation of Mayookham Resort. That ismy personal aspect. When it comes to theviewpoint of a businessman, Thirunelli is astrategic spot since it is situated on theborder of two states, Kerala and Karnataka.Besides, the hospitality industry is somethingI have always wanted to put my feet in.LIM: Details about the property and whatcan one expect when one stays at theproperty.Satheesh: Mayookham Resort is situated on4.5 acres of land, cosily tucked in the bordersof Kerala and Karnataka. We have a total of17 cottages (and counting) split into fourdifferent kinds based on how they aredesigned. We have Emerald cottages, whichare budget-friendly, and best to occupy asmall family. This is followed by Sapphirecottages which contain one double bed andone single bed. Diamond cottages are alsobest suited for families and bachelors alike.One of our specialities is a uniquely curatedHoneymoon suite, which welcomesall couples to receive a once-in-a-lifetimeromantic experience. Finally, we have ourRoyal Suites, best fitted for multiple familiesstaying together. All our rooms are equippedwith wide balconies which providebreathtaking views of the hills and ourproperty. Our rooms provide top-notchquality stays regardless of the budget. Whenit comes to the facilities provided byMayookham, we have an amazing culinaryteam providing everything ranging fromIndo-Chinese cuisine to home-cooked meals.The restaurant features restful indoor seatingas well as outdoor seating, providing some ofthe best views. Our third floor includes aconference/party hall, perfect for corporateevents and family get togethers. Children’splay area and indoor games guarantee a timewell spent. Our guests highly recommendutilising our BBQ and camp fire facilities tocreate unforgettable memories. Recentadditions to our property include a funmusical water fountain and an infinity poolwith impressive views. We also providerooms for drivers to stay. Our biggesthighlight is that Thirunelli Mahavishnutemple is a 2-minute walk away from theproperty. Nearest recreational spots includeKalindi river, Pakshipathalam andBrahmagiri trekking trails, Tholpetty WildlifeSanctuary and Kuruva Islands.LIM: What is your future for investment andgrowth.Satheesh: As of now, we have two upcomingprojects. One is the expansion ofMayookham. We are planning on buildingabout 18-20 tree huts designed not in thetraditional, but contemporary format.Secondly, we have acquired another propertyin Thirunelli with the hopes of building an-out-of-the-ordinary holiday livingexperience. With this project, we are tryingto capture the ambience of ancient Wayand,ranging from the 1960s-70s. One of our mainobjectives of this project is to rekindle thelost heritage and traditions and provide anescape to ancient Wayand. We also intend tobring a touch of Kuttanadan backwaters tothis project. We are still in the beginningstages of the plan and hope to complete it inthe coming three years.LIM: What would you tell in a nutshell tointernational travellers?Satheesh: Wayanad is one of the few spotsleft in Kerala that still withholds and staystrue to its roots. When visiting Thirunelly,one is bound to experience some of theLIM Page 68

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most traditionally grounded attractions and activities. The manner in which Thirunelli isconnected to nature is worth mentioning. I assure you that once you visit this place, it willkeep calling you back for more.Thank you.LIM Page 69

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LIM Speaks to Mr. Sebastian $ Mr. Rahul.LIM: What made you invest in this location...Mr. Sebastian: I invested in Thirunelli 26years ago, despite the minimal scope oftourism, due to my vision of its immensepotential. Even though it was anunconventional decision at the time, I wasconvinced that Thirunelli had unique naturalbeauty and a tranquil atmosphere that wouldattract tourists in the future. Theaffordability of the land was also an addedadvantage, allowing me to acquire asignificant plot of land at a reasonable cost. Iwas able to foresaw the growth anddevelopment of tourism in Thirunelli, whichwould create ample opportunities forinvestment and growth. The strategiclocation of Thirunelli also played asignificant role in my decision, as it issituated in proximity to the forest and theThirunelli temple, making it an ideal locationfor a serene and peaceful retreat. Inretrospect, my decision to invest in Thirunellihas proven to be visionary, and I have reapedthe benefits of my foresight over the years.LIM: Details about the property and whatcan one expect when they stay at theproperty.Mr. Sebastian: Agraharam Resorts Thirunelliis a unique property that offers guests anopportunity to experience the naturalsplendor and traditional architecture of theregion while promoting sustainability. Theproperty is nestled amidst a lush greencanopy of plants and trees, providing an idealretreat for nature lovers. The resort'straditional architecture is inspired by thelocal style, blending seamlessly with thenatural surroundings, creating an authenticand rustic experience. The resort offersguests the opportunity to explore the localculture and traditions of the area, withvarious activities that showcase the region'scultural heritage. The resort's eco-friendlypractices and use of renewable energysources add to the unique experience,promoting sustainable tourism andresponsible travel. Agraharam ResortsThirunelli offers comfortable and spaciousaccommodations, with options ranging fromstandard rooms to cottages and villas. Eachunit is designed to provide a relaxing andcomfortable stay, with all modern amenitiesand conveniences. Guests can also enjoy theresort's on-site facilities, which includeparks, swimming pool and a multi-cuisinerestaurant. You could also enjoy a walkaround river kalindhi, unwind yourselves inthe roads of thirunelli ,explore the wildlifeand capture the varied species of birdlife inthis region. Resting your evening time nearthe bonfire under the starlit sky will be animmersive experience for all who visit us inAgraharam.LIM: What is your future for investment andgrowth.Rahul: Our future investment plan involvesthe project Adigotra, which aims to buildmud houses using traditional methods thatare sustainable and eco-friendly, whilecreating a space for visitors to experience thecultural and geographical heritage ofThirunelli. Our investment plan aims tocapitalize on the project's potential benefits,including promoting sustainable livingpractices that are becoming increasinglyimportant in today's world. This could attractenvironmentally-conscious folks who areinterested in supporting eco-friendlyinitiatives that are also culturally andhistorically significant. Additionally, theproject has the potential to attract tourism tothe Thirunelli region, creating economicopportunities for local businesses andindividuals. Our plan is to invest in thedevelopment of the project to help boost thelocal economy and create job opportunitiesfor the community. Furthermore, the projectLIM Page 71

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it will help preserve and promote the traditional architecture and cultural heritage ofThirunelli. This could help increase awareness and appreciation for the region's uniquehistory and traditions, which could in turn attract more visitors and enthusiasts.LIM: What would you tell in a nutshell to international traveller?Rahul: Agraharam Resorts Thirunelli is an exceptional accommodation option forinternational travelers seeking an authentic experience of Thirunelli's cultural and naturalbeauty. The resort offers unique traditional style cottages built using sustainable methodsthat blend with nature, providing guests with a chance to unwind and immerse themselvesin the serene rural surroundings while enjoying contemporary amenities and comfort. Youcould cycle around this region exploring the village beauty of thirunelly along its paddyfields or take bath in the surreal waters of River Kalindhi. Moreover, the resort is locatedclose to several popular tourist attractions like the Thirunelli Temple and BrahmagiriTrekking, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the area.LIM Page 72

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Album: Rocking HeadBand: Skreen 6"Everyone has superheroes. Some wore masks, some didn't. Some had a cape, some justwore their underwear wrong. But our superheroes were doused in denim, leather and rockn roll. Nikki sixx to Sebastian Bach, Tommy Lee to Slash... They were like our gods. Wewanted what they had. The life, the road... We wanted it all. We've said it once, we'll say itagain. We own that all we see tonight. That's where it all began. The drive to get up onstage, make music, to even look the part, we took it all in with arms wide open. Hence, thebirth of Rockin' Head. From 6 tiny little 'skreens' to massive venues, the journey was notshort of a rollercoaster. Now we finally bring to you our album Rockin' Head coming to youthis May. It's filled with glorious glam and good ole rock n roll. 8 tracks filled with all theemotions under the sun and a little bit more is waiting for you. Until we meet next time... Allhail rock n roll!".LIM Page 74

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Title: ALWAYS YOU(single)Artist: Lyia MetaSongwriter & composer: Denise DiminProduced by Bob McGilpin and Lyia MetaArrangement, guitar, bass, drums: Bob McGilpinPiano and orchestration: Gene RabbaiRelease date: May 12th 2023Description ALWAYS YOU is the title track for the upcoming album by Lyia Meta.Featuring eight tracks written by Los Angeles songwriter Denise Dimin, the album is set tobe released on June 16th. Meta produced the album alongside McGilpin, crafting anexperience that brings you music that encapsulates the Jazz Pop era of the 50's and 60's.LIM Page 75

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