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We enable institutional and professional investors to invest in a sustainable and efficient method of generating electricity Your Expert on Renewable Energy Benefit from the core competency and comprehensive service provided by a single source As one of the top partners in Europe with 19 years of experience in the industry we do not only securitise wind and solar energy but are also the operator of around 30 wind and solar farms in Europe Our expertise ranges from the completion of the entire Acquisitions Asset Management process from the purchasing of new wind and solar farms as the portfolio managers of the fund to the operation maintenance and management of the wind and solar farms

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An Investment in the Power of Wind and Sun Thanks to the power of the wind and sun we are able to produce energy profitably That power is what has been securing our existence for the past 19 years as our performance has remained consistently positive since the founding of the company in 2002 That is just one of the many advantages that investors at InvestInvent can count on As an asset manager supervised by FINMA we have been enabling qualified investors producers and high net worth individuals to invest in our specialised investment funds SIF since 2005

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Hello Sunshine Sun and wind have a lot in common Just as wind always blows the sun also shines no matter what happens on the financial markets The fact that the sun delivers maximum yields in summer i e in months with less wind has a positive effect on cash flow

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An Investment that is Secure Profitable Promising

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We have been clients of InvestIn vent for over 10 years Their expertise in the field of wind energy together with the consistently positive performance of our investment is a very good fit for our long term conservative investment portfolio Rolf Ehrensberger CIO Head of Investments PKE Vorsorgestiftung Energie Your Specialist Across the Board Our specialists are continuously purchasing and operating new wind and solar farms Moreover we offer a comprehensive service which includes economic legal and technical due diligence contract negotiations and financial structuring In short you do not need to worry about anything and you get the entire business transaction from a single source

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Environment and Return in Harmony

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600 000 355 000 105 000 From Pioneering to an Innovative Business Model People with clean energy International investments in renewable energy have been increasing for years Being one of the first in the European market we were able to establish our position as pioneers and have been consistently strengthening our position ever since Tons per year CO2 reduction Political and societal measures in response to climate change are promoting the further expansion of sustainable energy production Middle class cars CO2 compensation Ambitious goals and commitments to reduce climate damaging emissions exist worldwide The shift toward clean energy is not just a trend but a reality that further consolidates our profitability With around 30 wind and solar farms in Europe we provide clean energy for over 600 000 people That is equivalent to a CO2 reduction of more than 355 000 tons per year This offsets the CO2 emissions of around 105 000 middle class cars with petrol engines

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Together into a Profitable Future

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Join us on the Path toward a Profitable and Ecological Energy Future As you can see renewable energy has a highly promising future It is safe It is profitable and its potential is tremendous We are looking forward to embarking this path with you and further advancing sustainable energy sources while at the same time achieving our high yield targets The information and opinions expressed in the Brochure were produced by InvestInvent AG as of the date of writing and are subject to change without notice All information in the Brochure is published solely for information purposes and for the personal and exclusive use of the recipient The Brochure does not constitute an offer The Brochure has been prepared without taking into account the objectives financial situation and or needs of any particular interested person party Nothing in the Brochure constitutes investment legal accounting tax and or any other advice The information contained in the Brochure has been obtained from and is based upon sources that InvestInvent believes to be reliable However no representation of any kind is made that the information is accurate complete or up to date and does not accept liability for any loss arising from the use of the information published in the Brochure

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