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BV Power Solar Brochure - RWS

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It's Easier Than You Think ! Ready To
 Go Solar? 

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Electrical costs continue to rise ! 

Where else can you go?

What else can you do ?

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 RENTING your electricity ....
The Answer ... GO SOLAR ! .... OWN IT !!!

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  Residential ........

> 25 Year Warranty & PERFORMANCE guarantee

> Guarantee you will save money from the first day that your system starts producing power

> ZERO up front money - NO down payment

> Tax Incentives - different state by state

> Over 285,000+ satisfied customers

> 24 years of experience nationwide

       We Do It All ...

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> Upgrade to solar without paying more than you are paying today in electricity costs.

> Take advantage of depreciation tax credits - NEW 2024 for residential systems only thru BV POWER

> Have the electric company pay you when you produce more power than you consume.

> Take advantage of cash discounts or personalized multiple financing options and terms.

> Run on a clean and renewable energy source built to last for the next 4 billion years.

> Increase the value of your home and increase the likelihood that your house sells more quickly.

Wait ! There's More 

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  Commercial ........

Commercial-Grade Protection -We're committed to providing the best solar has to offer to every single customer, and backs every install with protection that is reliable, sustainable, and functional.

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Stand Alone EV Charging Stations 30% Federal tax credit, State / Local credits (varies by state), additional credits, and grants may be available depending on business, location, etc.

25 Year protection on solar system components, so you never have to worry about ongoing maintenance.

25 Year warranty insurance which double protects you in case any manufacturer or provider goes out of business.

Lifetime access to solar production activity and metrics through remote monitoring software.

Quarterly and annual business reviews to verify that you are taking advantage of every possible incentive and opportunity to save.
Every power solar system gives its customers: Include one or as many as you need in a joint solar project or order seperately.

A great convience and service for your clients and your employees.

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Tax Exempt / Non-Profit are included ...

Tax-exempt organizations can get these credits paid with a direct check payment .... Imagine how this would affect your organization PLUS the yearly electrical savings by going solar !

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act includes a provision allowing tax-exempt entities to receive up to a 30% 

Federal solar investment credit as a direct 

payment to the organization until the end of 2032. 

This could include churches, synagogues, public schools, state colleges and universities, city offices, women's shelters, food pantrys, and other non-profit centers.

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Meet BV Power's Newest Proprietary Partner...

Market Growth Potential

> BCG predicts value increase from $2B in 2020

 to $40B in 2030

> McKinsey estimates $50B by 2030

> Morgan Stanley suggests $100B by 2030 and 

$250B by 2050

Homeowners and small - to medium-sized businesses have had limited access to the green energy credit markets. - until NOW !!
Maximize your solar investment & earn money by selling us your green credits  

 Because you went solar (or are planning on doing so), we can now help you collect CARBON CREDITS which provides a cash payment PAID TO YOU annually.

 This is over and above other Federal tax credits & grants – even if your system wasn’t installed by BV POWER !!   

This residential and small/medium business offer is only available through us and not available from any other company in the industry ! 




We have developed proprietary technology and processes to allow just that—in a simple way for our clients and with no startup cost to participate.

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Take the Next Step .....

Since you've decided that you're sick and tired of utility prices constantly going up and up out of your control, Let's GO Solar !!

Click on  

& get the information you need to make a decision to start saving !! - FREE QUOTES ! 

If you already have solar and are interested in our exclusive CARBON CREDITS program, email me at

It won't cost you anything to just get the information, but it will cost you a lot if you don't !

Looking forward to saving with you !!

Rick Squires

Time to Start Saving Your Money...