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 Sergeant Villarreal



My older brother, Ray, has always been


really driven and motivated to succeed


and a natural leader. "In highschool he


was really outgoing, he knew everybody,


and everybody liked him. He was always the


leader type." (Villarreal, M.).


        When I was younger he would always


be there for us and help us out whenever


we needed it and is still here if we need him. 


        He would always talk to one of us if we


having problems and was kind of the helper in


the family. (Villarreal, M.). 





















 When he was 17 and a Junior in highschool he joined the army. "I was pretty scared for him because of what was going on in Iraq and those other countries at the time but it's what he wanted to do so I did my best to be supportive of him." (Villarreal, Esther.).

         My brother graduated highschool in 2010 and was sent to boot camp in Fort Benning, Georgia that summer from July till October. After basic training he came back and was going to start college here at BV in January of 2011 but before he could start he got deployed. 









Him after graduating from basic training.

 He was sent to Paktia Province in Afghanistan. We wrote letters to him but they took forever to get their and it took forever for his letters to get mailed back to us. "It was kind of nerve wracking knowing he was in harms way all the time over there." (Villarreal, Edlin.).  They went out on missions to the towns over there and this one night the truck he was in was hit directly by an I.E.D. Once he told us about it we were worried sick about him even more but he was okay so we were glad. He experienced a lot over there even loss and it was hard having him gone not knowing what could happen but I'm proud to call him my brother. He joined at 17 as a Private and by 23 he was already a Sergeant with his own squad of guys and everything that he's the leader of and being the first of my family to graduate college even though he missed a year of it.




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