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heres a picture of the water in uganda this is what they drink. Kids like Jimmy have to walk 5km to get their water. This is the same distance as walking to and from Dairy Queen from St. Jerome School.


  1. a day of jimmy vs a day of me

this is the water i drink. It is clean and it is very accessible. I sometimes only need to walk 5 steps to get my water; not 5km!


When Jimmy first visited Ottawa, ON, Canada, he was shocked to see how water was being used daily.


Uganda dosent use water the way we do! Let's take a closer look. 


we use water to play,drink,and more

we both have water

we speek the same languages


what uganda and canada have in common

 and what uganda and canada dont have in common

uganda has to walk 6 km to get dirty water and we have to walk sort of 10 feet for clean water

we have diffrent flags


what canada uses to wash thereselves  and what uganda washes thereseves with

lets make a diffrence volenteer to help uganda and the world to be a better place